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playing in the matrix 2
Playing in the Matrix

Many people join this group and bring with them their old perceptions of how things are, perceptions programmed into them by New Age thinking and by other facets of the Matrix as well. They\'ve never really been oyutside the Matrix to know what that\'s like or to see
the Matrix for what it truly is. As I tell many audiences, we all have a part of the Matrix we want to say \"Well this part is okay, but all the rest is a lie.\"

Well, the sad news is that it\'s ALL a lie, and trying to see something outside the Matrix through Matrix-colored glasses just doesn\'t work. The worst thing is that these people are just not ready or willing to do the homework or work to see what\'s beyond the Matrix walls. It\'s just like in the movie Pleasantville when Reese Witherspoon\' s character asks her teacher what\'s beyond Main Street and everybody laughs, never having considered that particular question before because they could never have imagined anything being beyond what they already though they knew.

Well, if you think you want to move forward beyond this old paradigm and the sheer terror it has brought to all of us for so, so many lifetimes then the time to start doing the work is now, and you have to set aside the old way of looking at things, leave behind EVERYTHING you think you know about the world and spirituality and how you think it works, connect with your Guidance, and gently but firmly begin step-by-step to feel your way outside those old
corridors of the schoolroom known as Earth, begin breaking down old templates, and allow new more flexxible templates to be formed in your enetire Being into which you can then insert old information and see the reality or falsity of what it is you think you know.

As author Machaelle Wright says in relation to her work: \"During an expansion of consciousness, our intellectual understanding of what we are experiencing is challenged because it is new to us. Like anything new, if we try to force an understanding of it through the framework of what we already know, we end up confused and possibly misinterpreting the experience. If we truly wish to expand out consciousness, that expansion can only serve to render our old framework obsolete. Any expansion we might have can actually be distorted if we try to force it through our old intellectual framework, such as would happen with a round handful of Play Dough squashed through a square shaping hole. Some of the Play Dough may
get through intact, but it is distorted, while much has been left behind on the other side of the screen, hopelessly lost for use in the new construction.

\"If we attempt to use our old framework when tackling new material such as is here being presented, we will tend to experience what we think we are experiencing instead of what it is that is actually happening. Or, worse still, we will tend to read into things what it is we want to hear, rather than getting the truth from what it is we are reading. We need then just to put the intellect aside--to just be. Let this new experience, this new knowledge, integrate itself
naturally into our being. Like a Zen master would proscribe, if we just get ourselves out of the way, life will show us what we need to know and what it is we need to be doing.

\"In this way, we can allow the formation of a new and more logical or intellectual framework. As a result, we will then gain a completely different understanding. The experience itself will build its own new logical framework. So, as you read this work, just let the expansion or processing happen naturally. As you do, you will be surprised at how much easier it is and how much more you really understand.\"

Let it be known then that there are some prerequisites needed before entering upon this particular voyage of expansion of your consciousness known as 4truthseekers. Do the neceesary homework or stay on your fence and watch the old paradigm crumbllig around you.
It\'s truly more than ever before --now or possibly never.

With Love, In service, Peter