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Planetary Lift Off
Planetary Lift Off

6/19/07 through Sue Ann


Yesterday was an important day for starship Planet Earth. To use the metaphor of a rocket launch she lifted off from the launching pad and there is no stopping her ascension process now. There is nothing or no one who can or will stop her now.

The planet will go through rapid changes as she ascends through the various dimensional stargates. One of the first will be the shedding of the false matrix. It is already severely weakened and will soon fall completely away. This includes anything that has been set up by the darkside.

The false structure of the controls of the darkside such as the planetary monetary system, the military and police forces, the communications systems, the infrastructure and even the moral code will go. This will create great havoc and chaos and we strongly urge those who are guided to to leave the cities and find a safe place (with Guidance's help, a place that can physically support them such as land to grow food on and a well for water. if you don't already know it water has now become the most important commodity on the planet and will be even more so come the very near future.

Small communities banding together will be what makes it for a while. Becoming as self-sufficient as possible and having tradable skills is what will be very important.

Eventually all will be removed from the planet as she goes through her more extreme changes, cleansing and healing process.

Thoughts will become very important as the planet moves through the higher levels of this dimension and more fully into the 4th and then 5th dimensions [parts are still lagging behind the forefront of the planet like a comet's tail, is how it is shown to me -Peter]. Thoughts are the very foundation of all Creation. Feelings and emotions are the power or energy that fills these thoughts and brings them into manifestation in our lives. Thoughts and feelings are what will separate those who will remain behind to ascend with the planet and those who leave for other places to work out their karmic choices.

We want to thank all of those involved in the lift-off process.
With much Love, Thoth.

Peter: Please take it to heart that most of you reading this channeling are higher level Beings anyway who have passed through ascension processes before and can or will easily make the dimensional shift taking place. The only thing that will hold you back is your stubborn refusal to accept responsibility for who you are what you came here to do during this very important time. Resolve your past issues during this time, and then assist others to do the very same thing. Karma is just a mistaken attitude which then needs to be corrected. Look at the lesson, learn the lesson, the karma goes away. All that is then needed is to make amends for any damage done. Time to do it is now because a new slate wipes things clean for those who are ready to ascend.