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radiation and our alien history
Radiation and Our `Alien\' History
from Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? Vol 5
by Peter Farley

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the earliest pieces of literature
from Sumeria, the hero Gilgamesh is given a `mechanical-type\' friend
named Enkidu by the gods, similar to what we might think of as a
robot. This being, however, is a biological entity—not a machine.
This would be more like one of the Men from Orion. The Terminator
series of movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger are a remembrance of
the Mars/Maldek war, and of the Men from Orion.

These beings were greatly into experimenting on the nature of matter,
using the knowledge they had acquired from the Alteans, the race who
were specialists in the `nature of matter.\' Their main pursuit was
for more powerful and deadly forms of weaponry. Do you see a parallel
here? It was because of this experimentation and the weaponry they
were able to build that the war between Maldek and Mars was so
effective in destroying one planet and rendering the other planet

This is a passion the men from Orion brought with them to Atlantis,
with almost similar results. The Nine mention an occasion in which
they abused a radioactive substance known as `heavy water\'. They are
referring to the pollution of many of their own water supplies with
radioactive waste, much as the United States and other countries with
nuclear capabilities also seem to have done. More than that, however,
they are referring to the complete destruction of the planet Maldek
and the utter devastation of the living planet Mars by trying to
harness the greatest spiritual force in the Universe, the merkaba,
for totally selfish and destructive purposes. The effect this use of
radioactive forces had on their people is also similar to the one
that the radioactive pollution of our water supplies and atmosphere
is having on us today in causing sterility and abominable diseases
such as leukemia and cancer. As Dr. Walter Russell explains:

\"Radiation is the normal death principle. Every thing in Nature dies
normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the
explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man\'s discovery
of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate
its kind for many long centuries.

\"The Curies procured a few grams of radium from many tons of earth.

Those few grams of dead metals would spread their quick death to
every cell of your body if you put them in your pocket, but they
would not harm you in the slightest if you slept upon the ground
above them. The radioactive metals are giving out their quick death
to the rocks in which they are embedded for the purpose of expanding
the rocks into soil and water which mothers life. It should not be
dug up from the ground to expand human beings into quick death. If
you would have a good example of their purpose in life, which is
beneficial to humanity, witness the great bare rock mountains of the
west which are only a few million years old. Compare them with the
soil covered, tree covered, very much older eastern mountains, such
as the Blue Ridge, white Mountains and Catskills where the soil is
deep above them and waterfalls and brooks are abundant.

\". . .the greatest danger from the use of radioactivity is defective
births and leukemia. That danger will creep upon civilization without
any way of detecting it. One cannot go about with instruments to
measure genetic damage, as one can do to measure the amount of
strontium and other radioactivity, which is still falling on the soil
from year to year. We believe that sterility will be an accompanying
effect, while abnormalities of living bodies will be secondary. It
could not be otherwise, for genes are not basic in potency. There is
something behind and underneath genes, and that is the seed. No human
has ever attempted to explain the seed, therefore it is permissible
for us to say that the principle of rebirth in bodies is not yet
known on earth. We know it, however, and because of that we know the
danger which has no meaning to those who do not know. The mystery has
to do with knowledge of the purpose of inert gases in relation to the
seed of things. . .

\"Another dangerous misconception is evidenced in the commonly used
term ` . . . releases an extraordinary amount of energy.\' Energy is
not released. What actually happens is that potential is released,
not energy—and that means expansion. Atomic fission helps matter to
explode instantly instead of decaying over long periods . . . the
great simple basic fact is that all death is caused by expansion, and
all life is caused by compression.\"

This harkens back to our discussion in volume one of the difference
between the combining of things into a greater whole known as fusion,
which is the nature of the True Father; and the act of fission or
tearing things apart which is the true nature of Lucifer.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer once made a plea to the United Nations to stop
the use of radioactive materials on the planet. In the message, Dr.
Schweitzer said his aim was to awaken public opinion before it was
too late. He warned that the human race was heading for a catastrophe
beyond parallel if nuclear explosions were continued--a catastrophe,
he said, that must be prevented at all costs. He expressed the hope
that his message would reach the whole world.

An expert in many fields, Dr. Russell also confirms for us the
potential of planets exploding and the fact that asteroids are not
naturally occurring objects, but rather that they are the pieces of
shattered planets. This is exactly what happened to Maldek during the
Mars-Maldek wars as it shattered and turned into a band of lifeless
asteroids still stuck in the same original orbit as the once
beautiful planet.

\"Do not for a moment think that planets and suns cannot explode. They
are continually exploding. There are thousands of novas in the
heavens and space is filled with countless millions of fragments of
exploded planets, which we call asteroids and meteorites. These are
irregular shaped lumps. Nature does not create her forms in lumps.
She creates only rings and spheres which she crystallizes into
geometric forms, but they must first be rings and spheres.\"

Along with their penchant for experimentation in nuclear fission and
weapons of deadly effectiveness, the Sirians and the Men from Orion
also brought with them to Atlantis their knowledge of alchemy
acquired from the Alteans. This they used in their practice of the
occult—a term which has now come to mean the worship of black magic
and the Dark Forces. This is how they went about setting up the
Occult Hierarchy spoken of earlier—the Dark Sorcerer Kings ruling a
doomed Atlantis.

The Nine say that to the Atlanteans this alchemy was the secret of
being what they called God, \"and they wished to be in competition
with the God and become the God.\"

One of the Sirians who brought this knowledge with him to Atlantis
was the being known as Hermes from Greek mythology, Mercury in Roman
mythology. Hermes was renowned as the messenger of the gods, and the
protector of travelers, thieves, and merchants (all Masonic
references). Hermes Trimistegus (Hermes thrice-born or thrice-risen)
was the Greek Neoplatonists\' name for the Egyptian god, Thoth,
revered as the founder of alchemy and geometry, in this case, sacred
geometry—the structure of the Universe.

Alchemy as talked about in history books is an ancient art. Here it
is referred to as being practiced openly most especially in the
Middle Ages, devoting itself chiefly to discovering a substance that
would transmute the more common metals into gold or silver and to
finding a means of indefinitely prolonging human life. Although its
purposes and techniques were dubious and often illusory, alchemy was
in many ways the predecessor of modern science, especially the
science of chemistry. Its birthplace is said to be in Alexandria in
ancient Egypt, where it began to flourish during the Hellenistic
period. A school of alchemy was also developing at the same time in
ancient China.

\"The fundamental concept of alchemy stemmed from the Aristotelian
doctrine that all things tend to reach perfection. Because other
metals were thought to be less \"perfect\" than gold, it was reasonable
to assume that nature formed gold out of other metals deep within the
earth and that with sufficient skill and diligence an artisan could
duplicate this process in the workshop. Efforts toward this goal were
empirical and practical at first, but by the 4th century AD,
astrology, magic, and ritual had begun to gain prominence.\"

With this clearer understanding of the nature of alchemy, it is easy
to see how it stemmed from the Alteans specialized knowledge of the
nature of matter. Unfortunately, when placed in the wrong hands, the
resulting knowledge could also be deadly to millions of people!
Alchemy also became a basis for the symbolism of the secret societies—
the turning of base metals or human beings into gold, the `more
perfect\' illuminated master. This shall be a central theme as we
charter the course of the New World Order as it sets sail from the
declining and doomed civilization of Atlantis, and on into its
developing colonies. Note however before we move on that it is also
the foundations for the science and scientists we now look to to rule
the world with their wisdom, and of the oil and chemical companies
which form such a large part of the structure and base power of the

Hermes is also significant because it was he that was said to have
the special knowledge held to represent the `Lost Wisdom of Lamech\'
(Lamech was seventh inline of succession from Adam\'s son, Cain --
Genesis 4:18–22). Thoth/Hermes, the alchemist and geometer, is also
the one worshipped or honored throughout history by the many orders
of the ancient mysteries. It is significant to our history that the
Nine say that around 11,000 BC in Atlantis, another group of
colonizing Atlanteans mingled with those of Hoova –thereby starting
the Hebrew culture later led by Abraham (an alchemist and astrologer
of vast knowledge who was also the keeper of atomic secrets as we
shall see).

Almost all mystical sects and orders have their origin in the \"Divine
Knowledge\" taught by Hermes—the occult teachings, sacred geometry,
alchemy, and the pursuit of immortality. Thus when the Freemasons and
other such orders boast that they had their origins in Atlantis,
Lemuria, or even on other planets, they are not lying—although most
of them do not fully realize the true nature of what is going on. . .