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Plasma Wars Part 2
Plasma Wars
Part 2

"The aerial array utilised enormous quantities of copper tube and
wire "ground counterpoise" arrays buried in the ground under the
entire complex.

"Access into the hill side tunnel opening takes one into a large (at
least three story) underground section at the base of Tower Zero.
Here is something like the innards of a giant "transistor radio"
with a huge heavy duty copper wire coil some 50 feet high and 15
feet in diameter - all supported on hard wood (Jarrah) frames fixed
with wooden (Jarrah) nuts and bolts !!! Sections are lined with
stainless steel sheeting. There may be further and deeper sections
under the copper coil which were not seen by this witness.
"There is a large power station (possibly running on gas from bore
holes into a nearby large natural gas reservoir).

"Although officially recently handed over by the US Navy to
Australian Navy control the base still has many US "consultants" who
live in the nearby town of Exmouth. The Jarrah fittings and copper
coil in Tower Zero were installed in 1968, after the main building
contractor teams had left the facility.

"Supposedly this Exmouth Tx site is transmitting vlf or elf E/M
radio messages to submarines. However this eyewitness description of
the underground wooden frame and giant coil is a dead give away. It
perfectly describes major elements of Tesla's Wardenclyffe, Long
Island, and the earlier Colorado Springs research versions,
Magnifying Energy Transmitters. The wooden construction is required
to handle very high voltages and very high frequencies (possibly as
high as microwave band frequencies) by containing the induced coil
electro-static wave from discharge to ground - it is NOT needed to
handle very low frequencies (vlf), or extremely low frequencies

"Tesla claimed in 1908 that he could hit any antipodean planetary
city with an enormous E/M energy pulse delivered in micro seconds
that would "create an explosion equivalent to more than the power
of the extant World navy's combined Dreadnought Battleship
broadsides" (i.e. a huge force similar to that of a nuclear
explosion) from just such a device.

"Therefore it would appear that the US Exmouth Tx site contains
a "Tesla" or "scalar" E/M weapon system - which has been active
since about 1969 ....... i.e. in time to conduct the 1970 and
younger tests that we see evidence of due east of there in the Great
Sandy Desert as many grid rows of 10km spaced earthquakes - looking
like a chess board - each of 3 to 5 Richter power.

"In 1965 this section of the Great Sandy Desert area was (uniquely
for Australia) covered by high altitude U2 aerial photography - paid
for by the US government ? why?

"In 1966 the French Oil company Aquitaine Oil (now called ELF !
Aquitaine) took out a large oil exploration permit in this most
isolated and difficult to access area of Australia.

"Canberra even paid half the exploration costs to help explore the
hinterland - no other company known to me got this type of deal -
especially to explore an area of poor conceptual potential in a poor
geological environment when many easier access and far better
geological environments with excellent conceptual potential existed
elsewhere in Australia and were open for acquisition and

"Aquitaine commenced exploration in 1967 and carried out
aeromagnetic, ground gravity, seismic traverses, and ground VLF/ELF
E/M studies (These E/M techniques being quite rare and odd
exploration techniques for oil).
"In 1968/9 Australian Army MP's with 4wd. jeeps were airlifted in to
the Great Sandy Desert to round up a couple of hundred nomadic
Aboriginal tribes people and ship them out to Broome. This region
was declared "OFF LIMITS TO THE PUBLIC" and all access tracks into
the desert were guarded by military Police. The published reason was
the danger from a series of test launches from Woomera in South
Australia over the Great Sandy Desert and Broome of the British Blue
Streak missiles, and of the European four stage space rocket
satellite launching system - they even got this one into orbit
eventually in early 1970 and 1971. Thereafter the British missile
programme and the European space effort were rather mysteriously and
suddenly closed down.

"In 1970 Aquitaine did no field work. In late March 1970 a series of
concentrated 3.0-5.0 Richter earthquakes commenced in the eastern
Great Sandy Desert (NB. none ever known previously since W.A.
seismometers were installed in 1900 - also NO aboriginal racial
memory of quakes in this region). These quakes stopped in early
October 1970 only to recommence the following year again. Isolated
quakes have continued every year since 1970. The late March to early
October period each year is the only viable field period in this
region - due to the extreme heat of +50 degrees Centigrade in the
months of November - February.

"In 1972/3 Aquitaine drilled two deep stratigraphic oil wells (both
dry) and walked away from the permit. Their annual exploration work
reports (1966-1973) should be on "open-file" at the Perth WA Mines
Dept. library - however they are listed as confidential. No copies
exist in Perth and they are held under lock and key in Canberra at
the AGSO (ex BMR) offices - this is unique in all my W.A.
exploration experience.

"In 1973 the BMR published a report about the strange explosion of
new earthquakes in the eastern Great Sandy Desert - this contained
incorrect quake epi-centre maps - apparently biased to NOT show the
strange regular positioning of these quakes along a 10km x 10km
spaced grid over some 80km x 70 km area - with a central 2km spaced
series of quakes along two lines forming an apparently
central "aiming point" cross.

"The 1996 AGSO Mundaring Observatory epi-centre data demonstrates
this regular quake epi-centre pattern very well. The accuracy of epi-
centre determination is thought to be +/-10 km. Other Australian
areas of dense quake distribution show chaotic elliptical area
spreads - clustered statistically around central points - not
regular grid lines of quakes marching through the desert. These
quakes are not due to seismic explosives - unless they used several
kilo-tonnes at each shot hole !!!

"The Great Sandy Desert earthquakes are distributed almost exactly
due east of the Exmouth vlf Tx site, and intriguingly are also
located upon a magnetic north pole great circle route from Exmouth's
sister transmitter complex located at Cutler, Maine, on the north
eastern seaboard of the USA near the Canadian border. Thus if the
several sightings concerning fireballs emanating from Exmouth
(reported during the period 1973 to 1994) to the east towards the
Great Sandy Desert are taken into account it would appear that this
area of Australia has been utilised for the testing and eventual
deployment of a diabolical E/M weapons system of prodigious power.
"Slugs of E/M energy could have been fired from Exmouth and steered
or explosively initiated from Cutler, and/or other US global
transmitter sites onto the target test range within the Great Sandy
Desert to initiate major earthquakes in a region previously and
totally devoid of same.

"On a globe one can see that the great circle geographic polar route
north from Exmouth passes through the following locations Hong Kong,
Thule (US Air Base in Greenland), Cutler - Main (USA-Canadian
border) = known vlf Tx, Arecibo - Puerto Rico = known vlf Tx,
Tucano - Argentina = known vlf Tx, Palmer and Amundsen-Scott US
Antarctic bases, Casey (Australian Antarctic Base) and back to
Exmouth Tx in NW Australia. Such a series of Tx sites would allow
good coverage of the entire planet for a space defense weapon system.
"Interestingly the Puerto Rico site is a near exact antipodean site
for Exmouth, and both sites are common UFO sighting areas -
especially Arecibo - which I suspect are mainly atmospheric Tesla
light energy emission "ufo's" created by the testing and operations
of both Tx E/M weapon sites pumping scalar E/M waves through the
planet's core.

"There are many fascinating co-incidences in this research.

"Take for instance the case of Harold E Holt, Prime-minister of
Australia from 26-01-1966 to 19-12-67.

"Holt disappeared whilst swimming one Sunday - apparently after
reporting to family and close colleagues over the preceding days
that he had discovered something about the USA, and their activities
here in Australia, and their future intentions, that deeply offended
and worried him. Intending to raise these issues in Cabinet,
followed by Parliament on the following Monday, after his swim on
the Sunday he was never seen again. The body was never found.
Imagine something like that happening to Clinton, Reagan, Nixon,
LBJ, or say Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson, Harold McMillan -
don't you think demand for answers would keep being heard in the
Australian/World Press? Whereas in fact the case of Harold E. Holt
is rarely raised in the Press at all.

"Rumours of either CIA assassination, shark attack, heart attack, or
best of all - removal by Chinese submarine, have surfaced at
intervals over the years. Recent rumour lines even suggest that Holt
is alive and well in China.

". . . The Exmouth peninsular communications base is now called
the `Harold E. Holt' Naval Communication Station ...........
Obviously in honour of the man - but why?

"One would think that our Australian Federal Police or ASIO/ASIS
could have solved the disappearance, and/or possible murder, of an
Australian Prime-Minister in some 30 years - you do not have to
look too far for a connection and possible line of inquiry.

". . . It is quite feasible that Holt found out about the true
reasons behind the establishment of the US Navy Exmouth Tx site and
objected strongly to Australian soil being utilised for such a
horrendous weapon system base. Was he silenced to allow the US Navy
controlled project to proceed? Was the base eventually named after
Holt - (when recently officially "taken over" from the US Navy by
the Royal Australian Navy) - as some sort of perverse honour to the
very man who died trying to prevent it's installation on Australian
soil ?

"Then there is the case of the two young cattle station hands who
died under very mysterious circumstances a few years ago in the
Great Sandy Desert - south of Halls Creek - on the very seismic grid
lines put in there in 1968 by Aquitaine Oil - and within the centre
of the Great Sandy Desert earthquake "test range."

" . . . It would appear to be high time for Australians to do
something about this state of affairs - since we appear to actually
host a weapon system that has probably led clandestinely to the
death of not only Australians - but quite probably many tens of
thousands of our fellow humans - in several countries across the

"It appears that this system was utilised to create induced quakes
in various parts of Russia, Japan, China, Iran, and also allowed the
delivery of violent weather storms to North Korea that have
inflicted famine and near total decimation of 50% of her
agricultural land.

"But all of that, the science of earthquake inducing E/M weapons
systems, and their recent deployment and use on planet Earth must
await the next articles in this three part series. "
--Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc.,
M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)

The choice to do something about what is going on here in this
lifetime is ours. No one else can make that decision for us, and
certainly no one else can live up to that decision everyday from
then on. We are NOT responsible for anyone else's choices. Every day
I wait for a high Lightworker to make a different choice that will
change the efforts they make in this lifetime. And every day I am
forced to move on because that person would not get off their fence,
or refused to honor the contract of service they signed for this

All we can ever do is to do the best we can. If we did that; if we
did what was asked of us to do by Spirit or our guidance, then we
should never be attached to the results of any of our actions. This
is the highest spiritual life we can live. To feel guilty of failure
because of someone else's decisions, or lack there of, is sad and

"There is one among us who wishes to address the personal realm
before beginning:

"Daughter, think not, believe not that you are somehow responsible
for the choices and decisions of others. . . . It is not your
duty, your mission or even your need to aid or assist one who
chooses to hide from that which he knows exists inside of Self.
"WE say, as one and many, dedicate your self to Lighting the Self,
Loving the Self. Know that you are capable, able, deserving, worthy
and all other such descriptors for Love, enduring Love to come into
your life. WE can not speak for another. WE can only HOLD all in
our hearts, as we do you and he, and LOVE. For choice comes to all.

"Take no action where none is needed for OUR work is guided and
protected by THOSE much greater than such as can be called forth in
self-centered threats, born from an Ego crying out for its way.

"Practice your tools. Use them to release and to LOVE for there is
no shame in LOVING, as you have and as you do. KNOW experience
comes for cleansing. Give thanks for all that you have learned about
your self for the spotlight of self-action, self-thinking, self-love
comes through interaction with others. Have you discovered who and
what you are?

"Your friends may speak of strength and tests --- yet, WE say that
much learning about self has come to each, even when it appears not
to the other. For neither is dull-witted or sluggish in terms of
seeing THAT which is mirrored into the face and eyes. See yourself
for all that you are, positive, negative and neutral. Know this be
so, ever is so for the one and the many - for each holds a Shadow
Self that needs attention and love. Ever be this so.

"Puruse your livingness as you choose. Know that OUR Hearts hold
fast that all your dreams come true. As you Value Self, value is
returned. As you Honor Self, honor is returned. If it comes not
from one who crosses your way, turn quickly child for it will never
come to he who honors not his own heart.

"OUR LOVE streams forth to each and all - for valuable service given
brings equal reward. Think not of waste or loss or grief - for in
setting each other free, freedom comes to fly into wish fulfillment
beyond the imagining. You know not what comes in the very next
moment or year. He knows not what comes either.

"Inner guidance, inner truth tells all which way to move and flow.
Follow your Heart-centered guidance. Stream forth LOVE and
FORGIVENESS - for in the forgiving of others, one forgives the
self. Judge not self or another in this matter - for Divine Order
and Divine Purpose has been served. No greater love can be
expressed than as the Lesson Giver. Lessons come to all in many
forms, in many shapes. Some of negative. Some of positive. Know
the LOVE that stands behind the reality of Human Thinking - and
Honor It - for the Great IAM is ever flowing.

"Find solace in the Lord of Your Heart - and KNOW you are protected,
valued and loved. He is protected, valued and loved for he is our
son as you are our daughter.

"Daughter, Fret not. Harm comes only to the self in actions, times
such as these ? for in acting from primal need, primal fear, primal
anger - one brings only Harm to One's Soul. Shells crack,
realization pours in. Is this not always the way? Remember the
phrase, a rose has petals and thorns. It takes great LOVE to allow
one's self to be used as a vessel for Lesson Giving, Lesson
Teachings. It is your Path. It is his Path. He is not lost, only
captured by a conditioning that is losing its hold, losing its
appeal - for ways of the Child are not ways of the Adult. There is
a growing up that must occur. In both - for he reflected you as you
reflected him.

`Much goodness lies in Heart covered with the debris of livingness.
You see this as you see Mother and Son spit out venom at one
another. One need only "feel" for a moment to KNOW this is so. Be
patient, be loving, be compassion beyond reproach. For in such a
stance, much happiness flows as healing hearts come together, one-by-

"Our words to you give not much clue as to what may stream forth
into the World of Men, but KNOW as you have known him always, you
will know him always. This be so. He is our beloved son sent forth
in this time to share and learn and use the gifts to anchor LIGHT -
as you and others find your selves anchoring LIGHT and LOVE into
places once filled to overflowing with darkness. He too has
darkness, shedding bit by bit. It is timing as the astrological
wheel of human living calls forth energies from within for
Redemption. If one is hiding from one's self, imagine the self-
surprise as a livingness long denied springs forth to uncoil itself
from its hidden lair.

"Let us reassure you of this FACT: You have no needs for ALL needs
are filled in the Heart. Every step of your path is paved in
LIGHT. KNOW this. LIVE this. Be whole within the Self, knowing as
right timing approaches, openings you never before dared to envision
will unfold - and miraculous happenings occur.

"Chaos reigns only briefly in times such as these. Hold fast to
your Heart. Hold fast to your Belief. Hold fast to your Knowledge.
For in so doing, much Wisdom accrues. BE WISE, little one. BE WISE.
"WE LOVE you. WE HONOR you. Go forth this day without care or
worry for a Mighty Army of Angels surrounds you. This be so as it
is ever so."

"He is our beloved son sent forth in this time to share and learn
and use the gifts to anchor LIGHT - as you and others find your
selves anchoring LIGHT and LOVE into places once filled to
overflowing with darkness. He too has darkness, shedding bit by


Yes, we all have our moments, but do not let these moments become an
excuse not to do what we can.

Everything we do is `watched" or recorded in some way by the New
World Order. We cannot be paranoid about that?it is simply a fact as
the following article describes. Everything we do is also recorded
on the ethers of Creation for posterity to know that when it came to
sit it out or dance ?we got up and danced.
Worldwide spying network is revealed

MEPs confirm eavesdropping by Echelon electronic network
Stuart Millar, Richard Norton-Taylor and Ian Black Saturday May
26, 2001 The Guardian
"For years it has been the subject of bitter controversy, its
existence repeatedly claimed but never officially acknowledged. At
last, the leaked draft of a report to be published next week by the
European parliament removes any lingering doubt: Echelon, a shadowy,
US-led worldwide electronic spying network, is a reality.
"Echelon is part of an Anglo-Saxon club set up by secret treaty in
1947, whereby the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand,
divided the world between them to share the product of global
eavesdropping. Agencies from the five countries exchange intercepts
using supercomputers to identify key words. The intercepts are
picked up by ground stations, including the US base at Menwith Hill
in North Yorkshire, and GCHQ's listening post at Morwenstow in

"In the cold war, eavesdropping - signals intelligence, or Sigint as
it is known in the trade - was aimed at military and diplomatic
communications. Helped by increasingly sophisticated computers, it
has now switched to industrial, commercial targets - and private
individuals. Echelon computers can store millions of records on
individuals, intercepting faxes, phone calls, and emails.
"The MEP's report - which faced opposition from the British and
American governments and their respective security services - was
prompted by claims that the US was using Echelon to spy on European
companies on behalf of American firms. France, deeply suspicious of
Britain's uniquely close intelligence links with the US, seized on
reports that Echelon cost Airbus Industrie an ?8bn contract with
Saudi Arabia in 1994, after the US intercepted communications
between Riyadh and the Toulouse headquarters of Airbus - in which
British firms hold a 20% stake. The MEPs admitted they had been
unable to find conclusive proof of industrial espionage.

"The claim has been dismissed by all the Echelon governments and in
a new book by an intelligence expert, James Bamford. More
disturbing, as Mr Bamford and the MEPs pointed out, was the threat
Echelon posed to privacy. "The real issue is whether Echelon is
doing away with individual privacy - a basic human right," he said.
The MEPs looked at statements from former members of the
intelligence services, who provided compelling evidence of Echelon's
existence, and the potential scope of its activities.

"One former member of the Canadian intelligence service, the CSE,
claimed that every day millions of emails, faxes and phone
conversations were intercepted. The name and phone number of one
woman, he said, was added to the CSE's list of potential terrorists
after she used an ambiguous word in an innocent call to a
friend. "Disembodied snippets of conversations are snatched from
the ether, perhaps out of context, and may be misinterpreted by an
analyst who then secretly transmits them to spy agencies and law
enforcement offices around the world," Mr Bamford said.

"The "misleading information", he said, "is then placed in NSA's
near-bottomless computer storage system, a system capable of storing
5 trillion pages of text, a stack of paper 150 miles high".
"Unlike information on US citizens, which officially cannot be kept
longer than a year, information on foreigners can he
held "eternally", he said. The MEP's draft report concludes the
system cannot be as extensive as reports have assumed. It is limited
by being based on worldwide interception of satellite
communications, which account for a small part of communications.

"Eavesdropping on other messages requires either tapping cables or
intercepting radio signals, but the states involved in Echelon, the
draft report found, had access to a limited proportion of radio and
cable communications. But independent privacy groups claimed
Britain, the US and their Echelon partners, were developing
eavesdropping systems to cope with the explosion in communications
on email and internet.

"In Britain, the government last year brought in the Regulation of
Investigatory Powers Act, which allowed authorities to monitor email
and internet traffic through "black boxes" placed inside service
providers' systems. It gave police authority to order companies or
individuals using encryption to protect their communications, to
hand over the encryption keys. Failure to do so was punishable by a
sentence of up to two years. The act has been condemned by civil
liberties campaigners, but there are signs the authorities are keen
to secure more far reaching powers to monitor internet traffic.
"Last week, the London-based group, Statewatch, published leaked
documents saying the EU's 15 member states were lobbying the
European commission to require that service providers kept all
phone, fax, email and internet data in case they were needed in
criminal investigations."

Getting up to dance in this day and age can be a very dangerous,
unless it's a crowded dance-floor. The more people we get up
dancing, the less we stand out alone in the limelight. As one
separates themselves from the attachment to the old paradigm,
physical existence in the 3rd dimension no longer has its relevance,
nor its interest.