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Plague Wars
Plague Wars
by Peter Farley

More than anything lately, Guidance has been pointing me to the very real
possibility of the NWO using a virus to strip down the population much like the
flu epidemic of 1918. We've written much about viruses in the apst and this is a
channeling They gave us from early this year. They have also passed along some
'anitodes' toa ssist inw arding off these particular 'incurable' viruses so will
pass those along as soon as I get time to write again. Peter

Plague Wars
By Peter Farley

How does the New World Order prepare the ambience for these invaders
to rejoice our vulnerability?

The viral invaders and bacteria on the world are also a form of
keeping people under certain restraint. Bacteria were introduced
times and quite successfully in the past. The ones natural to this
world are only about 46% of all the ones that now afflict Earth's

The stripping of the DNA has also diminished the various immune
system functions offered by the previous human being's body.
Stripping the DNA not only made men less capable on a psychic level,
but made them physically weaker as well.
More advanced DNA means more connections to Soul [more conenctions
with the rest of Soul, other individuals?one cannot be a hermit and
be spiritual], and to Creation, as Soul is a part of Creation, on
levels including the Highest level, where Soul is connected to
FATHER. This is the idea of BE-coming one with All life.

The level of endurance that people undertake daily is the result of
how they allow for themselves to be under that much exposure and
exploitation. The lessening of their connections to Soul, and the
consequent ability to be linked to their group consciousness, makes
them feel alone.

They are not alone, much to the contrary, there are so many others
that feel the same distress and long to be free from it. If they
go a little higher than the perception of what goes on TV, they will
easily see how everyone is virtually on the brink of coming through
the veil of illusion set in place by the Matrix, coming through to
all that needs to be done to stop the systematic slavery going on.

5th Dimensional insects attack the spiritual body of the 5th
Dimensional vibration that person has. 4th Dimensional insects
the 4th Dimensional body. 3rd Dimensional insects or other invaders
act on the 3rd Dimensional body.

The same goes for viruses.

Attacks to the higher dimensional bodies are what deteriorate the
balanced condition of that person's mental and emotional self.

Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light