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All the Darkness which has arisen since the foundation of humankind on
this planet has not all been totally because of Lucifer. Certainly, over
the past 50,000 years or so, Lucifer\'s focus had been on this planet and
how to best control its people. By this he would also gain control over
its role as a melting-pot and a spiritual balancing point or fulcrum for
the Universe. The planet Maldek was destroyed inasmuch because it would
not surrender totally to his control. The Martian planet was decimated
and all atmospheric possibilities for life to exist upon the planet were
destroyed in this very same struggle for power. This was only a mere
100,000 years ago.

Many of these `Aryans\' and others escaped to Earth at the time
of the destruction of Maldek, during the earliest phases of the Galactic
or Luciferian wars. Their memories are very strong with regard to what
happened there, and indeed the planet Aldebran which is destroyed by the
Death Star in the original Star Wars film is an archetype of this
rebellious planet Maldek.

Solara\'s memories in her book, El:An:Ra: The Healing of Orion speak
to this ongoing struggle in the universe to constantly maintain freedom
(aspects of the Orion system being the center of the Darkness in this
corner of the galaxy):

\"Maybe she could liberate some of the small planets they had invaded
if they were willing to join the fight against the OMNI. Too bad that
AAlar-dar wouldn\'t join his forces with hers, surely overthrowing
the Dark Lords would be serving good. Maybe when he saw her strength and
power, he would bring the Intergalactic Confederation to help. But, she
knew that she couldn\'t count on him. Besides, there was always the
possibility that he would try to stop her.

\"Kurtala\'s mind was made up. She vowed to destroy the OMNI [the
dark leadership of Orion], whatever it took. Even if she now had two
formidable opponents, both AAla-dar and the Dark Lords, she was not
frightened. Rushing from her quarters, she made haste to prepare for the
horrible times to come.

\"And thus the stage was set for the intergalactic wars.\"

As we have already said, the Aldebarans or Aryans have played a
significant role in the troubles here on this planet. They were a small
minority of people who escaped to the planet and unduly influenced
others to accept their beliefs and the memories of their home planet and
what had taken place there. The translation of the stories they told
were taken at face value as a lesson in race mixing, when, as it has
been correctly said, there was no racism in existence between the two
indigenous yet differing races. This all came at a very bad time for the
desired mixing of the races here upon this planet. These stories were
something that influenced other races such as the Hebrew or Hoovid race
which came from the Twenty-Four Civilizations, convincing them not to

This then was a devastating blow to the original plans for the planet
Earth experiment. Its success rested on mixing the best of all the races
to form one new and even more superior race, balanced in all or many of
its aspects by a deep love of its heritage from the many races from
which it had been formed. All it created was more war between those who
saw themselves as \'different\'.

As this was the first time this experiment of mixing so many types of
DNA had been attempted, the interference of other alien beings on the
planet at the time was also unfortunate. In a Universe based on Free
Will, however, it was also unavoidable. It was \"a monkey wrench\"
thrown into the works which eventually jammed up the gears and skewed
the end results in favor of the Darkside.

The Aldebarans or Aryans were in particular known for their intellectual
capability. Unfortunately they also brought with them this piece of
their history which has now formed an archetype within people heavily
influenced by their bloodline. This characteristic of the Aryans is what
has created much of the turmoil centered about the separation of the
races that has plagued nations such as Australia, the United States,
Canada, Great Britain, and certainly South Africa, almost since their
inception. Most of all it has brought itself forward in the teachings
of the Teutonic race and eventually caused the slaughter of many
millions when the archetype was successfully used by Hitler as an appeal
to racial purity, a reason to destroy the Jews, as well as many others.

As we can see by recent historic events here on Earth, racial prejudice,
along with self-will, is the greatest cause of war, of poverty, and of
death. It is the blight which infects all who have bought into the
Matrix of fear created by the Darkside, the premise that anyone is
\'better\' than any other person or less deserving of the FATHER\'s love
and goodwill. Soul goes through every level of experience it can until
it finds the true source of Love in the Light and Sound and in service
to all Creation without regard to race, creed, or color.

While there is no judgment amongst those of greater spiritual awareness
and power, to be honest there must be a certain level of discrimination
in what it is we seek to do and in realizing who it is we are. Erica
found this out in her channeling of the Spiritual Hierarchy and of her
own Angelic Guidance.

While every soul is loved equally, everything about that soul and what
it is going through is known and taken into consideration, not in a mean
way, but in a realistic evaluation of the soul\'s potential spiritual
growth and happiness. None of this is based upon skin color or even upon
present \'ethnic or alien\' race for every soul has at any moment of their
Being an opportunity to raise themselves to a higher level of awareness
by simply making the choice to step up and serve.

Dear One,
We have not spoken through you in a while, but of necessity this will be
a long channel. The answers to your life depend upon the questions you
pose and the questions which need answering. Only you can answer these
questions and only you can know what action to take in this situation.
We are rooting for you and supporting you in every facet of your Being.

We never judge, and do not blame you for leaving. Maybe you were not
ready at that time but you are more than ready now and are like a big
fish swimming in a little pond. Those around you have a barely
functioning consciousness and it is no use to think of them as being on
the level which you and others are on. We say this not out of arrogance
but just to let you know what you can expect out of these people and not
to be offended by anything they do. They operate from a child\'s
perspective at best, but with adult anger and vengeance.

We leave this final decision up to both you and to Peter, for you are
the human vessels which we need to occupy in order to spread Light upon
this planet. We love you dearly. Do what you must do and know that we
are nearby. Do not be scared of situations you find yourself in. Call
upon us immediately. If you choose to help we will always have your back
and you will never be in any danger which cannot be thwarted or
reversed. We are the most powerful, more powerful than Lucifer and more
powerful than the energy of evil currently residing on Earth.

We are awaiting the time when the people\'s consciousness will call for
peace and love and a real understanding of life and how things work, and
then we will be able to proceed and defeat whatever Darkness lurks upon
this planet and in this corner of Creation. The FATHER has said this is
the only way, for unlike the Darkside we must respect the universal laws
of free will, so we must wait until people truly want to be liberated
from this prison and this Darkness.

Your job is to alert people that they are in fact living in the deepest
Darkness Creation has ever known, and that there is a way out of it and
that there is an alternative if only they are ready for another way.
Another way of existence can be frightening for those who have known
nothing but Darkness, but there is hope, and you are here to spread
hope. Peter must make a decision and you yourself must make a decision.
Can you serve from where you currently are? We do not know. This is
something you must answer for yourself, honestly.
With Great Love,

RAJ, HAROON, and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy

Dear One,
We have been with you the past weeks and have seen you struggle to make
decisions based on self-will and service-to-self rather than to the
Higher Will. It is as if selfishness has won you out and you can only
account for yourself and none other. We know that you have been feeling
hurt and frustration within and without your circumstances. We feel you
in pain, reaching out and grasping for something to save you, but you
can only save yourself at this time. No one will be sent to rescue you;
you are the rescuer in this mission.

You forget how powerful you are and yet you cannot stand up even in
these minor obstacles you have been facing, for fear of making the wrong
decision. If you rely on guidance there will never be a wrong decision
and you will not have to try as hard to do the things that need to be
done in your life.

Your selfishness related to Raphael and the Lucifer energy is that you
do not want to give of yourself and do not want to allow your own energy
to heal. You seem to think there are good and bad sides, but really we
are all the same and no part of the Lucifer energy is necessarily bad or
good; and no part of the Angelic energy is necessarily good or bad. We
all just are, and what your guidance needs from you now is acceptance.
Acceptance of Raphael and of all the other parts of Lucifer that need to
heal at this time, including your own part of the Lucifer energy which
needs to heal.

Do not get caught up in time lines or specifics of anything, just remain
open to guidance and allow us to lead you where we may without fear of
repercussions. You have slipped from sobriety but this is only a brief
lapse and more a cry for help than anything else. You will be able to
remain sober in the coming days as long as you rely on us and serve the
Higher Will as much as possible. Always ask us, no matter how small the
decision. We need to build you back up, for you have slipped pretty far
down in these past few weeks. We love you, as always, without judgment.

With Great Love,
Your Angelic Guidance

No one is judged, but for millennia, the Jewish people have taken the
brunt of this racial and/or religious prejudice, particularly since the
advent of Christianity. To say it is not partly their own fault is to
not understand self-responsibility and how they as a people have bought
into Lucifer\'s scheme to set one race against all others, and every man
against his brother.