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re stranger in a strange land 2
Re: Stranger in a Strange Land

Joe was asked to watch the movie The Mothman Prophecies over the
weekend and then channel HIS Guidance about the type of Being he is
and more about how he could be helped by me in at least surviving on
this planet to help do his mission of observing. Here is what he got:

\"Dear One,
Darkness is your element, which is why you have not been afraid of
the dark. It is peaceful for you and you ordinarily enjoy it. There
have been many nights when you were out in the darkness and felt at
home because in darkness you are at home. You are not evil so to
speak but a child of the dark; it is your home environment which you
are used to being in. Even now we ask you to turn out the lights but
you are afraid to do it not because of the dark but to trust us and
let go. You have found a level of light now with which you can see to
write this channel but are not overpowered by the light which you
think you need to see, but you really donīt trust yourself enough to
let go and be in the dark. When you saw the movie it did not really
mean that much to you. As you watched it you didnīt understand it so
there was very little for you to gain from it. What you didnīt
understand was the collective energies being used by the persons in
the town setting. All could feel or sense something but could not
react to it because of a lack of understanding what should be done.
This is how you are. You sense things happening around you but you do
not know how to respond to it. This is where Peter may be able to
help you. He has the ability to tune you so that you may sense,
understand and know how to respond to what is happening around you
and to you, rather then having the sensation of being an observer.
You can be tuned to the proper frequency so you can function in this
density. The density of this time space is what is keeping you and
many others from fulfilling what missions are agreed to. Ask Peter to
tune you as if you were a radio and this should help you hold on and
survive the sensory assault you are constantly under. Consult with us
for more information as you are asked to do so. You will survive just
do not give up. We are here for you even though it is a vast

Joe was asked to watch that particular movie because while working on
him long distance, and I shanīt go into too much detail, but
nevertheless, there was a Being inside a cocoon, one with
very īprimitiveī or shall we say . . under-developed wings, like very
few Beings I have ever esxperienced in working with peopleīs alien
energy forms. When I first watched that movie Guidance told me
the īmothmenī are very ancient Beings far before humans ever existed.
Working with Joe Weīre all starting to learna little more about them.

Nice also to know his Guidance has some trust in my abilities but
thatīs only because my Guidance does know and all I ever need to do
when working on anything so unusual is to listen and to follow. Peter

Re: Stranger in a Strange Land

The ongoing saga of Joe and his 'mothman' energy form took a new turn
today after having done the work on him over the weekend to adjust
his tuning or vibration to make it somewhat easier for him to exist
here on planet Earth in this new vibration.

Joe sent me this channeling today from his 'home people' and the
reply I gave him from my Guidance is also included.

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 22:01:24 -0400
Subject: Some information

> Peter

I did this this morning between 4-5 am. There are some directions or
instructions for you to look at. I hope it helps you. They do not
seem too happy with me. I will connect again tonight if they desire

> Best wishes, Joe

What we want to share with you today is about your home planet. We
are far from our sun as you know it so light is not very bright, the
difference between night and day is not that great. It is more of a
twilight living than anything else. Although it is not that cold due
to heat from the planet itself, it is never bright. The sky is full
of stars and the moons are more red than what you see. Our lives are
spent underground and we travel on energy rather than space ships. We
are more a thought energy. The words to communicate are difficult to
use. It is hard to decide as our thoughts/concepts [are different]
rather the words/language so this will be slow for us. The ear plug
helps you greatly. There must be some interference . . . we do
not . . . are aware of . . . so remember to use it when we speak.

We are both male female as you know it. We need not another to
survive but we live in groups and so we can mix if we choose to. Our
life spans are many hundreds of earth years due to our proximity to
the center star. We have been locked in an eternal battle with each
other which is why there is so few on the planet. We do not get along
so we keep away from each other. That is all we say for the present

. . . Where we are from it is a different space than where you are.
It is just warmer due to different energy level. You keep trying to
think/guess for truth but you have not knowledge of all energy forms
so there is not understanding on your part and you think all is a
lie. Your knowledge base type in not enough to put into language.

> Tell Peter he is using wrong light source frequency.

We are from different superverse. What you call the physical laws do
not apply, are different. Please do not judge. Next time do not go
this far. Stay where you belong. What you did causes great effort for
us. You are inadequate creation species. You see how they treat you.
Perhaps this can be last life cycle. You should return to us. You can
search/scan other superverse for lessons. This end is just too
dangerous, it should be closed, off limits until next turning.
Perhaps spirit will step in and make adjustment . . . very bad area
you are in.

We do not wish to help much. You go off across into different
superverse you know rules . . . it is wrong. There get stuck, now
wish assistance which causes information knowledge ripple. You are
trouble . . . wrong . . .you know you are not supposed to be there
and you are stuck due to capture by annuki.

Ask Peter to look for release mechanism lower back under.
Disconnect . . . remove so you can return to superverse and end this
mess you started. Also check top inside head for central implant may
look like pea several small green mist . . . remove . . .crush . . .
be thankful if he does not do wrong and kill you. And you reset,
start again. There will not be another like he for very long time
where you are. Do you see what you got yourself into.
Tell Peter check testicles/groin area, move sensor implant up front
to where heart area is. This is control area by heart . . not need
for sex. Rhythm of heart will give constant input so male/female
balance will maintain itself and some distraction problems/feelings
will go away. Correct you, may feel better, align energies.
Right sensory input ear device looks purple . . . need removed . . .
take crush with care. You go crazy if wrong done.
You cause much trouble for all. Return, you are out of time, we
sense, see. You will regenerate soon.
> Hope Peter makes correct repairs soon or you are trapped. Annuki
trap you. Look area of wings . . . yellow strings . . . must remove
so go can.

My Guidance's reply, sensing this is all so very difficult for Joe
They offer instead to allow him to ahve his alien energy form removed
and to become 'fully human' instead, with all its accompanying
problems that may be , however, more manageable right now:


I can disconnect you entirely from this energy source and your
present 'alien energy form' if you like and make you fully human.
I've done that for many whow ere ready according to bother thier
Guidance and mine to go on with higher lessons. Of course there would
be many difficulties for you adapting to that but as you see there
are not a lot of reasons for you to remain what you are conencted to.
Let me know, because their instructions to you are not for the
Highest benefit of your Soul/Being as Guidance would have it -free of
such controls. of course with disconnection comes the chance to
become 'more multi-dimensional' as all humans have thr capability to
become. Along with that also comes the chance to fall flat on your
face if you do not do the work to be all you can be. that would send
you back down into 3D lessons from which it may take yopu lifetimes
to recover. Only you know how much you are willing to commit to your
efforts towards true spirituality and ongoing spiritual awareness. so
it is up to you. I will do it either way you decide. Let me know
what you decide (without your Guidance's input)
L and BW, Peter

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