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plasma weapons pt 2
From Vol5 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?

\"The Kamchatka Peninsular in Siberia was the site of the infamous KAL 007 incident. Recent research by David Pearson published in his book \"KAL 007: the COVER - UP\") concerning this 747 jumbo jet shoot down by the Soviets suggests that KAL 007 was attempting to gain intelligence on a very large transmitter site located in the central part of the peninsular. It has been suggested by Japanese journalists (Archipelago Magazine and an American scientific researcher (Tom Bearden) that this Kamchatka transmitter is one of a worldwide series of former Soviet electro-magnetic weapons transmitter complexes.

\"Such weapons are believed to be variants on designs proposed by Nikola Tesla in 1908 and to have the ability to transmit explosive, and other effects such as earthquake induction, across inter-continental distances to any selected target site on the globe, with force levels equivalent to major nuclear explosions.

Evidence for the existence of such exotic weapons is given in part by a recent 23rd December 1996 \"Voice of Russia\" radio broadcast on their Science and Engineering programme where they discussed modern Russian E/M weapons of the micro-wave plasma variety. The following is a part transcript of that programme featuring the interviewer Yekimenko and the science authority Belitzky . . .

YEKIMENKO: How would a microwave generator be used \"in anger\" Boris?

BELITZKY: It would be used to fire a plasmoid, that is, a blob of plasma into the path of an incoming missile, its warhead, or an aircraft. The plasmoid would effectively ionize that region of space and, in this way, disturb the aerodynamics of the flight of the missile, warhead, or aircraft, and terminate their flight. This makes such a generator and its plasmoid a practically invulnerable weapon, providing protection against; attack via space or the atmosphere.

YEKIMENKO: Boris, I hate to ask this question, but still...The generals and scientists who speak of this weapon - they couldn\'t be bluffing, could they?

BELITZKY: 0h no. This is evident if only from the fact that a few years ago in 1993, at the Russian-American summit in Vancouver, the Russians proposed a joint experiment in testing such generators - or plasma weapons, as they are called here - as an alternative to the Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI.

\"In such an experiment, which it was proposed to code-name :\'Trust,\" the system would be used to repulse a missile attack. In this way Russia hoped to strengthen the new climate of post-cold-war security in the world.

\"These comments of course emphasize that many observed \"lights = objects\" in the night sky may in fact have no mass associated with them at all, and are actually \"holograms\" of light being given off by \"slugs\" of dense E/M energy (moving, or static as a standing wave node). These light shapes being held in place by three or more transmitter\'s providing their \"Tesla wave\" output to manipulate \"plasmoid blobs\" in 3D space.