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Preparedness For What Is To Come
"Preparedness For What Is To Come".

Diane joined the group last week referred by a friend and had never channeled before but in our initial chats Guidance said to send her the exercise to channel. Yesterday was her first "attempt", 98 % correct. Today, 100 %. This is what is meant by connecting with your Guidance to be able to get through the things to come (already nearly here). Everyone I have taught can do it the first time, and everyone can do it at some level, if simply with their Higher Self, that which is connected to All Else. . . Lindsey, Sam, Erica, Andre, and now Diane all have things to share for all of us about what we need to do to be prepared for that is a part of their service here. Yours may not be channeling, but it is a helpful tool to have with you every minute of the day, again at some level. Are you ready?

I was excited about my channeling . . .

And on it went

I did channeling again today in amazement of the information...seems I have read some of this elsewhere so not sure it is helpful to more knowledgeable people but sending it anyway.

October 17, 2005

Do not worry about today's situation

Now we will talk. You will be given information on many subjects.
You may ask us as well any questions you may have

( Diane ) OK...Who are you?

Aristenna and yes I am from the Spiritual Hierarchy (The Council of

The first subject we will cover is "Preparedness For What Is To Come". Most people are not even aware of their Spirituality and
efforts are being made to bring more to the Light. There is still
time but time is moving faster and there isn't much time left.

Be aware that frequencies need to be increased. This can be done in different ways - service to mankind - helping others - love and compassion in all we do - meditation - even being aware of your surroundings and world events - teaching others about the Light.
Contact with Nature Spirits is a wonderful way to communicate and
they are a great help - they will answer any of your questions.
Contact [them] by speaking and/or writing with your Higher Self or Light Beings is supportive in your raising your frequencies.

Another area that is very helpful is to have the body in good physical condition - everything flows better.

Food consumption needs to be looked at - those who have extra weight on their bodies will find that reducing weight will definitely change and help your physical condition.

Everyone consumes foods that their bodies aren't comfortable with or
are not healthy foods. Usually it is your favorite foods - ice
cream, sweets etc., but there are also foods with toxic additives or
surface spraying. Begin to be aware of these foods and your body -
read labels - do the best you can and be aware of your body's needs.
Some people have sensitivities and/or allergies and they are usually well informed. They may be able to help start you in the right direction. You have access to much information on your internet.

Some foods will be difficult to give up but it won't be long before some foods won't be available anyway.

For those who may ascend, knowledge of herbs and spices - gardening - basic skills in survival will be very helpful.

You are tired...we will continue another time.

We send you much love,

Aristenna and others

( Diane ) I Thank You with love