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putting things in perspective . . . points of light 3
Putting things in perspective . . .

`God\' put us here on the planet and we agreed to come in order to learn, to grow in awareness and to experience every aspect that life in this honors class can afford to us. We came to learn the one real lesson inherent in all of Creation unconditional love. And we agreed to all this, or (as I like to say) got dragged kicking and screaming back down here to assist in the learning process of others once we ourselves have remembered what this is all about.

Most New Agers I speak with and so many of you who come with heavy baggage from past New Age teachings all make it seem like the only thing you want to do now that you\'re here and have been through four or five decades of this hell is turn around and get out of here. War is hell. And no one wants to fight a war, but you agreed (or were volunteered) to come here to fight this war, not to turn tail and run under the guise of some spiritual evolutionary system that allows you to ignore what\'s taking place all around you and the plight of your fellow Soul fragments as `oh, it\'s just their karma\'. Cop out! You came here to serve in the spiritual militia and to fight the darkness that has kept soul enslaved for tens of thousands of years on this planet and for billions of years in this SuperUniverse. One more battle, that\'s all it will take. The hard part of taking out the darkside\'s leadership has been done for you. Now your only job is to help with the clean up of the last darkside pockets of resistance, and to help set free the inmates from the prisoner of war camps, or at least those who want to be set free.

Put your life in perspective and quit hiding behind those excuses of mortality and the human condition. This is your chance to be the heroes you watch in movies and on TV, and all it takes is surrender to the reality of what you real mission here is to do - Serve.

Dealing with one person on their mission yesterday, they were told by their Guidance of their leadership role here in the coming days of darkness. Their response to this role was arrogant and unthinking. The gentleman wrote to me saying \"I have carried much anger in me for many years about the way we treat not only each other, but more vulgar to me is how we treat the Earth Herself. I loathe going barefoot and I rarely venture out into nature, not because I don\'t find her incredibly beautiful, but because I don\'t enjoy being around other people and as I don\'t drive that would mean taking public transport which I loathe too! To me I don\'t have to go barefoot with a daisy chain around my neck to let Her know how much I care about Her. All I can do (as far as I know) is to tell Her (for now at least.) I Am however a great watcher of sunsets!\"

Who is this person here to lead if it is not those people he loathes so greatly? His final words were: \"The Kingdom of god is within..........\" NO IT\'S NOT! The kingdom of God IS those people all around him he dismisses so lightly as being trash. Who does he think God is if it\'s not those people all around him manifesting the learning processes of their Creator and enslaved by the darkside, yes willingly I admit, into being very, very unaware. Do we throw the baby out with the bathwater just because it\'s dirty? God is those people around you and you better damn well treat them that way or else you will be treated the way you treat them, just for the learning of the lesson. Isn\'t that why we call it the Golden Rule? Who are you here to serve if not them? Can the FATHER be separated from that which IT created? Put things into some perspective here and get on with the doing.