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pulling the plug on the human experiment
Pulling the Plug on the Human Experiment

It has never been my intention or that of my Guidance to defend anything I say.
No one can convince anyone else of anything when push comes to shove. The
information is out there if anyone bothers to a) connect with their own
Guidance, and b) do the research as I have been led to do.

When that level of work has been done to collect the little pieces of the puzzle
and then get out and test it for one's self, then the same type of conclusions
can be reached.

Humanity is and has been an experiment in creating a different kind of being,
one that could learn their spiritual lessons faster than the myriad life-forms
that currently exist in the corner of the Universe. To quote from Volume 1 of my
series, Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? "To state this purpose plainly
and simply, planet Earth was an experiment to connect up all twelve dimensions
of spiritual existence on one planet existent at the time, giving the souls who
came here a chance to gain a greater range of spiritual, emotional and mental
experiences. This would then give them the opportunity to make quantum leaps in
their spiritual growth, blending
together the best of each of the various worlds and alien civilizations in this
area of the galaxy. The other planets from which we were star-seeded have more
or less only one kind of lesson to teach, one dimension of existence a higher
level than this one, perhaps, but without the spiritual breadth and depth and
potential that was then created for us here on Earth.

"And it is because of our ancestry from the stars, the blending of many 'alien'
races, that we here on Earth now have this awesome spiritual potential, even
though most of us never connect with or use it to its fullest. If America is the
melting-pot of the planet, then planet Earth is the melting-pot of not just the
Galaxy, but in fact the entire Universe Itself." (from Vol 1 free to download at )

Like any experiment that had not readily been attempted or researched before,
the Earth experiment had as great a potential for failure as well it did for
success. Of course the major factor not taken into account by those who
organized this experiment was that almost none of these 'alien' races got along
out there amongst the Universes, so what was it that made anyone believe they
could, to any degree, get along when lumped all together here on this tiny
planet Earth?

It is still obvious today that when various races migrate to another country
they still tend to bunch themselves together in racial or ethnic groups rather
than blending in or assimilating into the new country, its culture, and even its
language. Most particularly this is true when the appearance of the migrants is
vastly different from that of the new country's population, or when their
language or even alphabet is markedly different to that of the home peoples.

Any good scientific experiment will, at least, try to limit the number of
unknown or rogue factors present or potentially intruding on the environment of
the experiment. For the planet Earth experiment this was almost impossible since
it has nearly always been a way station for other roving bands of alien races to
stop by, take what they want, and then move on. This was particularly true
before the planet had become as habitable as it is today.

From the prologue to Arthur C. Clarke's novel 3001:

"Spread out beneath them, the explorers saw a world swarming with life. For
years they studied, collected, catalogued. When they had learned all that they
could, they began to modify. They tinkered with the destiny of many species, on
land, and in the seas. But which of their experiments would bear fruit, they
could not know for at least a million years.

"They were patient, but they were not yet immortal. There was so much to do in
the universe of a hundred billion suns, and other worlds were calling. So they
set out once more into the abyss, knowing that they would never come this way
again. Nor was there any need: the servants they had left behind would do the

In the particular case of planet Earth the major intrusion on the planned
experiment was made by the race known as the Annunaki, written so much of in
Zecharia Sitchin's works. This race came for a specific purpose, the gold they
sought to use as a drug of multi-dimensionality (monatomic gold) and to peddle
to other less advanced races. The Annunaki, however, did not move on, finding
the primitive peoples on this planet way too susceptible to the worship of them
as gods. With genetic manipulation bringing in the extra intrusive factor of
inter-racial sexual pleasure, the Annunaki found themselves trapped into a cycle
of abuse and power manipulation from they were not strong enough to extricate

Such events, such intruding 'alien' races were spanners thrown into the works of
the human experiment and very rapidly the potential success of the experiment
became further and further from being a reality as the rats in the experiment
began to run rampant and quickly took over the lab, as H. G. Wells tried to show
us in his masterwork, The Island of Dr. Moreau.

The rats meant to be the experiment have now destroyed the experiment's
environment with little or no thought to their own dependence on the necessary
existence of it to support them.

This, of course, brings us to the warnings given to the lab rats and to the
races of puppet masters throughout the millennia, both through their own
creation of catastrophic events (the multiple sinkings of Atlantis and Lemuria),
and to the more recent use of media such as movies to highlight the need for
change or to show the possible suffering that would be only one of the many
consequences should behaviors not change.

In 1951, the original movie version of The Day the Earth Stood Still tried to
give mankind a warning about the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy and
the subsequent effects it might have on all of Creation rather than just on this
one little planet tucked away in the middle of nowhere.

As humanity is 'all One' so to is all of Creation. Nothing can happen on a
planet such as this without its having far-reaching ripple effects on all of
Creation. Such was what happened with the destruction of Maldek in the
Mars-Maldek wars, the planet now existing as what scientists call the asteroid

The new version of The Day the Earth Stood Still goes one step further in this
warning as Keanu Reeve's character Klaatu comes to Earth this time not to give
the planet another warning, but indeed to make the final decision whether or not
the human race should be terminated in order to save the planet itself. "If the
Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives," says Klaatu to his
captors. "Earth is not the problem, humans are."

"I represent a group of civilizations," says Reeves' character.
"Why have you come to our planet," asks the president's advisor.
"Your planet?" responds Reeves.
"Yes, this is our planet."
"No, it is not."

Just as the Native American's had a belief in the non-ownership of land, so too
does any intelligent race understand that there is no ownership of a planet,
that it is just a smaller part in the larger body of Creation, or as some would
say - in the body of the Creator.
Earlier movies, particularly the disaster movies of the 1970s, were a warning
from the spiritual powers-that-be that Earth was in danger of being 'terminated'
if the actions of those inhabiting it did not change drastically and very, very
soon. At that time no one thought the planned ascension of the planet out of the
3rd dimension and into the 5th could or would ever take place.

Now, through the dedicated work of a small handful of spiritual Lightworkers,
the planet has not only made its way into the ascension process but has actually
ascended, albeit the process is far from completed.

Ascension of a planet is a direct result of the consciousness of those who
inhabit the planet since it involves a refining of the vibration of all
concerned - the planet included. Since the general consciousness of this planet,
Earth, en masse has decided NOT to ascend, the planet has been made to ascend
anyway but those who cannot or will not lift their own consciousnesses into the
new paradigm and out of all the darkness that has held this planet down for so
long, can now and will now leave in one way or another so that the planet may
maintain its onward and upward journey along with those who can and will make
the shift.

HOWEVER, the human experiment that was originally created by the local galactic
federation, must be terminated just as the newer version of The Day the Earth
Stood Still is suggesting. Like a student taking too many honors courses at
college may find themselves to be overloaded, so too have the souls that have
come here to experience this learning experience not been able to bear the load
of too much learning in too dense and too corrupt an environment. Only those
with the passion to learn and the will to serve have ever been able to make it
out of this experience with any forward movement or growth. By some reckonings,
that percentage of Souls who have come here and done their missions and then
moved on has been less than 2 or 3 percent. The rest have continually
reincarnated over and over again because they would not or could not learn, thus
creating a bottle-neck in the entire reincarnational cycle of Creation.

Thus it has been decided by the spiritual powers-that-be, along with the local
galactic and Universal confederations, that this the human experiment shall be
terminated after the last human leaves the planet during its 'cleansing' and
those who return for its rebuilding shall be of the higher level form not so
conducive to corruption or to self-willed, personal gratification.

It is a major step in Creation's expansion but one that shall return things to
the way they were originally meant to be in accordance with the Creator's
grander plans. Much healing has taken place here and in this SuperUniverse as
well. Everyone who added their small part should feel very proud of what has
been accomplished. For those still attached to 3rd dimensional pleasures and
learning shall get their wish as the 3D learning continues in another
holographic matrix constructed particularly to fulfill that purpose.

For the rest of us, don't be like Lot's wife and look back with longing on what
used to be for the results shall be very much the same and the attachment to the
old will serve only to pull you back and downwards into that old veil of Maya
and what used to be.

As the old paradigm falls apart around us, many elements of the new paradigm can
already be seen and felt by those who 'have the ears to hear and the eyes to
see' and more particularly, the heart to feel in the new 5th dimensional
vibration already here.

Rejoice, it's been a long time coming.

In service, with Love, Peter

The Planet's New Light
through Amy Clavijo

Dear One,

As you have been led to understand despite the LIGHT being victorious
the dark still intends to take as much as it can down with it, best
described as the ultimate sore loser. For you the importance is knowing
that not all is said and done. Prime evidence is the work Peter did this
weekend. We implore you to stay alert at all times and work with Us
intimately in order to safeguard yourself and those close to you. Now is
the time to listen even more closely than before if that is possible.
At times when there is a lull and things appear to being going along
more smoothly, individuals will let down their guard. Do not make this
mistake, stay ever vigilant and know that We are always here right beside
you and have the answer to any question you might pose.

Do not mistake Our intent. It is true that significant progress has
been made. We cannot deny that. We are pleased to be in extended contact
with more and more individuals each day. From a long range view off
planet the incredible display of visual light is astounding. If only you
could see, hear and feel that which We experience in our interactions you
would have a better understanding of what you are capable of creating
with pure intent. The LOVE We feel is indescribable in terms you would
understand but We are very pleased to see the efforts of those who have
realized the help that is available to them just for asking.

Continue on in the heartfelt dedication you have shown and know that
the future is secure when in alignment with the FATHER.

With love, Aristenna