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The Implantation Technology and Its Connection with the Mars-Maldek Wars --
This time they use biological Beings as a source of implantation. As now these Beings come through portals, but they once came on waves, much like locust clouds. They would be set free on these planets to infect its people in order to limit or control entire populations. These clouds were not these Morgellon\'s disease (parasites) but were similar in the way that they also controlled people\'s thoughts in a different way, less powerful but still very effective.

These Beings came on pods that Maldek released on Mars. These pods would explode and then release \"bugs\" on the planet that would then invade/infect its inhabitants. The bugs were developed by Orions through heavy research on this powerful method to control and implant others during wars—biological warfare at a 4th dimensional level.

The pods would explode and then the bugs would go into animals, multiply, go on to other Beings, mutate... much in the same way that bacteria do. But these Beings were far more advanced than bacteria. These implanted bugs allowed the Orions not only to limit the spiritual development and learning experience of the hostage organisms, but also to sense and transmit the victim\'s energies to the Dark Lords of Orion. The bugs came, infected the Being, and then transmitted information on how these Beings felt, while also allowing sometimes for specific collection of the energy generated by those feelings. Some bugs were better able to transmit certain energy patterns than others. Some would also give over more than a diagram of how the Being was feeling, they would also give out some of what the Being sensed from its environment, and sometimes block this ability to feel and/or to sense. For example, a Martian animal would see or sense another dimension, and the bug could notice that, and sometimes block the animal\'s sensing ability so that it was spiritually crippled.

These bugs were used as a main source of implantation against the Martian people. These 4D implant bugs would become attached to 3D bugs and then, as the 3D bugs reached people or animals, they would contaminate them. People would also contaminate other people through more intimate interaction such as sexual or other types of close 3D contact. The same happened with animals, they would also transmit it to one another upon close contact encounters with their mates and/or friends [see also Peter\'s work on \'critters\' and Mad Cow disease].

These bugs were, however, found out, and then the Martian people developed a way to counteract them—how to find and remove them from the auric fields. The bug implants would induce people into certain patterns on an emotional level and with that, were better able to produce certain substances by the organism that allowed them to improve the connection to the infected host. These substances were found at uncommon or completely abnormal levels, and indicated that the person was therefore contaminated. Another way to see it was through spiritual examination of the person\'s aura.

The bugs could be spiritually removed, and the healing would be further aided through the consumption of certain herbs or substances extracted from them that would allow for the person to have the body cleansed from the bug toxins, and also, to cast the bugs themselves out as these natural substances were poisonous to these bugs.

The war raged on and Maldek exploded after Mars had its 3rd dimensional life extinguished. When a planet explodes, its dimensional counterparts also cease to coexist as before (as explained earlier). The explosion sets loose much of what was stitched together. Its higher dimensional counterparts lose their \"pillar\" and are fragmented or lost as \"bubbles\" in the void as if a bubble were separated into a thousand smaller bubbles.

The 4th and forming 5th dimensional levels of Maldek were separated along with what is now known as the asteroid belt in our solar system. The fragments are not necessarily attached to the rocks that roam space, but most of the rocks still retain a part of the planet\'s separated consciousness memories. The parts retained by each asteroid are equivalent to their size.

The 4th or 5th dimensional fragments can be collected by numerous methods. These methods are well in reach of the Darkside, and serve as some sort of an archive to retrieve what was on the dark planet Maldek before its final destruction.
–Aristenna from the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light

I do much of this type of interdimensional healing work and removal of \'psychic\' and higher level intruders on a person, but many more people knowing how to do this type of work will be necessary as the days and the war rage on. Many levels of \'spiritual survival\' training will be necessary as RAJ explains here.

Dear One,

What Peter got from ARTOLA is that he is needed more than others need him, by Earth. He will have to learn how to deal with even more extreme situations and on more of a \"professional\" level than ever before, as any attachment will delay the Work to be done. That forest survival is necessary learning, that self-sufficient skill and knowledge will be needed by him, by you, and by all the others who will join you in this adventure to serve and recreate this planet as the divine garden it was intended—to take out the weeds in it now.

Time runs out faster and you will have to give up everything to decide whether you are here to serve or to be involved with personal games and other ego distractions. Every second is invaluable. Live them with the Heart, but do not forget that they are important, and enjoy them.

Darker times are coming, there is nothing that will stop this from happening now. But it is a wondrous occasion in which you will be able to serve like no other ever did before. Embrace it and it will be more of a gift than a burden.

With infinite Love, always with you