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Philadelphia Experiment Day
Philadelphia Experiment Day
By Peter Farley

August 12 is a 20 year node point of the time warp created by the Philadelphia Experiment. If you feel an extra little negativity flooding into the world today, it is because of the rift in time created by this experimentation by mankind, always trying to tear apart what we as Soul once helped create.

In commemoration of this, I offer you an excerpt from Volume 5 of my series, Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? to help you understand Al Bielek and this event in time.

?The Alien Connection
Aliens are and have been a part of our history since its very inception. Starseeding is the nature of the Universe, and the only way in which ANY planet gets started. In an interview conducted by Suanne Konicov (Connecting Link, issue 19,1992), Al Bielek outlined the additions made to this warlike U.S. attitude by an alien presence not conducive to the highest ideals of Man-additions which led to the time-altering phenomena we now know as the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.

?. . . So the war actually received a huge boost, technologically from the Pleiadeans. So far as deals are concerned, Roosevelt made the first one in the U.S. in 1934, not with the Pleiadeans, who offered to help the U.S. get out of the doldrums of the huge depression we were in, but he chose a different group for whatever personal reasons we don?t know, called the K Group or the Kondroshkin. It turns out, so far as I can determine today, they are the bluegreys, not the little greys, but a larger group called the blue-greys.

?In any case, he made his deal with them. They made an offer to provide a whole new technological base for the United States-atomic energy in 1938. Roosevelt at first approved and then he turned it down because the military told him, ?Uh uh. We can?t control it from beginning to end. We don?t know what they are going to do with it and how they may manipulate us in the end.? So they [the K-Group] disappeared into the woodwork [of Black Ops].

?In 1943 came the Philadelphia Experiment and the lock-up with the Phoenix Project, ripping a huge hole in space-time. This was deliberately done by the aliens at the ?83 end to put a rift in the fabric of space-time so large that numbers of aliens and ships could come through. They all had time-travel capabilities, but the rift was needed to get the large ships through and make a mass invasion of the United States, and later Europe, of aliens (primarily greys) and other types. When they landed at Edwards Air Force Base in the Muroc Dry Lake, as well as another air base-I?m leaving a lot of details out-the government already knew all about the aliens being on this planet. [They have known] since 1887, with the first investigating commission being under Grover Cleveland. In any case, they knew that they were here, but then they came en masse. We were confronted by a technology that we could not counter. We couldn?t handle it. We didn?t know what to do about it. So the agreement between Eisenhower and his advisors was to sign a treaty with them, a non-interference treaty and to get what technology we could from them-make some kind of agreement. We?d buy time and see what we could do about it later.
?That was the basis of the agreement. Because of that, very large numbers of aliens came in and eventually became part of the Phoenix Project. They were planning ahead. We didn?t know what they were up to-looking at this in retrospect and not what we knew then. They were planning ahead. They knew what they were doing (*As all alien groups have their own agenda). They maneuvered and manipulated the Phoenix Project. They did not expect it to crash. I am sure they anticipated its continuing for another decade, at least well into the ?90?s. However, because certain people suddenly, if you will pardon the expression, ?saw the light,? got religion, or whatever it is that hit them, Duncan, and a few others conspired to destroy the station. The reason for it was that they were fed up with what they saw and all the evils perpetrated there.

?I knew about it. I decided that I would not be part of the destructive plot. I said, ?Yes, there is a lot wrong here, but we?ve already straightened a lot of the mess out and we can straighten out the rest and continue this as a research tool,? as John VonNeumann wanted. He said, ?It?s a research tool; we need it.?

?Because of the time travel (remote viewing) capabilities, he saw things coming in the future which could cause very serious threats to the United States and the World; but these people had their way. They put a special implant into Duncan?s head so that when we, as the original Duncan Cameron and myself as Edward Cameron, came through from the Philadelphia Experiment and went through the station (for twelve hours) we were returned to the Elderidge; then the Elderidge returned to ?43 . . .

? . . . But the final chapter on Montauk was not yet written. We discovered a month ago [August, 1992) that Montauk was reactivated. And that?s what I wanted to get in here. We do not know who is doing it. We have seen the evidence. New coaxial cable runs, and new power transformers are being put in on the power substation. The new ones are labeled ?non PCB.? The law now is that transformers can no longer be filled with PCB as a cooling agent: if they blow up or break open it?s an extreme hazard to the environment. So they use an environmentally safe coolant-a different form of liquid in the transformers and they have big labels on them that say non-PCB. I have pictures of this from my trip a month ago. There is new coax cable running around the base which is brand new. The radar tower now has a new steel door where it used to be wide open and you could walk in. They put a new steel door in with double padlocks so you can?t get in. The back garage entrance door for trucks and delivering heavy stuff is now sealed from the inside. And we found other evidence that shows that it?s being reactivated. . .

? . . . we do not know where the project may go, but we suspect that one of the goals is to extend the time rift (?43 to ?83) onward to ?93 because ?93 is a subnode point in the 20-year cycle, and August, ?93 will be a very critical area again and they probably want the station activated before August of ?93. That?s what we feel technically they are up to. But what the end purpose is for we are not sure. It may be to extend the time tunnel, that is, the time rift, for purposes of their own.?

What lies behind the re-opening of Montaulk is anther of those far-out but true elements of this great conspiracy aligned against Mankind-the cloning of Man. My time as a spiritual healer has been more than just for health reasons. Much of it has also been to allow me to see the diversity of life upon this planet, the multi-dimensionality of existence, and the lengths toward which the New World Order is going to take over this particular planet. In a personal meeting with Al on his visit to Roswell, I was able to confirm through my spiritual vision the time warp surrounding Al?s physical body that was allowing him to be used as one of the multi-dimensional portals spoken about in the following chapters.. Another friend with similar abilities said that when he viewed one of Al?s talks, all he could see surrounding Al was a matrix-like web, suggesting a holographic-like projection.

The man responsible for some of my initial lessons in healing was himself a human-alien hybrid created by Montaulk as a time-traveler, since most of the humans originally used never came back from where ever it was they were sent. How far have these ?experiments? gone? With the alien know-how available to our government through the pacts Al just mentioned, full cloning of human beings has been accomplished.

This goes one step beyond having a human form controlled either internally or externally controlled by an alien intelligence to the full weaving of a ?natural? duplicate human form around an alien energy form itself.
In fact, a number of UFOdom?s leading ?experts? are this kind of clone. Look at who these people once were and what they professed, and compare it with who and what they are now. The changes are remarkable.

As for the artificial intelligences I have encountered and know about existing on this planet, all I am told is that they are from ?off planet.?

Even Al comments, ?There are a lot of things on this project we don?t know. Some of the things they used it for we still don?t know. We have never had access to the classified records of Lincoln Labs at M.I.T. (Cambridge, MA). They have not been able to take Duncan and myself out because of the fact that we help hold the whole time rift stable.

?It will stabilize itself by the year 2003 unless they reopen it. Then you have another can of worms to deal with. They just don?t realize what risks they are running in reopening that thing. The rift was stabilized in ?63, or this North American continent would now be under salt water. Not from the year 2000, but it would have been in 1963. There was a special project created, now well-covered, to restabilize the reverse time wave which would have hit the forward one in ?63 at the node point and wrecked this continent. It was due to the fact that they had this time rift, and because it was unstable in the way it was generated (like a standing wave in an RF transmission line). You may not understand RF theory, but you get a reverse wave in an unterminated or improperly terminated line (time as a cycle or circle which cries out for completion). Time is a wave as well. You can have a forward time wave and you can have a reverse time wave. If the two of equal amplitude hit each other at a node point, which is the earth synchronization point, like August 12th, 1963, they can be extremely disruptive, physically, to the physical structure of the earth. And being that this project took place in the United States, on Long island, those who looked at it in theory said it would have caused an extreme disruption of geological matter, pulling it out of the earth, in the North American Continent. It would have wound up wrecking the tectonic plates, and the North American continent, other than the mountains, would have wound up under salt water-500 to 700 feet of it by estimate. It didn?t happen, obviously-we?re here.?

**This does, however, pose part of the problem that the Spiritual Hierarchy have been forecasting may eventuate in 2003 if certain attitudes and events on this planet do not change, and change rapidly.

?The ?63 project, ?Atlanticus Not Revisited,? was successful in damping that reverse time wave. This is an area of science and technology and physics which most people know nothing about. We hope that if the project is revived that it will be used properly rather than improperly as it was in the past, though there were some very good uses for the Montauk Project. In a larger view, it might be better left buried. Only time will tell what will happen, and whether or not I will play any part with it. They have not asked me. They don?t want to. All we can do is hope for the best for the future and that the mistakes of the past will be understood, and that somehow the future will come out the better for it in spite of the problems we know we face.?

?All we can do is hope for the best for the future and that the mistakes of the past will be understood and that somehow the future will come out the better for it in spite of the problems we know we face.?-What prophetic and insightful words, words that need to be heeded if any of us are to survive the next ten or eleven years intact. Once upon a time in New Mexico, a bunch of scientists got together and let off a bomb they said at the time they did not know whether it would incinerate the atmosphere of the planet or what. Now the disciplinary descendants of these scientists play the same kind of games with the ionosphere with a weapon called HAARP that the Spiritual Hierarchy warn endangers all life on the planet if it is not used wisely. And now, once again, Montaulk and the scientists playing with time (for the purpose of controlling Mankind) threaten again to destroy entire continents and all life upon them. This is the myth of Science talked about earlier-the myth that ?heartless? technology is created strictly for the benefit of all Mankind.

Myth vs Fact
Much of what is written in the first four volumes of this work may seem like myth when taken out of context. Any part of the alien-New World Order conspiracy might also seem like myth without sufficient background or experience. Ceanne De Rohan?s re-creation of the archetypal conflicts of the Creation story as related in Volume 1, may seem even more mythological in the way they are explained, an inaccessible realm to some, while to others they play out like a grand soap-opera of sorts. We see these very same archetypal struggles playing themselves out, however, not only in our own seemingly small day-to-day lives, but throughout all the folklore of any race upon this planet. Greek Mythology is fraught with such dramas-incestuous relationships, bereaved lovers, lust, revenge, sons usurping their father?s roles, all the mainstays of good drama. Egyptian mythology runs rampant with the same archetypal episodes-Isis chasing after a missing phallus-while the main deity in the Phrygian pantheon, Cybele (Mother of the Gods), falls for the young and handsome Attis, later having him castrated on suspicion of unfaithfulness. These dramas, all archetypal in origin, also belong, however, to a generation of demiurgic gods that are more of a flesh and blood nature, as we have seen in the case of the Annunaki and other such visitors of extra-terrestrial origins like the early Atlanteans.

They are, however, all winding their inevitable way towards a conclusion, one which is not yet set in stone as the planet itself heads towards its own higher calling. The old lessons which have yet to be learned are, like anyone?s own personal karma, working themselves out on a grander scale once again, much as they once attempted to do in the not-so-mythological continent of Atlantis:

In this excerpt from part one of her six-part series on Atlantis, Lemuria & Ancient Egypt, Diandra ( explores the wonders of Atlantis where many of our current dramas began. As Edgar Cayce suggests, before we can truly realize the scope and grandeur of what is taking place here on planet Earth at this time, it is also necessary for us to understand this, our own Atlantean history. Please note the fable form of what Salem offers as it is very much the same as DeRohan uses to get across the grander concepts of her story. Also note the origins of our fascination with such destructive technology, and the idea of Atlantis rising again in our consciousness:

?THIS IS SALEM (The Great Light channeled through Diandra) and as always we come to you with the greatest of respect for humanity. We are going to speak of a time you know of as Atlantis, a time known as Lemuria and a time known as Ancient Egypt. Know that all that is said is being said in a fable form that you can understand because it is so difficult for you to move into concepts that do not have time and space nor three dimensional form as you know these to be today. As we speak to you of these ancient times, know that time and space does not truly exist. In all that we say to you, please think of Atlantis as a state of consciousness. That?s what all of your existence truly is. It is merely points of consciousness that you are choosing to experience . .

The First Atlanteans
?Atlantis began with an extremely small population. Atlantis was created by population from beings that came to your planet to help your planet. They came to reawaken humanity?s spirituality. They came to teach of the beauty of life. They came to help humanity understand that life was a beautiful experience that existed not within the framework that they thought it did but outside of time and space. They taught that life could exist in a framework of merely experiencing the expression that they were. Humanity was struggling with their own existence. There were many warlike communities that battled each other. There was no guidance or leadership. Whoever was the strongest ruled. However there were many cries that went out for help for the planet and if there was a Divine Being, could and would that Being help them?

?The answer to their cries for help came from beings who arrived and set up a community to teach humanity their own beauty and power and love. Atlantis started out as a very small community being populated by other beings throughout the galaxy.

?When the community was set in place, then the beings from the community went out into the villages to tell the people that there was a community they could come to if they chose. They told humanity that in this community they could find the answers for which they searched. They told them there was plenty of food and housing in Atlantis. They told them they had constructed these beautiful, beautiful buildings in Atlantis called temples. Some of the people chose to migrate into Atlantis. Once they entered into Atlantis they seldom left to go back home. In the beginning it was a very small trickling that came to this newly constructed place called Atlantis. This continued for many thousands of years in the new wondrous community called Atlantis. As Atlantis grew, the human population began to reawaken to all that they were. Humanity had descended to a very low standard of understanding and intellect. They were in awe as they entered into this new community. They felt that this was a God-like place and indeed for them it was. A Garden of Eden, if you would.
?As humanity themselves began to remember their own greatness, those that had come to help humanity began to retract. They would visit to see how humanity was doing but no longer were an intricate part of humanity. Your distant memory of Atlantis is mostly of the time humanity was the populace of Atlantis. You have nearly forgotten the wonderful beings that came here and set the structure to help you regain the consciousness that you had lost . . .?