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playing god
Playing God

More and more people are feeling that it's time to do something, that
something is about to happen, and now they want to be safe -- oh, and
yes, take their families with them into safety.

"My husband and I live in ***. I know it is to close to the New Madrid
Fault lines. We have been looking at a piece of ground just north of ***
so that we can be outside of the city and be more self sufficient and
hopefully have enough time to get off the grid. We have 4 children and 9
grandchildren. All of our children but one lives in this area and our
youngest daughter and her two kids live 100 miles south. I can't see
moving away from here when they all have jobs here. They are my life and
I can't leave them. I just hope that when the earthquakes hits, and all
that goes with it, that my daughter and her kids (8 & 3) will have
enough time to get up here to be with us too. I feel that we are so much
stronger together and more able to survive the catastrophic things that
we may have to endure. We all have a strong faith base. I just wish I
could know when and were and what to do to protect us all."

Does that sound like someone who's even half aware of what's going on or
what's about to take place? Does that sound like someone seriously
heeding the warnings of the Native American Elders when they say: " "We
should not wait for anyone. Don't wait for anyone." . . . The cities in
the United States are in tremendous trouble. Tell your relatives to get
out of the city. Spirit has told us that when you see the eagle in the
city, it's time to go home/back to nature/Mother Earth. Spirit also said
about the cities, "It's going to be so bad in the cities that a mother
wouldn't want her child to survive in it at the time of the
changes/shift . . it depends on where you are at when the Big Shift

And faith? Is that a faith in Jesus? Well that's going to be worth
about an extra second of life in all this. As Ramtha tried to warn
people years ago, just as many other messengers have: ""There is an hour
coming when higher and lower selves, one million forty-one guides, all
the dietary elements for enlightenment, the quotations, the philosophy,
the passages, the abstinence, they will not amount to a hill of inedible
beans. Look around at your world-everything you see here will be
unfamiliar in the new age, outdated. And those of you who are so big and
bold, won't even be cleared to FL:Super C because you're locked up in
metaphysical journeys that go nowhere."

And not only metaphysical journey, religious journeys as well that have
lasted a thousand years and gotten a person nowhere but all locked up
into religious dogma that enslaves a person without whips, chains or
iron bars. Most of us, most of you, have lifetimes of dogma trapped in
your energy fields and holding you back from going anywhere, long
energetic chords that tie into every fabric of your being. Energetic
chains that will hold you back for lifetimes no matter what happens or
where you go on from here -- until you remove them yourself or have
them removed for you.

As this lady says: "I just wish I could know when and were and what to
do to protect us all." -- The 5th dimension is not very high considering
there are now 15 clear cut dimensions in this SuperUniverse. Still it is
up to the individual to earn their own place amongst these stairways to
heaven. So who are we to judge what level they have earned?

One night while working on setting up some things in the new paradigm I
was surprised to see my eldest sister working there too. Now she, I
would have judged, was no aware or 'spiritual' person by any stretch of
the imagination, but you know what? she has always helped other people
and that's what the 5th dimension and indeed real spirituality is about
-- what have you done to assist others along the way?

I know there's going to be more and more people coming to the
realization that something's going on and there's very little time to do
much about it. And a lot of them will be coming to me, coming to you,
for answers. And it's not that all the answers aren't there in the
writings somewhere if someone had that much time to read it all. Or of
course if someone is really serious and wants to have all the answers
available almost immediately then as Guidance has said all along,
there's always the channeling/connecting with your own Guidance that you
take with you everywhere you go. And just having a glimpse of what's
coming to get us into the new paradigm, I, personally, do not see how
anyone will survive without it. Apocalyptic movies give the wrong
impression of what's happening and who and how many might be saved and
how society will try rebuild itself afterwards. Passing through a gun
show yesterday with a friend Guidance said to me, 'any of these who
survive will need more than just a gun.'

And of course all these people are looking at simple physical survival.
Ask Gia who recently started channeling for the group what forces from
the other side have been attacking her lately. Physical survival is easy
compared to the war that takes place once you remove yourself from
Matrix living and thinking.

No one wants to play God here but don't be attached to who goes and who
stays during this transition period. It is people going to that place
where they have earned. People who want to save everybody aren't being
realistic, have little or no idea what they're talking about, have no
idea of what's coming that most people won't even want to live through
should they be able to, and really have no place in the new paradigm
anyway. And if a job or family security is what's keeping you in the
most dangerous places in America, then you're not ready for the new
paradigm anyway, you haven't been listening to the tsunami warnings
going of fin your ear everyday, and you're spirituality and
understanding of Creation is seriously lacking anyway so what use would
you be in creating something totally new and different on this planet,
something this time that works in line with the FATHER's highest hopes
for everyone and for the planet as a whole.

No one's playing God here. A lot of people are going to die. A lot of
people you know. If you don't remember what dying is like then that's
why you feel this way about people dying. I've died so many times over
the past decade or so and not once have I ever wished I could stay, but
here I still am, writing this and knowing that is you want to stay you
won't. If you don't want to stay and aren't attached to any of this old
dying paradigm then you can probably stay because you're the one needed
to build something new.

Time of choices is over. Guidance was serious about the title of the
recent article 'Final Warning'. Make peace with your God. Live every
moment with Love. Be kind to others, make their day . . Learn your
spiritual lessons for they are really the only thing you move forward
with. You've died a million times before. You have eternity. Enjoy the

In service,