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Real Masters, Real Wars
Real Masters, Real Wars
(through Andre Gonzatti)

First off there is need to describe what the term Master is about
because New Age teachings seem to fill this term with a million
definitions and always forget to mention what it truly means.

*A Master is a Being who has completely surrendered and dedicated
themselves to the sole purpose of serving Creation in every way
possible and sometimes even previously impossible.*

A Master is connected to his or her Divinity beyond anything else and
will always take the absolute Best and Highest course of action on
every situation. This Being will not fear, will not doubt, and will
not blink before doing what it *Knows* is the way for to carry on the
unfoldment of Creation.

How does one know? The way to know is to develop the connection to
your own Divinity and to have your Guidance be ALWAYS THE *HIGHEST*.
To learn or be guided with anything but the Highest is a path that
will lead to a dark end, no matter if it only seems a bit dark, or if
it is very dark. Light is not darkness and there are no shades of it,
there is only absolute Light.

A Master will NOT fill you with messages of "gentle love and light
that is taking the planet to ascension safely" while Earth is in fact
being enslaved and led to destruction by its governors and the people
who do not care enough to get up and defend their home-planet. The
Master will say what must be said under all known circumstances so
that all will know the truth and take the necessary action in order
to overcome their difficulties and carry on the ascension, both of
themselves and of the planet. To take away the blindness and show
that the world as it is now is living a fairy tale that will take all
who go with it to enslavement.

With Great Love and even Greater Concern,
Aristenna, Erzthen and Ergothar from The Council of The Light