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re the coming pandemic -the new critter
Re: The Coming Pandemic -the new \'critter\'

Peter: Guidance has had me experiencing all the possible ramifications of this new pandemic sweeping across the planet and will hopefully have me finish the entire \'study\' information packet on it soon. Meanwhile, here is a channeling from Sue Ann that may help get you started in dealing with this thing and help you understand the critical neccessity of being in moment-to-moment contact with your own personal Guidance and askign about EVERYTHING you do and everything you EAT and EVERYTHING you buy during the coming days of this worst of all \'plagues.\'

Hybrid `Critter\'


Q: Can you tell us more about this new `critter?\'

Aristenna: Yes, as you already know it is a hybrid of previous \'critters\' only this has a combination of properties of some of the worst ones that have already been used plus it can be artificially manufactured. It enters the system through common everyday food and drink. Initially it has been put in soft drinks that are sold in health food markets but plans are underway for a wider distribution. Soft drinks were targeted because all ages consume them.

It has been designed to seek and attach first to a weakened area of the body which then acts as a gateway and then to spread throughout. It breaks down the tissue and causes a lot of deterioration and pain, particualrly in the muscles as Peter has already discovered in person. Since it attacks all kinds of tissue it will be misdiagnosed as many other diseases and syndromes.

It is really an etheric or energy critter that can go back and forth between the energy body and the physical body. Since it causes so much destruction and pain it can literally destroy the person\'s will to live and certainly their desire for any kind of spiritual endeavor. This is designed to destroy the will for anything except relief from the pain, both physical and emotional, even if it means dying.

The ingredients in the Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea blend are poison to it and are a simple and delicious remedy for this new and deadly `critter\' if taken early enough in the infection cycle.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light