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An understanding of what once took place between Mars and the planet Maldek will help strengthen our understanding of the need to take action here on Earth, and the vital role Earth plays in the grander scheme of Creation.

Earth and Mars compose a pair, able to create beautiful marvels through their union. Earth is Gaia - the female aspect of Creation, while Mars is Hamdor - who plays the part of the Male—the Romeo and Juliet of Creation.

The relationship between Mars and Earth is linked to how our Creator Parents, Enjliou and Callia, once had problems in their relationship, and in the harmony of their creative union (see Vol. 1) for it was once during this period that they were brought back into the Central SUN of the Central SUPER UNIVERSE for healing. They were given the task of building a pair of planets, and through these planets, a method by which they could interact with each other so that They would again be in balance and once again be able to create, this time in harmony with their connection to the FATHER. Where once They had been at odds with the FATHER\'s mission to Create using only the purest of intent, now They were being asked to put aside their squabbling and the self-will which had manifested from it, and to once again create in harmony with One Another and with the Universe at-large.

Mars would be Enjliou\'s project, and Callia\'s would be Earth—the planets the therapeutic means by which both Creator Parent energies could interact with one another, and create a balance to their relationship, permanently.

The balance between Mars and Earth reflected the state of harmony between the two Parents and it was so important that this balance be maintained that the two planets were to remain protected at all times, \'personally\' by their Creators.

The connection between these two planets, these two reflections of the Creator Parents, was a Portal directly to the Central SUN, a pathway back home, if you will, directly to the very heart of Creation Itself, the FATHER. The flow of Light from the Central Sun was so intense through this portal that it could keep enough Light and enough Love coming, and this Flow would ultimately prevent any further imbalance from coming between Enjliou and Callia *ever again*. It would be a symbol and a sustainer of their union.

Through these two \'plane-ts\' They were given a tool to learn and to be kept going, stronger than ever, especially with the help of this Portal. The Portal was both a result of the interaction and the connection between these two Planets, while, at the same time, it was also a means to keep them both very close together - balanced and well in-tune with one another.

At this time They had also given origin to Maldek (the planet which is now the asteroid belt), as a third planet, think of a son if you will, a Son who was to be good natured and live with Them as a balanced loving child/force between Them. Maldek was taken care of by ARTOLA, who surrounded the Planet with His Energy.

The link to the FATHER which had been restored was mirrored by the link that these three planets had with the Central SUN. And Maldek\'s link to the Central SUN was the mirror of ARTOLA\'s connection to the FATHER as well, the strongest connection of all, and, since it didn\'t need to be a part in a couple, it was then less prone to danger. It had the important role of keeping Earth and Mars together, a function of keeping harmony between the two. The link between Mars and Earth was the harmony itself; it was the Portal linking back to the FATHER. It was also the most important target for the dark forces to attack.

Then came Lucifer. His stated intent was to maintain a separated universe, to stop the healing that would be the beginning of his ultimate defeat. He came to disrupt the harmony of the family - just as once before He had, in the beginning.

His energy came to strike with the Nibiruans. And since he would not attack ARTOLA, who was the strongest Being in the Universe, he came instead to strike at his Creator Father - Mars, the reflection of Enjliou\'s character in this very archetypal play.

Enjliou resisted, but Nibiru had the means and was pulling Him back to the Darkside where He once was, and this could bring about the disruption of all the healing work done while the Creator Parents were back in the Central SUN. With this, ARTOLA came to prevent the corruption of Enjliou. To protect his Father, he knew that Maldek would be left much unprotected, and that Nibiru would then be able to steal the Planet through the corruption of its consciousness.

Without ARTOLA to shield Maldek from Nibiruan influence, Nibiru took over Maldek, and then the war began...

The most important piece on the table was protected, but there was the loss of the protector piece. The Protector gave up HIS planet because with the interference of darkness it would be hard, if not impossible, to keep things as they were without risking everything. It was the wisest choice, and the Highest Will, most of all, in connection to the FATHER.

The link between Mars and Earth was the last thing to be lost during the war. It is now almost extinguished because of how Mars has been devastated, unable to support \'real\' lifeforms ever again.

Mars was deactivated, and in the process Earth became vulnerable. Now ARTOLA had taken on the role of protecting the Mother presence of Earth, and expelling darkness permanently from this Universe. And it will be accomplished; success of THE LIGHT is the result that SHALL emerge from this conflict. --RAJ –of the TRINITY ONE ENERGY

Today: Just as once happened with Mars during this war, the male in today\'s society is kept out all day, working, being subjected to stress and eventually he burns out. The female, raised in submission to our current society\'s patriarchal environment, is now being led to revolt against these forced inhibitions in unnatural ways and to play a part in \"weakening and defeating\" Mother Earth by also taking from men the male role of protector that Mars once held. Attempting to disrupt the delicate balance between the Mother and Father Creator Energies is present even now as men try to be the boss of their wives, always being too tired to realize how they are being fooled into doing this instead of cherishing and supporting the personal power their wives hold.

This weakening of the female presence is an attempt to weaken Earth as the Female Creative Parent of the universe. This is where our recent discovery of the theft and distortion of the female energy on the planet comes from. It would take more time than I have to fully document this subject as we are discovering it through our work with various people around the world in the healing situation while also trying to fight for our own physical and spiritual survival and train others to do the same.. Suffice to say it is of utmost importance that every woman be made aware that they are the targets of the most insidious side of this warfare – the destruction of that essence which makes them who they are.

At the same time this situation sets men and women against each other, killing mutual support, diminishing the Love capabilities of man-woman relationships, and lowering the flow of Love that comes from the interaction that Men and Women have.

This in turn effects what they create, and thus, the children of such couples are being born from an unbalanced relationship, not in Love but in Lust, in Need for something other than the spouses to Love and be Loved by. Unbalanced relationships bring forth problematic children who hold the vibration of the conflict between the sexes, perfect for keeping low the level of harmony in families and the Male-Female interaction on a world-wide scale.

--ARTOLA, of the Spiritual Hierarchy

The external surface of Mars has no life such as it once had. There are now only a few desert-like plants, and some more resistant 4th dimensional insect-like life forms still living on the planet.

The illusion put forward of how it is gushing with life is an illusion shown to some, but it is only how it used to be, but now isn\'t anymore.

There is more life inside than on the outside, however. There are life forms on a 4th and 5th dimensional level of existence, working diligently healing the inside of Mars for the Planet\'s Heart is greatly weakened and seeks to expand and repair its connection to the Highest levels of Consciousness that were harmed during the war.

As explained, these connections were let go of, partially, as a voluntary measure, as only then would there be no danger of darkness using Mars as a ladder into the Highest levels of Creation (see the Origins of Darkness series of articles)

Now the fire is focused on Earth, but it is more of a matter of choice for the Earth Beings, a choice of whether they want to ascend or stay here in the physicality to carry forth their 3rd dimensional state of being and consciousness.

If they stay, they will be removed - killed. Their choice is over this fate. They have the power to heal the darkness in themselves. They have had the path shown to them many, many times. If they choose to ignore it, even though it is a hard thing to accomplish, it will ultimately be their succumbing to darkness, and they will have to be removed so that the planet can survive.

The termites must be taken out unless the house is to be consumed. --RAJ

Prior to this war that literally \'destroyed\' both planets, the Nibiruan council had struggled hard to decide between inserting population directly onto Earth or building a much more complex path to colonization. They desired the planet, but also wanted an infallible plan. They chose the better-engineered path instead of simply jumping into Earth.

At the time, Hamdor (Mars) was inhabited by a group of Pleiadean Beings, living in harmony with the Universe. Earth also had inhabitants, brought forth by the Local Spiritual Hierarchy, as described in Volume 2 (available free at my website). Earth\'s inhabitants were not war-like, however; they were primitive life forms - multidimensional and peaceful, nature Beings, at one with the Planet - Gaia.

Mars was attacked by the energies from an external source; the (artificial) planet of Nibiru engaged in a war with Mars. Since Mars was unable to overcome Nibiru by itself alone, the Martian Beings that had come from the Pleiades, called upon help from their relatives here in the Pleiades.

Pleiadean Starships came to the rescue, making it hard for Nibiru to challenge their power. Before the war grew to a larger scale, however, Nibiru attempted to corrupt Maldek, the planetary son of both Mars and Earth.

Maldek, being of a more immature consciousness and now left unprotected, became contaminated, and began co-operating with the Nibiruan forces.

Nibiru brought its population, the Anunnaki, to Maldek. The leadership of Mars became enraged, it could not happen, their son could not be stolen from them like this.

So it was that Mars entered the war with Maldek as the planet would not stop its new dark activities. The Pleiadeans on Mars tried to avoid the war but it was truly the only option available to them because Mars could not allow the Nibiruan forces to overrun it. It had to stop the darkness from spreading in this most important Sector of the Universe.

Nibiru was behind Maldek during the war, the order was Earth, Mars, Maldek, and then, Nibiru. This is similar to how a man protects his wife from a son gone rogue against the family, and the corrupter of the son stands behind him, whispering corruption in his ears.

The Nibiruan \'planet\' came here looking for the higher dimensional portal; it was the entire sector, it was in fact the relationship between the two planets, Mars and Earth, and Home.

But Mars was too strong to be corrupted, so instead the Nibiruans took his son (Maldek), and made it fight the Father, to have it destroyed in the process.

The Father was terribly wounded during this war, and now Earth is so very vulnerable to being raped by the dark forces, and this is exactly what is now taking place. The New World Order is raping Planet Earth, destroying its nature and killing its inhabitants: The plants, the animals and the humans. Not to mention how the humans, the sons and daughters of the planet themselves, play the ultimate role of killing their own mother, destroying their own home.

Earth is very kind; she takes care of her children and tries to teach them. She takes them in Herself so that they can learn; she protects them from harm, while still letting her children experience it if they have the will to. But the level to which the children have come to experience darkness is too great, and even Earth is now having to let them go. It is the only way for the ascension and the process of restoration to begin taking place.

Unless these humans are removed, darkness will eventually conquer Earth as well, and this Creative center of the Universe, this gateway into the highest levels of Creation, will become corrupted, and will have to be taken out in order to prevent further damage. It would be equivalent to cutting off an arm to prevent a disease, a cancer, from spreading.

This is what ego is, a cancer. It took darkness into Maldek and almost killed the Father with his own Son. They destroy what they cannot conquer, they weaken things until they can conquer it, and if they can\'t, then they kill the target.

But this cannot be allowed. The DNA that resonates with this ego can be changed and removed when people give up this will to control and the patterns which allow them in turn to be controlled. Those who are still attached to \"enjoying\" darkness are a problem until they let go of that will. Until then they have a chance to let go of it, to ascend and to leave permanently behind what caused them the problems and the feeling of separation in the first place.

But if these people hold on to the darkness, hold on to this vibration of DNA, of soul codification, then they will have to be let off from Earth.

In this race, Darkness cannot win; it can only prolong its process of being defeated, unless it gives up and \"wins\" so to speak... wins the ultimate prize, the prize of being healed. --With the assistance of The Pleiadean Intergalactic Affairs Star Council

The scenario we are currently experiencing here on Earth was prepared through many, many events planned and also executed on other planets and in galaxies far, far away. The Orion-Sirian backed invasion of Maldek by Nibiruans led to dominion over Maldek and to the beginning of this solar system\'s enslavement.

As the \'men\' of Orion came to the planet, much as they are now coming to Earth, its population was easily swayed and gave in to the seduction of the Orion men, and so the planet\'s alignment shifted to that of the Dark Side.

Maldek, which was then populated by Sirian descendants, was taken over by dark Beings who were also of Sirian origin, only more advanced due to genetic engineering and some small genetic mixing with other races such as the Orions. The planetary fable of Sirius being \'the dog\' for the \'hunter\' Orion perfectly displays the relationship between the two once-warring star systems. Just as the Anunnaki were an \'interbreeding\' of reptilian and human ancestors, so too are there various areas of the Sirian star system that are now intermingled with Beings from Orion. The Sirians on Maldek wanted to take the next step to becoming what their visiting brothers were now—of a higher genetic order, so they were easily swayed.

The Maldek Sirians were, at the time, free people in the Light, partially isolated from what took place within their home system. As the darker Sirians gained control of the planet, these Light-beings were quickly updated with both technology and control by the Self-Will energy of the Darkside. They chose to give up their freedom in order to gain power. Greed to take dominion over the rest of the system also played a great part in their decision. To some extent it was also a matter of either help or simply be pushed out of the way by their more powerful and advanced brothers—collusion is what we call it here.

Maldek became dark, and a great jump in terms of technological advancement turned the once clean and peaceful planet into a now advanced and highly effective war machine.

The inhabitants of Mars, formerly of Pleiadean origin, were aware of the new Sirian occupation. They attempted to make peace treaties but the Sirian Dark forces stated right from the beginning that it was surrender or die. The gantlet was thrown down that the Mars planet should surrender its territory and its people immediately, or be taken over by force of arms and the destruction of their civilization if need be.

The Martian people declined to surrender. Dark Maldek knew that Mars would not surrender, and prepared for war, the threat being that the previously \'balanced\' and peaceful Martian civilization would be destroyed.

Mars had no war technology to speak of, but they were connected to their Pleiadean parents and brothers. Mars called for Pleiadean help, and the Pleiades sent many ships to help their \'cousins\' and to defend the Solar System from the invading armies. The Pleiadeans already knew that this was going to be far more than just a two planet war, and that planet Earth was the eventual target for all such incursions into this domain. They sent three ships to Maldek to make a last diplomatic attempt to avoid all this, knowing that it was dangerous and that for sure the Darkness would refuse. Two of the three ships were destroyed and one managed to escape with far less of its initial crew than had gone forth.

The tension built and then the Mars-Maldek war began. The dark Maldekian forces decided not to respect the size of their planet and brought weapons far larger than the planet could support. They attempted to install merkaba technology on Maldek in order to build a higher dimensional structure around it and use this as a defense against Mars. This resulted in disruption of the planet\'s auric stability and brought even more imbalance to its already dark inhabitants. Maldek was now a dark planet with big guns and no one at the steering wheel.

The Maldekian technology managed to destroy Mars\' atmospheric balance, making it, as we see it now, impossible to live on or in. They used bombs that caused chain reactions, turning the atmospheric breathable gases into toxic air. It was a quick process and many Martians died. Pleiadean ships were forced to take action in destroying Maldek as there was no other way to stop the war for the Pleiadeans knew that next would come planet Earth and this could not be allowed to happen.

Maldek\'s Dark Army magnified the energy they were able to create using its merkaba reactors as a last desperate attempt to beat the Pleiadean star fleet. Before they knew it, the planet shattered on a multi-dimensional level, and became what we now see it as—the asteroid belt.

Maldek\'s Dark Commanders had not summoned help because they were arrogant and over-confident in their success. This leadership of Maldek would be chased by the Pleiadean interdimensional forces, and took shelter on the Sirian bases present here on Earth since before their destruction both planets had built bases here on Earth, both for collecting resources and also for having escape-route options.

Both these planets were responsible, in part, for bringing early colonization to Earth and for seeding the ground here for the ultimate conflict on Earth. --With the assistance of Arthemenn Sondar - Pleiadean Star Council

RAJ explains further:

Dear Ones, The problem that Mars represented to the forces of Kochab, to Orion, and to Sirius, was its connection to the Pleiadean army. The Pleiadeans are of a peaceful nature, but they have such a grand and balanced connection to Us, the Spiritual Hierarchy, that they were able to do more in one day than the dark forces could do over the course of a thousand years.

The nature of ego limits the Darkside so much so that ordinary men with Divine Mastership are able to destroy whole dark empires, simply with words alone.

Maldek and Mars, along with Earth, were part of a route that represented peace and balance. Although Maldek was connected to the Sirians, the planet\'s inhabitants had friendly relationships with Martians and that allowed them to exchange energies, and maintain a certain amount of balance.

The route Pleiades - Mars - Maldek - Earth was to be removed and replaced with Kochab - Nibiru - Maldek - Earth. This represented the coming of Darkness into a place that was previously occupied by the Light of Divine Beings supervising these planets.

Kochab needed to take out the Martian presence so that the Pleiadean outpost would not stand in their way to Earth. The Pleiadeans knew of these plans, but as in chess, there are times when you know your opponent\'s next move yet there is nothing you can do to avoid them taking one or another of your pieces.

To avoid losing the most important piece - Earth, the Pleiades let Mars be destroyed.

With the Mars - Maldek - Earth route disrupted, immediately the Maldekians began populating Earth.

Mars soon received Pleiadean reinforcements. The Pleiades sent a large fleet so that Maldek would be unable to offer safe ground for more Sirian reinforcements. If Darkness sent more ships, it would be of no use: They would be unable to defeat the Pleiadean forces, and would also be risking planet Earth\'s safety. Darkness aimed for Earth and could not risk losing it.

Great energy flows through Earth due to its location, and that is why Darkness has so much interest in taking it over.

As The Pleiadean Fleet arrived it soon began establishing Earth bases in order to contain the Sirian presence and so that it would not take over the planet.

Maldek had been dominated by Dark Sirian forces from Nibiru. Mars received Pleiadean reinforcements. Both sides established bases on Earth - the next battle ground.

Darkness had already reached Earth, and destroyed the Pleiades - Mars - Maldek - Earth Starway. Now all was ready. Maldek no longer served any purpose so it was permanently removed; and before its destruction the Dark forces managed to turn Mars into a dead planet.

The Sirian presence remains on Earth. Part of The Pleiadean Fleet went back to its home system, part of it stayed here in Earth\'s surroundings in order to guarantee the presence of Light during the upcoming conflict.

The conflict then began, Earth became the battlefield and many wars have begun and ended since then. During these mostly silent and subtle wars, Earth suffered greatly. Now it is polluted and can no longer wait for healing. The pollution and its dark propagators will have to be removed by whatever means necessary if the planet is to stay alive - in the Light and in health. --RAJ

The Sirian Empire has always been a Klingon-like thorn in the side of peace and development in this area of the Universe. They have been this thorn both outwardly, as with the Mars-Maldek wars, and inwardly, subtly: The Koran states, in Sura 53: \"Allah created the sexes, the male and the female, from a drop of ejected semen. He who is the Lord of Sirius.\" Allah, the name given to the Being who spoke to Mohammed and whose discourses were memorized and later written down as the Koran, was indeed one of these early leaders of the Sirian empire \'outlawed\' to this planet after the Mars-Maldek war.

Much of the Sirian Empire is of the reptilian form, just as many people suspect the Anunnaki who set up base in ancient Sumeria were. Others are actually of human origin, a history of who, should be written one day very soon. The Ciakar, the winged reptilians of the Orion Empire were the original ancient ones who made up the Brotherhood of the Serpent—coming to this planet something like 100,000 years ago, forming the basis for the legends surrounding the winged dragon.

In China, as on every continent of the world, the dragon (reptilian) chiefly represents the principle of fertility because of their desires to mate with Earth women (the Sons of God who came down to mate with the daughters of Man). The legend of the dragon, both in Britain and in China, illustrates the cycle of fertility. The dragon is born from an egg beneath the water. It grows rapidly, devouring everything within its reach. Finally it is killed by its appointed executioner.

The fetus of a human being has a reptilian-like tail at about age 4 ½ months. In fact some of us are actually still born with tails. Scientists also like to call the primitive core to our brains, the reptilian brain. Does it make sense then that we are supposedly descended from apes, and does this not show you the lengths to which our prison wardens have gone to cover up every trace of their involvement with our history?

Every aspect of the dragon\'s life is represented in stories, songs and dances. The stages of its seasonal growth are celebrated all over the world in rites and festivals which reach their climax at the beginning of winter in the processions that mark the ceremonial dragon\'s death.

Barbara Clow explains this Anunnaki Nibiruan connection with fertility rites, and also the birthing process which connects mankind and reptilian:

\"On Nibiru for thousands of years, gestation was accomplished with fertile eggs that we put in receptacles—Holy Grails—after gathering them during sacred sexual ceremonies in our temples on Earth. To us each goddess is an individual receptacle for birthing, and each fertilized egg that we gather is precious to us. Your women are fertile and sex is wonderful with them. We have used you in such a powerful way without your total agreement that deep inside you believe you do not control your own fertility, your most basic right. You do not take responsibility for your birthing.\"

While male Anunnaki were able to produce `offspring\' with female human beings, the female Anunnaki, however, still produced eggs with their male human lovers. Thus again the importance placed on the female side of the bloodline, it being still the `true\' way of birthing on their home planet.

Indeed the archetype of this sexual abuse by the gods is one of the strongest archetypes we still carry from the ancient days of first contact. The violence against women today shows this. It stems not only from the archetype of our Cosmic Parents, but also from those who have used us down throughout the centuries, man and woman alike for sexual experimentation, and simply as instruments of their own pleasure. As Barbara Clow says here: \". . . There is much energy that needs to be cleared about sexual abuse on Earth, and no one will really be free until this is done . . . but abuse is all the same. It occurs when we cease to control ourselves and become blinded to everyone else. If we are \"nice\" people in this life, then that uncontrolled aspect of our past lives is the part we keep the most deeply hidden. However, this repository of guilt also keeps us separate from others. By not being able to love all that we have ever been, we can\'t be who we are now, in the present.\"

Control has been the nature of this planet since its very inception. The dark forces from Kochab, Orion and Sirius were not the only ones who knew of its advantageous energies and the stargates such as the Egyptian pyramids now utilize, stargates through which they could travel from here to so many other areas of Creation.

\"And as they returned it got to the point where all the male gods wanted to mate with Earth priestesses because they had found out about the power of sexual desire . . . Hundreds of gods came to Earth in small spaceships and mated with priestesses in the temples. . .But then the gods started mating with animals. The Nibiruans did not see much of a difference between animals and women in terms of the physical effects experienced during intercourse.\"