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pleiadean resolution 1
Because one member of the group is working with her Pleiadean Guidance
to help resolve past issues concerning the Pleaidean involvement with
this planet (Earth) it might be good here to go over some of that past,
particularly as it relates to the Mars-Maldek wars, for it affects us all in
terms of what we have done in the past and the making of amends we should and
need to be doing right now --Pleaidean or not:

From Vol 9 (The Origin of All Things):

\"The Aldebarans, or Aryans, were at one time able to travel to other
stars. They were, in fact, migrants to this area of the universe, first settling
on Mars and Maldek (the planet whose remnants now make up the asteroid belt
between Mars and Jupiter). These two planets were a part of the original
Luciferian wars as they are now known throughout this corner of the Universe.

There is a great lesson to be learned here by the people on Earth, for
many of us were on these planets at the time of their final destruction. Like
the lesson of history itself, we need to remember the lessons involved in this
war and not let it happen again here. HAROON and the Spiritual Hierarchy tried
to give this wisdom of letting go of old ways to Andre in a lesson all of us
should pay attention to in this the planet\'s hour of transition:

Dearest André,

Do you know your time when you see it? Your time to hold on to a book, a woman,
an attitude, to be strong, to be firm, yet balanced at the same time? You know
you do not accept it or embrace that wisdom because it is easier not to. We
don\'t criticize harshly but with truth, and the sense that you will leave the
criticized state. Do the same, it is the good way to heal with voice, besides
mantras and voice codes or other patterned sound energy forms. You know that
when you leave something behind you are opening the doorway for something new to
enter, and new things come instead of old ones. When you hold to the old ways
and patterns of doing things, of thinking or viewing events, you lose time and
energy that is needed for your unfoldment. Move forward at all times, be
versatile and do things with sharpness, process them perfectly. Aim higher
always . . . so that you will go further than where you are now.

--HAROON from the Spiritual Hierarchy

The surfaces of Mercury, Mars, and several satellites of the planets
(including Earth\'s moon) show the effects of the intense bombardment
by fragments from the destruction caused by this warring between the two worlds,
these old ways many of us need to learn from. On Earth, much of the record of
that destruction has already passed away. On other planets it is still very