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Portals to the Sphinx and Pyramids

Dear Peter,

The six pieces of the portal metaphysical structure are or were to be
used to open a portal that was encoded through the sphinx to the
pyramid's top, made as a gateway for incoming dark angels from the darkside. The
angels would be the final touch to the ongoing war, as they would then go to
respective families and be ready to incarnate as newborn children in the new
millenium to further control and bring about the darkness of Lucifer.

That wouldn't work as intended back then, but certainly these dark
angels are an unwanted reinforcement to the darkside. They need the
six beings carrying the separate codes to open what they call a"Magister
Portal", that would mindcontrol these families into becoming perfect cradles for
these corrupted angels and bring them at optimal speed and efficiency into the
spiritual battlefield.

Just the energy that these angels would bring might already be enough
to seal the fate of the Planet but there are other measures that
the darkside has adopted to counter a possible and now actually posssible,
victory by the forces of the Light.

The only part now remaining is destroying the plans for them to bring
Lucifer, because with all the angels here, the final ritual would be
to unite all of his secret and scattered fragments into one final
Being chosen to take his form as an energetic leader of the dark army
on Earth.

That is no longer possible (because of the ehaling process Lucifer has chosen
himself to undergo and help heal that which he also created in terms of the
darkside forces) but yet the angels would be a possible problem for us and a
help for them.

Once all six parts of the portal are gathered (they have now been), then we are
able to
better understand the level of control that they had over the pyramids
and sphinx works. But not only that, we will also have the structure
of how it is set up as a world antenna, and thus, the means to disable
and hopefully transform it into a portal attuned to the Forces of Light and
Sound of the true Creator.

For that to work, the structure of the energetic setup would have to
be altered from scratch in order to no longer allow its associability
with the darkside. But its dismantling is now much easier as all the
pieces are now in the possession of the Light.

The opening of a large sphinx and pyramid connection to their other
dimensional bases, would make it possible to open other portals around
the planet, in other key points. As the main power reactor is brought
online and then people have more power to open other smaller yet somewhat potent
generators in the area (only its in the whole planet in this

Ergotarh from the Council of the Light

You have the greatest portal to hell in your hands with the six pieces, Peter.
It can be used as a multidimensional gate to my bases, but also to
attack them, though they were never developed for that purpose *laugh
The Sphinx itself is a Superportal for me to bring me back straight to Orion in
case things
went bad, was also included in these activations. As I could go back
and forth for replenishing of my energy, also there would be more
templars and initiates being brought through them everytime.