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plasma weapons pt 3 - silent fireballs

\"Another fairly typical (but silent) fireball event occurred in October 1994 at the iron ore mining town of Tom Price in the Pilbara region of W.A

\"In mid October 1994 a family was having a patio barbecue at about 8.30pm at night. They saw a very large red-orange coloured ball of fire moving at very low altitude directly towards them at a steady slow light aircraft speed (100mph?) and 300 metres altitude. It was bigger than the moon in apparent size.

\"They rang the local police alerting them to a possible aircraft on fire. The two police raced outside to watch. By now many of the towns folk (population some four thousand) were outside watching the fireball. From front on it appeared to be a fiery orange-yellow-white colour - possibly rectangular or spherical in cross section (depending on observer), from the side it appeared to be a spherical yellow-white light - pulsing up and down in light intensity (as captured on video).

\"Our original barbecue observers, being some 200 metres directly below it by now, reported that it was an intense spherical ball of orange-red fire with the fire swirling in a spiral pattern and the flames disappearing internally upwards into a central black \"hole\" or void within the spherical mass of flames.

\"The fireball had no tail and made no noise at all - there was no ground seismic wave as experienced in many other recent Australian fireball events. It was described as a sort of \"implosion ball of flames\" with all the fire or flames originating in local space outside the fiery sphere-like form, the flames being sucked into the centre where they disappeared - \"like a moving plasma ball in a local space-time warp around a central black hole\" - \"Never ever seen anything like it before - therefore difficult to describe accurately\". Really aware people these outback mining families - a scientist could not have done better !!!

\"The fireball took about 5 minutes to cover the distance from a line of hills west of Tom Price to a line of hills to their east. At this point it flashed a bright blue-white colour that lit up the area and it then took off at very high speed and disappeared almost instantly moving very fast to the east. Other observers simply believed that it just disappeared with the intense blue-white light flash/explosion - no explosive noise heard - just a very bright light energy emission flash.

\"The observers turned around to look back to the west.

\"Immediately a second fireball appeared in the west following the path of the first. This flew slightly lower but at the same slow light aircraft speed (i.e. about 100 mph) and similarly at constant low altitude. Again it flew directly over the barbecue observers and was identical in all respects to the first. It disappeared similarly in a massive blue-white flash of light energy moving at very high velocity to the east.

\"This was followed by a third fireball following the exact same low level (nearly in the tree tops), exact same size, exact same slow flight speed, exact same course, same flash of light followed by it\'s disappearance at high speed to the east.

\"The time between each separate fireball \"pulse\" appearing was almost identical and after one disappeared to the east as you swung around to look west another arrived - like clockwork.

\"There remains a difference of opinion between observers as to exactly how many fireballs were seen in the sequence that night. All observers agree that two were seen, but several claim that three were actually seen - but that strange time/space/mind distortion effects were in operation (emanating from the fireballs) such that confusion reigned immediately during and after the sightings which led to disagreement and argument over the number of discrete fireball events.

\"These entire events -or parts thereof - were seen by many of the inhabitants of Tom Price i.e. probably over a thousand people. Many attempted to take photos but all film rolls returned from Perth showed good family snaps but only white blanks of the fireballs. The films were developed by friends and were not tampered with, suggesting that X-ray or similar e/m radiation from the fireball fogged the film by concentration through the camera lens?

\"One video camera tape was taken but later accidental over-recording led to only two minutes of this incident remaining - taped as a pulsing light or fireball, as seen from well south of the fireball track - this has since been appropriated by a NSW UFO researcher and has never since seen the light of day.

\"All residents were shocked by what they observed, eventually believing that someone deliberately wanted them to see these fireballs as some sort of test over an isolated outback town. They confirm that there appeared to be no solid mass object when seen close up, but from a distance many thought they were seeing an aircraft on fire - the second and third fireballs disabused them of this idea. No one could align their sighting with anything within their experiential memory. Some thought that \"it was like the end of the world\".

\"The two police were taken the next day to a point half way to the Paraburdoo townsite (Residents here also saw the fireballs to their north that night) - located some 50km south of Tom Price. The police were briefed by officials on what had occurred and thereafter refused to discuss the evening\'s events.

\"Being a small town with few inhabitants and pretty lonely if the other residents cold shoulder you one policeman later admitted that he would like to say what it was all about but had been ordered to keep his mouth shut and it was more than his job and life were worth to say more.

\"The residents of Tom Price discussed these events for days, but attempts to go public on Perth TV were met with last minute cancellation amid ridicule and loony epithets - after Channel 7 actually paid airfares for two resident eye-witnesses to fly to Perth.

\"Many residents had noticed that the fireballs had flown from the direction of the Exmouth Peninsular US \"Radio Communications\" base. Many suspect that there is a secret underground part to this base which contains large peculiar aerial systems at ground level.

\"It was later found out that the Dampier power station (150km north of Tom Price) went off line at the time of the Tom Price fireballs due to a huge overvoltage pulse on the transmission lines.

\"Residents of this district have commonly seen, or even been followed by bright white lights whilst traversing roads at night near the coast and the Exmouth base area. These lights move at low or high speed, at low or high altitude, and commonly alter course.

\"Very bright white glows have been observed at night emanating from uninhabited bush land just to the east of Tom Price. Fireballs have been reported on several occasions in the period 1973 to 1994 as flying from Exmouth towards the east and the Great Sandy Desert.

from Volume 5 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?