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Portals are brought about by the energy shaped with thoughts coming
from the sight of an image, a written phrase, or even hearing a
sound. Thoughts are a connection to what is \"seen\" within the
thoughts themselves.

Think about a fruit, you will be able to feel it and even eat it in
your mind.

Think about something and you will be connecting with that thing.
That is the nature of a portal, it is a connection to something, it
is almost the same as a thread that ties two things together: the
person and the object of it\'s thoughts.

That is what happens when you think about someone, or something, and
then you see it, and after an hour or sometimes a day, it simply
comes to you. The same will happen when you see movies, or connect to
feelings about something like a tragedy. You will become a portal to
those energies.

It is important that people surrender their negative thoughts, so
that no more negative energy comes . . so that they are not portals
to the negative energies that will further darken the planet.

There are people who work as a portal to bring in new technology, or
beings that may be portals of Light or of darkness. There are people
linked to the technology that was present on Atlantis, on Mars, even
on Maldek. And some people are portals to the energy of the
biological implant technology itself.

Some people will be linked to the type of bugs that were present
during the Maldek Wars and will bring that type of technology to this
time and place. Most of these are the ones working with what is being
done in the underground dark research bases.

There are also others who will work on a non-conscious level with how
the research about implantation is developed. They live \"normal lives\"
during the day and when they leave their bodies at night, then they
will work as information receivers working on the development of what
is to be completed with this \"total control scheme\" of the dark

Most of these people connected in this way do not really know what is
going on with them as they sleep, but they will instinctively play
out their exact part during waking hours. They will disrupt attempts
to show what it it that the dark side does because it is the team
they play on, and will connect with others who have the same purpose,
so as to work together.

As people with the same intent work together that intent will also
come to reality faster, as long as these people are synchronized and
collaborate to get the work done. A connection between them will
serve as a portal to bring about their objectives faster than before.

When the dark ones meet, they will often be more effective in what
they are doing...

When True Lightworkers of pure intent meet, so will the Light
propagate in a grander way because of the connection they share, and
how this opens up so many new possibilities for them to work together
as a team.

The purpose of the Lightworkers is not to fight the agents of
darkness, but to cleanse the darkness in them, to permanently
disconnect them from darkness would be a most effective course of

Unfortunatelly, sometimes, this will not be possible, and the dark
people will need to die before they stop spreading control and the
limitation of the slaves their lords so cherish. Then is when these
people will have to be removed one way or another so that they are no
longer an obstacle to Earth\'s shift into a higher dimension.

To work with the Light is to act, not to let things happen while you
are being guided to interfere with what is taking place. No one can
tell all what to do, but all can know what to do when they connect to
the highest and learn what is true. When someone chooses to take
the easy path of believing that everything is \"ok\" while listening to
their guidance on a conscious level and doing their best to ignore
it, is to collude with the dark side, and let themselves be engulfed
by it\'s lullaby.

With Love and a proposal to change for the best of All

Aristenna, of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light