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Dear Friend on Earth.

. . . the matter of exploding planets goes way farther than what you see has happened with Mars and with Maldek (now the asteroid belt). It involves exploding planets and suns. See it now:

The structural arrangement of these worlds is not only of matter and of physical manifestation, but also of auric spiritual purpose as well. The purpose of a planet is to provide an area, a playground, for Beings to enjoy contact with each other, to interact amongst themselves and together with Creation as a whole.

It is when they do so that they evolve to higher levels of consciousness. . . It is an exchange of ideas that opens up new flows of energy through their souls, and it enables them to attain more conscious awareness of what is possible and what indeed exists. The further they are able to realize things, the closer they are to Father, as long as they allow themselves to be in contact with ITS Divine Energy.

The dimensional worlds of a planet are similar to rooms within a house. Instead of rooms, however, they are in layers. There is a lobby where souls will apply for entering the experience in that world. Then there is an entrance area, similar to a type of bar where you get to take a look around and perhaps meet some people before you actually get a table in the restaurant. Then your table is ready, you have been allocated a personal body, a body through which you can experience the world in an ultimate manner, completely immersed within its experience.

If it was a game, then by now you would be playing it after watching others play it from the bar or non-physical stage of your presence.

So well, these bubbles of consciousness or worlds are sometimes intruded upon by troublemakers. The planets are sometimes destroyed, but that is not their end. The main issue is whether the \"bubble\" of consciousness is still around, if there are still Beings interested in having that experience which was previously offered by the extinguished planet. They will hang around, probably together, until they can, together, find a new place to have the experience once offered by the former planet.

The essence of a planet, an inhabitable world, is not the Physical World itself, BUT THE EXPERIENCE THAT IT OFFERS - THE ROLE IT PLAYS WITHIN THE GREATER SCHEME OF THE UNIVERSE AT LARGE.

If it is a school, then there will be a need to search for a new school to be. If it is a portal into higher levels of consciousness more than it is a place to learn [much like planet Earth is], then this portal will have to be undone, or somehow deconstructed (its structure unmade or modified) and then rearranged so that there is still the offer of that service –the portal to the higher levels.

A planet offers to inhabiting souls a \"place to play\". The planet is the ground, the link to Creation and to the higher levels of Consciousness in Creation. It serves as a gateway also for the higher levels down to that planet as well as the Heart of a Planet is connected to many higher dimensional levels than that of its general population. Souls connect to the energy of the Planet, to its Heart, and are able to acquire new levels of awareness, growing into more evolved beings.

It is a connection to Creation, to a higher level, a Portal to the next level, if you will. Whatever the role played by the world is, it evolves by learning with its existence and its interaction. Likewise, The Universe, Creation, and The FATHER, grow together with it as well. It is an all encompassing process of evolution.

If Mars was destroyed, then the bubble of souls once inhabiting the planet would have to search for an interactive Life somewhere else, right? They would do this to continue having their experience... And the same goes for Maldek, correct? Where is it that they would go to? (Hint: it is close by and very inviting) They would, and they have, come down here to Earth.

The ones involved in the destruction of these planets knew it all along. Perhaps not in the lower echelons, but at the highest post of leadership of this dark group they were very much aware of this scheme. They knew that the Planet Earth would have to endure more and be subject to overloading, and, that this overload could easily be turned into confusion. Then, from confusion, it would be easy to manipulate the crowd, turning it into a tool to corrupt the planet, and thence to take it over. They take it over by corrupting its energy, its aura and then having it vibrate in the same frequency, the frequency that is associated with the purpose of being a dark portal into the higher dimensions of existence.

If Earth is a portal of Light connected to the highest areas of Creation, then there is a gate at the center, the door itself from where those who were ready would go and then enter the next level or dimension. Only this time, with planet Earth, that doorway leads to the highest level, thus providing the biggest chance to seal people away from the highest areas of existence, and gain ultimate control over \"the gates of heaven\" themselves- the highest floor of heaven to be more exact.

The location of Earth within Creation Itself allows for it to have the role of such a powerful portal, and the dark forces seek to control it, and to corrupt others into what they are themselves. If they cannot reach the Highest Level themselves, then no one else will (until they have found a way to get there, and that involves corrupting the stairs and every floor along the way, even unto the terrace). This will not be allowed, but there is still much to \"lose\" in delaying the advancement of every Being involved.

The loss of Earth involves such an enormous amount of work to be achieved, and to be done, to take things back to the place where they are supposed to be, and from where the souls involved are able to function once again. If the souls living on Earth knew what they are being dragged into, and what it is that is at stake, all the time they are going to lose, all the delay they are about to experience, then they would immediately drop the sick habit of being blind and passive, leading them into slavery.

As Earth serves as a portal and now a slave planet, used to corrupt the path to higher dimensions, so to do other planets develop different functions, play unique roles in Creation, offering different levels of experiences to its associated souls.

Stars are also inhabitable, not exactly the same way as a planet, but in a similar fashion. There are souls who live in that Star World and who have an experience there, headed towards an objective, whether it be dark or whether it be Luminous.

Just as there are Beings connected to Light, there are also Beings not connected to Light. This also applies to planets and stars - there are dark planets and there are dark stars, dark stars which play a role of Dark Sun to planets around them. The Dark Sun is able to reshape the alignment of nearby planets the same way as a \"parent\", \"teacher\" or other type of adult presence is able to influence the personality of children living nearby or with whom they have much contact.

A star may shift into a dark star, contaminated with an ego, a self-will that separates it from FATHER, shattering the will to be linked with Divinity. As a star becomes dark, then it begins to emanate new energies, dark energies. The vibration of these energies affects planets close by and will eventually steer these planets the same way if the Planet is not strong enough to resist such an influence (as most of the Pleiadean stars have been able to do, in particular those inhabited by the Turtle People –see Peter\'s earlier articles).

Of course the collaboration of the souls inhabiting the planet is important to keep the planet aligned with Light and able to remain linked to Father... but often these Beings are the first ones to lose their own link.

The energy of a planet\'s surface inhabitants is the first line of defense against intrusive energies, much like the skin acts as a first line of defense for the human body. If these people aren\'t strong or enlightened enough to resist \"going with the flow\" of Darkness constantly being bombarded at them, then they will let themselves be contaminated with self-will and the feelings of separation. Further more, once they are contaminated, they will begin to help contaminate the aura of the planet, making it even harder for the Planetary Consciousness to stay within the Light.

There is so much similarity between these situations and the current situation being experienced by the humans here on Earth. The saying that goes \"the apple never falls too far from the Tree\" is perfect in order to explain why there is so much Darkness in this corner of the [Universe] and particularly now on planet Earth: People simply let themselves become corrupted with lesser interests, making no major effort to change their lives so as to get away from the already dark situation they found themselves in once they were born. Yet they are not to blame, for they are free, even if their choices act as a source of unbalance.

In wildlife, there are many forms of death. There are insects that prey upon other animals, be it other insects, rats, or deer carcasses. These insects plant their eggs on their prey. Sometimes the eggs hatch before the prey dies and consume it while it is living. Sometimes they hatch after death, maybe because they were already planted on a dead body. Nonetheless, as there is a dead body, the eggs are to be larvae, and these larvae are to become adult beings, and then they will find new prey for their children.

It so happens that this context applies to a larger scenario as well. Once a planet is infected or inseminated with dark beings or seeds, it is possible that the World, or the souls in it (whichever falls first), will also become corrupted. First a few, then a few more, just a small number that seemingly don\'t matter, until the majority has become darkened and are now the corrupters of even more.

The planet may give in or it may resist unto death (by explosion or implosion or simply devastated into desertification much like we now find with Mars), or it may be able to hold out until help arrives to heal the situation. If the help doesn\'t work as intended, by then most of the planet\'s consciousness may have been corrupted to such a level that the little that remains pure will choose leaving in order to seek refuge somewhere safe.

The process of planetary cleansing through natural disasters is directly associated with this. It is the Earth trying to shake off those who are too attached or too lazy to drop their ego selves so that the ejecting of these souls will allow the planetary auric fields to increase and allow for the entire ascension process to be successful. Wars are also responsible for eliminating many of those who cause the Darkness and weigh down the vibration of the world, harassing the flow of Light. Sometimes the destruction of a planet is better than allowing for it to be a dark world prone to causing more trouble...

--The Council of The Light