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Points of Light
Everyday as Guidance has me work with various people new little things come up that are endemic in people’s quest for true spirituality and therefore need to be addressed either for the first time or again and again as new people start their search. Here are some of the recent points that Guidance wants to address:

• Too much heart . . . In a world where the mental is accentuated and the quest for the balance of heart and mind in true spirituality seems to be ignored, the problems facing those who are too mental are obvious. Since people with ‘too much heart’ are rarer to encounter, their problems with finding balance are not as readily noticed, nor dealt with to any extent in the spiritual literature. Too much heart, without the balancing male factor of a 1/3 mind mix, means a person usually lacks the discriminatory aspects of judgement that tell a person with whom and when to share those heart energies. It also makes it very difficult to get much done in a positive direction because one tends to lack the essential ‘will-power’ to get one moving in a positive direction and keep them moving forward, using those qualities of heart in a positive, balanced fashion. Many of these people with ‘too much heart’ tend to be doormats for just about anyone in their lives, and particularly for their handlers and controllers from the other side of the fence.

Having ‘too much heart’ is not a lesson many of us have to deal with in this lifetime, but strengthening the Will (centered in the thymus – located directly below the throat chakra in the center of the upper chest region) takes more work than simply thinking more. It takes a concerted effort to make a decision and stick with it and not to waiver in the face of all the odds aligned against one holding firm to this decision.

Tough love is directed heart, doing what is best for the other persons involved even if it does not appear to be the gentlest, kindest way of dealing with their issues. A Master always gives the student the lessons he or she NEEDS, not the lessons he or she WANTS. Thus many of these lessons may appear on the surface to be ‘unkind, hurtful, mean, or simply very, very tough’ on the person. They are however done out of the highest type of love available, true spiritual love that wishes only the best for the other people involved and the type of love that wishes to see them strong, healthy, balanced, aware individuals.

Achieving directed heart energy can be helped by using ‘I Will’ statements, by making concrete statements instead of the maybes and perhaps’s that tend to dominate a wishy-washy person’s vocabulary. Just as a mental person needs to work with ways to learn to express the spontaneity and emotion coming from their heart, so too does the heart-centered person need to work with stick-to-itiveness, the art of making a decision and sticking with it against all odds, providing it is the right decision.

The easiest way for both the mental and the heart-centered person to find that perfect balance of spiritual qualities is to connect with their own Guidance and follow that Guidance as it leads them to making ever stronger decisions and giving them the strength to follow through , in spite of all the forces lined against them.

Points of Light 2
• I thought . . .

Sue Ann’s quest to follow Guidance moment-by-moment has been a tough one because of the strong influence of her past lives and her role, like many of ours, in helping set up the New World Order. At times when she makes a wrong decision and is questioned on it, her immediate response always begins with the words “I thought . . .” I’ve noticed this also with Tom and with others who struggle to surrender to their inner Guidance. Their responses always begin with “I thought such and such “. This, first of all, tells you who’s in charge of their lives and what part of them is in charge – the mind. When we say “I think . . . “ then we’re coming from that mind area of our Beings. When we say “I feel . . . “ then we’re coming from the heart. When we say “I know . . .” then it tends more to be coming from the Soul or the balance of the two areas of our being aligned with the essential driving force of Spirit. When a person who is constantly working with their moment-by-moment Guidance responds to a seeming error in judgement (which there are never any of *S), they always tend to say “Guidance said . . . “ or “They said . . “ for this is where the decision-making process then lies, not with the mind or with the heart, but with the Soul, with their Highest Guidance in whatever form that may take. Their responses are firm and direct for they know that whatever it was they did was for the highest good as directed by their Guidance and what was meant to be done with whatever results occurred. They take full responsibility for their actions as a true spiritual Being always must and therefore are firm in their knowingness of what it is they are doing or saying.

• Astral travel . . . Some people write to me about their attempts at astral travel and the difficulties they are having with it. Firstly the astral plane (the plane of Om or Aum) is pretty much confined to the 4th dimensional areas of existence. In astral travel one can only travel to the astral plane and below it. Ummmmm duh. One travels with the silver cord connection like a tethered balloon, limited to still being connected to the physical body and to planet Earth where that body resides, and limited to a very low level of understanding and vision. It’s like walking up a flight of stairs to the first floor of a 12 storied building. But, yes, it’s the plane of lots of psychic phenomena which holds a certain attraction for those seeking smoke and mirrors and not true spiritual understanding. It a step along the path, but one which tends to trap a lot of people from ever getting any further along the way. If one wishes to learn to get out of the body like this one should learn soul travel, that instance of travelling in soul which is not limited to the lower worlds but has the freedom to travel in all planes of existence.

In spiritual studies there is the staircase or there is the elevator. As one can see from any of the many ‘paths’ out there most of them talk about steps or initiations or whatever, some aspect of taking the staircase of the ‘seeker’. When one truly understands the true nature and purpose of Soul to be a co-Creator with ‘God’ and that the secret of true Mastership is to serve, then one slices through the illusion of seeking to the understanding of just being. They then get aboard the elevator of spiritual awareness even though in truth it only leads them back to the place of being right where they are, in a position to serve those who their Creator wishes to also have them help. It is simply the being here and now, and as Gandhi said so well, “The best (and easiest) way to find one’s self is to lose themselves in service to others.” It’s always a person’s own choice to take the staircase or the elevator, to plod away step by step for however long it takes up that seemingly insurmountable climb to the heights of spiritual greatness, or to simply look around at those one really came here to humbly serve in their Creator’s name and by doing so hop aboard the elevator to the unknown heights of true spirituality. The staircase is for those who seek to serve themselves. The elevator is for those who know the true meaning of existence is really only to serve others.

• Putting things in perspective . . .

`God\' put us here on the planet and we agreed to come in order to learn, to grow in awareness and to experience every aspect that life in this honors class can afford to us. We came to learn the one real lesson inherent in all of Creation – unconditional love. And we agreed to all this, or (as I like to say) got dragged kicking and screaming back down here to assist in the learning process of others once we ourselves have remembered what this is all about.

Most New Agers I speak with and so many of you who come with heavy baggage from past New Age teachings all make it seem like the only thing you want to do now that you\'re here and have been through four or five decades of this hell is turn around and get out of here. War is hell. And no one wants to fight a war, but you agreed (or were volunteered) to come here to fight this war, not to turn tail and run under the guise of some spiritual evolutionary system that allows you to ignore what\'s taking place all around you and the plight of your fellow Soul fragments as `oh, it\'s just their karma\'. Cop out! You came here to serve in the spiritual militia and to fight the darkness that has kept soul enslaved for tens of thousands of years on this planet and for billions of years in this SuperUniverse. One more battle, that\'s all it will take. The hard part of taking out the darkside\'s leadership has been done for you. Now your only job is to help with the clean up of the last darkside pockets of resistance, and to help set free the inmates from the prisoner of war camps, or at least those who want to be set free.

Put your life in perspective and quit hiding behind those excuses of mortality and the human condition. This is your chance to be the heroes you watch in movies and on TV, and all it takes is surrender to the reality of what you real mission here is to do - Serve.

Dealing with one person on their mission yesterday, they were told by their Guidance of their leadership role here in the coming days of darkness. Their response to this role was arrogant and unthinking. The gentleman wrote to me saying \"I have carried much anger in me for many years about the way we treat not only each other, but more vulgar to me is how we treat the Earth Herself. I loathe going barefoot and I rarely venture out into nature, not because I don\'t find her incredibly beautiful, but because I don\'t enjoy being around other people and as I don\'t drive that would mean taking public transport which I loathe too! To me I don\'t have to go barefoot with a daisy chain around my neck to let Her know how much I care about Her. All I can do (as far as I know) is to tell Her (for now at least.) I Am however a great watcher of sunsets!\"

Who is this person here to lead if it is not those people he loathes so greatly? His final words were: \"The Kingdom of god is within..........\" NO IT\'S NOT! The kingdom of God IS those people all around him he dismisses so lightly as being trash. Who does he think God is if it\'s not those people all around him manifesting the learning processes of their Creator and enslaved by the darkside, yes willingly I admit, into being very, very unaware. Do we throw the baby out with the bathwater just because it\'s dirty? God is those people around you and you better damn well treat them that way or else you will be treated the way you treat them, just for the learning of the lesson. Isn\'t that why we call it the Golden Rule? Who are you here to serve if not them? Can the FATHER be separated from that which IT created? Put things into some perspective here and get on with the doing.

We don’t have to like everybody but we do have to give them the love they deserve as the essential parts or brothers we have as the one entity called Soul.

• Mississippi . . .

Arriving back from a weeklong trip back and forth across the country to do the gridwork necessary in Philadelphia and a dozen other places, I was aware of a number of places I passed through as having what I call ‘unstable energies’. Kansas and Kansas City were very noticeable, as were certain places along the Mississippi River, particularly as I came across the bridges surrounding Memphis and the lower Gulf States. The trip I made so hurriedly last week would have been downright impossible to make this week because of the incidences of flooding and severe weather occurring right now. But that is as it has always been when doing what Guidance asks when They ask me to do it. Spirit’s timing is impeccable if we will just learn to jump when it says to jump, and not question or hesitate so that the moment of Their choosing is lost. Many of you are going through this learning process in following moment-by-moment guidance, and when you lose what was meant to happen enough times then you will learn quickly to trust and just do it without the additional burden of questioning so that the moment gets lost. And, like me, hopefully you will always live in awe of what is able to be accomplished by the power of one person following the Higher Will.

• You cannot do this alone . . .

While the power of one person following Higher Will is awesome, no one can do this all alone. It is evidenced to me every day that those who accept the help offered in learning and honing their channeling abilities succeed where those who do not most often fail. So it is with so much of life. While we may think some people have ‘natural, God-given talents’, somewhere back along the way of their many past lives all those talents were somewhere learned and most often somewhere taught to them as well. Very few people have the talent and strength of learning on their own. That is why we have Masters there to assist us and to point out the pitfalls that often hinder our journey. Of course it’s then up to us to choose either the harder but sometimes needed lesson of falling into the pit or of avoiding it all together. The baby trying to stand on its own two feet is the example of trial and error and an unwitting, primeval drive to succeed. If we had that type of drive in everything we do then yes we wouldn’t need help. As Diana wrote to me yesterday, however, “The bottom line is Peter, I need your help. You know it is not only men who have problems asking for help, some women do too. For sure I am one of them, because I believe one should be able to resolve their own problems.” The resolution of a problem comes through doing. No one can take that responsibility away from anyone because no one can do it but you. Someone can, however, like the Master, point out the more objective ‘here’s what you’re doing wrong,” or “here’s an easier way to do that should you wish to try it.” So in fact no one is weakening themselves by asking for assistance since the strength is in the doing. Reading instructions, having a teacher guide us, or learning from those who have gone before us, are all just essential ways for us to be able to move forward in anything we want to do and not get bogged down in the ego trap of “I’m too proud (or stubborn) to ask for assistance or directions.”

Learning takes place only with relation to your interaction with other people on all levels of existence. No one is free until all people are free. We are all One.

• It’s all so hard getting to the point where you realize it’s all so easy . . .

Aristenna, one of the supreme councilors for the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Council of Light, said in a channeling a while ago that if we all knew what it’s like to be where she is then we’d all work a damn site harder to get where she is (though she didn’t use the word ‘damn’ *S). Having lived inside the Matrix for so long we accept the reality we were born into, never realizing there are any other options. For many of us, however, there is that thing gnawing at us inside ourselves that tell us things can and should be different., as though we’ve all experienced this something different and have a vague remembrance of us that keeps us dissatisfied with what we see going on around us. For New Agers this is the idea of ‘the Source’ to which they want to return, never realizing that in truth they have never left it and that it is all around them in the here and now of the present moment they are unable to exist in because of their wanting to be somewhere else. This is the idea or reality that some spiritual paths speak of that we live eternally in the ‘body of God’ and there really is no place else to go to since we are already here and just need to stop seeking and be here now. We’re all taught to be seekers, that we need to learn, that we need to do this and do that, instead of just stopping and being in the moment who we are and where we’re at. We’re living in a Matrix-driven society that tells us we need to eternally keep progressing by pushing forward when in truth, no, the door doesn’t open inward for in truth there is no door, we’re already at the place we always wanted to be if we just “cease from all our exploration and return to this place and know it for the first time” – to quote from a famous poem. In the past dozen years or so I haven’t done anything more than listen and follow my Guidance every moment of the day and yet I have learned so much and had so many adventures and, yes, even despite the pains and hardships, feel like, just as Aristenna said, I’m in a wonderful place I wish everyone could experience, a place where I could write from now until forever with all the things that I ‘know’. It’s all so hard getting to the point where you realize it’s all so easy because all your efforts to learn and to grow and to understand are just taking you away from the realization of who and where you already are. Maybe that’s the true message of Buddha’s enlightenment, not to meditate on anything but just to simply stop and to be.

With Love, in service, Peter