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points of light 2
Points of Light 2

I thought . . .

Sue Ann\'s quest to follow Guidance moment-by-moment has been a tough one because of the strong influence of her past lives and her role, like many of ours, in helping set up the New World Order. At times when she makes a wrong decision and is questioned on it, her immediate response always begins with the words \"I thought . . .\" I\'ve noticed this also with Tom and with others who struggle to surrender to their inner Guidance. Their responses always begin with \"I thought such and such \". This, first of all, tells you who\'s in charge of their lives and what part of them is in charge the mind. When we say \"I think . . . \" then we\'re coming from that mind area of our Beings. When we say \"I feel . . . \" then we\'re coming from the heart. When we say \"I know . . .\" then it tends more to be coming from the Soul or the balance of the two areas of our being aligned with the essential driving force of Spirit. When a person who is constantly working with their moment-by-moment Guidance responds to a seeming error in judgement (which there are never any of *S), they always tend to say \"Guidance said . . . \" or \"They said . . \" for this is where the decision-making process then lies, not with the mind or with the heart, but with the Soul, with their Highest Guidance in whatever form that may take. Their responses are firm and direct for they know that whatever it was they did was for the highest good as directed by their Guidance and what was meant to be done with whatever results occurred. They take full responsibility for their actions as a true spiritual Being always must and therefore are firm in their knowingness of what it is they are doing or saying.

Astral travel . . . Some people write to me about their attempts at astral travel and the difficulties they are having with it. Firstly the astral plane (the plane of Om or Aum) is pretty much confined to the 4th dimensional areas of existence. In astral travel one can only travel to the astral plane and below it. Ummmmm duh. One travels with the silver cord connection like a tethered balloon, limited to still being connected to the physical body and to planet Earth where that body resides, and limited to a very low level of understanding and vision. It\'s like walking up a flight of stairs to the first floor of a 12 storied building. But, yes, it\'s the plane of lots of psychic phenomena which holds a certain attraction for those seeking smoke and mirrors and not true spiritual understanding. It a step along the path, but one which tends to trap a lot of people from ever getting any further along the way. If one wishes to learn to get out of the body like this one should learn soul travel, that instance of travelling in soul which is not limited to the lower worlds but has the freedom to travel in all planes of existence.

In spiritual studies there is the staircase or there is the elevator. As one can see from any of the many `paths\' out there most of them talk about steps or initiations or whatever, some aspect of taking the staircase of the `seeker\'. When one truly understands the true nature and purpose of Soul to be a co-Creator with `God\' and that the secret of true Mastership is to serve, then one slices through the illusion of seeking to the understanding of just being. They then get aboard the elevator of spiritual awareness even though in truth it only leads them back to the place of being right where they are, in a position to serve those who their Creator wishes to also have them help. It is simply the being here and now, and as Gandhi said so well, \"The best (and easiest) way to find one\'s self is to lose themselves in service to others.\" It\'s always a person\'s own choice to take the staircase of the elevator, to plod away step by step for how ever long it takes up that seemingly insurmountable climb to the heights of spiritual greatness, or to simply look around at those one really came here t humbly serve in their Creator\'s name and by doing so hop aboard the elevator to the unknown heights of true spirituality. The staircase is for those who seek to serve themselves. The elevator is for those who know the true meaning of existence is really only to serve others.