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Releasing the Past of Fear and Pain and Anger
Releasing the Past of Fear and Pain and Anger
by Peter Farley

The following are excerpts from messages given to Erica in her
earlier channelings of the Spiritual Hierarchy and her own angelic
Guidance. In it there is an understanding of what each and every one
of us is going through in preparation for the war currently raging
between humanity and its enemies and the more personal war going on
within each of us between the Light of our own Knowingness of truth
and the darkside that wants us to remain passive during this ongoing
war. The choice always remains ours and no judgement is made about
that choice. From personal experience of working with so many people
and on my own past lives, I can share with you the fact that the pain
of making poor choices in the past never leaves us but always remains
a cancer eating at our spiritual insides from lifetime to lifetime,
clouding our existence and holding us back from the joy of making a
real commitment to both our own spiritual growth and to the service
to others which allows it to take shape.

With all the 'tactics' the Spiritual Hierarchy, as I like to say,
used to drag me kicking and screaming into doing this very very
diffuccult work, none had more of affect on me than the words of the
Nine from the book The Only Planet of Choice--"What will it be like
going through Eternity knowing that the lifetime that truly counted
you didn't step up to bat". Everything w ehave ever been and done is
to prepare us for this very war now taking place. We have now
finished the training, now all we have to do is step forward to serve:

Dear One,
Physical symptoms are a manifestation of a block in you which has
been purposely placed there by school teachers and family members.
Certain members of your family are under low level mind control and
possession. This stems from the genes on [both] your mother's sides
of the family. You yourself have also been subjected to some controls
but divine interventions have occured so that sufficient control over
you did not occur- They gave up and looked for newer targets.
However, they still use certain members of your family against you
for purpose of sabotage and you are aware of this but cannot seem to
break free from this.

You are a very very powerful soul; the potential within you is what
has made you a target and what has made your journey more difficult
than some others. More is expected of you because you are capable of
doing more. So rest for a day and then do not become discouraged by
your so-called lack of progress. God is working and will provide for
you, his divine child. You must develop patience and fortitude.
Remember to keep helping others, for that is the key to keeping the
flow of positive energies going to and from you-- From the universe
to your fellow man and vice versa.

Do not do what you do not feel comfortable doing, however, just
because you feel it is the normal thing expected of you. It is ok to
feel bad sometimes, for you are going through a lot and processing a
lot of emotions; more than you have ever been called upon to do
before. This is in preparation for your increasing service and for
the ascension of the earth. Take it easy and don't be too hard on
yourself, for by doing this you are creating blocks where some have
just been cleared. Just trust and when in doubt pray and read
materials of Peter's and the other materials provided to you. These
can all be helpful in grounding your sometimes chaotic energies and
making you feel less 'crazy.'

We leave this final decision up to both you and Peter, for you are
the human vessels, as with others, which we need to occupy in order
to spread light on this planet. We love you dearly. Do what you must
do and know that we are nearby. Do not be scared of situations you
find yourself in. Call upon us immediately. If you choose to help we
will always have your back and you will never be in any danger which
cannot be thwarted or reversed. We are the most powerful, more
powerful than Lucifer and more powerful than the energy of evil
currently residing on earth.

We are awaiting the time when the people's consiousness will call for
peace and love and real understanding of life and how things work,
and then we will be able to proceed and defeat whatever darkness
lurks on this planet and in this corner of Creation. The Father has
said this is the only way, for unlike the darkside we must respect
the universal laws of free will, so we must wait until people truly
want to be liberated from this prison and this darkness.

Your job is to alert people that they are in fact living in the
deepest darkness Creation has ever known, and that there is a way out
of it and that there is an alternative if only they are ready for
another way. Another way of existence can be frightening for those
who have know nothing but darkness, but there is hope, and you are
here to spread hope. Peter must make a decision and you yourself must
make a decision. Can you serve from where you currently are? We do
not know. This is something you must answer for yourself honestly.

With Great Love, RAJ, HAROON and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy

Dear One,
We have been with you the past weeks and have seen you struggle to
make decisions based on self-will and service to self rather than the
higher will. It is as if selfishness has won you out and you can only
account for yourself and none other. We know that you have been
feeling hurt and frustration within and without because of your
circumstances. We feel you in pain, reaching out and grasping for
something to save you, but you can only save yourself at this time.
No one will be sent to rescue you, you are the rescuer in this

You forget how powerful you are and yet you cannot stand up even in
these minor obstacles you have been facing for fear of the wrong
decision. If you rely on guidance there will never be a wrong
decision and you will not have to try as hard to do the things that
need to be done in your life.

Your selfishness related to the lucifer energy is that you do not
want to give of yourself and do not want to allow your own energy to
heal. You seem to think there are good and bad sides, but really we
are all the same and no part of the lucifer energy is necessarily bad
or good; and no part of the angelic energy is necessarily good or
bad. We all just are and what your guidance needs from you now is
acceptance, acceptance of S.. and of all the other parts of lucifer
that need to heal at this time, including your own part of the
lucifer energy which needs to heal.

Do not get caught up in time lines or specifics of anything, just
remain open to guidance and allow us to lead you where we may without
fear of repercussions. You have slipped from sobriety but this is
only a brief lapse and more a cry for help than anything else. You
will be able to remain sober in the coming days as long as you rely
upon us and serve the higher will as much as possible. Always ask us,
no matter how small the decision. We need to build you back up, for
you have slipped pretty far down in these past few weeks. We love
you, as always, without judgement.

With Great Love,
Your Angelic Guidance

Dear One,
Look around you and see these changing circumstances- you cannot
remain in denial for much longer. You cannot bury your head in the
sand and wait for somebody else to do something. Even if you feel you
cannot make any sort of meaningful change, know that from above, from
our non-physical perspective, you can and have already made changes
for the better, both in yourself and in those around you. Lately you
have been feeling different, depressed and pessimistic. Maybe this is
from the loss of friendship you have experienced. Know it was meant
to happen and it will ultimately move you higher than if you had
remained in that friendship, stifled in the lower levels. Just take
baby steps now. You feel that you are not ready, so you must build
yourself up to that point. You can do one small good thing for
another person each day and soon it will build and you will grow to
the point of being ready.
With Great Love,
Your Angelic Guidance

Dear One,
What I want for you to know is tha you may be in danger of completely
falling and forgetting all that has become revealed in this past
year. The decision you have in front of you is a scary one. As long
as you wholeheartedly embrace us, and have us guide you in each
interaction, you will be fulfilling the need of spirit in your life.
It is about constant guidance, and right now you are not doing this.
You were, in fact, fulfilling this for a little while in your life
when things were not busy. But now that you have more material
concerns you seem to forget the duty you have for us.

Even in busy situations we are more than able to take over as you
wish us to do. Have faith and do not forget, do not allow yourself to
forget what is true all around you and in your heart. You will find
life more enjoyable as you embrace us once again. Very importantly,
you must channel every day to keep the connection alive as it becomes
more difficult to reach you the more infrequently you connect to us.
In case of any emergency situation we will need to connect with you,
and you with us, in a very short amount of time, a split second even.

Open up your concern for others and let it all out. Yes it can be
painful, but it will not be as painful if you don't attach your own
will to the results of a situation and instead let God do what he
With Great Love As Always,
The Spiritual Hierarchy

Dear One,
Go with the flow of your life and the energies presented to you.
These energies are sent for you to work with and move with to the
next place you need to be in. Change is what you must be accustomed
to by now, and there have been many changes in this lifetime for you,
all to prepare for these moments approaching faster and faster with
the quickening of things. You must move with this quickness because
you are a piece of it and will be swept with it as no thing is ever
separate, though it is made to seem so in 3rd dimensional reality.
Really, you are a piece of it and it of you; and you will feel this
new energy within yourself and your immediate surroundings.

Remain an open vehicle and know we are with you all the time.
Symptoms of the quickening are dizziness as well as disorientation
and you may feel like you are going crazy but this is ok. Remain
where you are for now and wait and notice when things happen. These
are all signs for you and others to act or not act depending on what
you are guided to do, and what comes to you. If delays come to you,
accept it. If constant business comes to you, accept it as well. It
is all part of the nature of changes occuring faster than they have
in this lifetime. Hold on and have faith in our love for you.
With Great Love,
The Spiritual Hierarchy

The final volume of the 9-volume work the Spiritual Hierachy have had
me write relates to the Brotherhood of the Snake, the reptilian races
and their offspring who have, for so long, kept this planet hostage
to their own dark desires. Andre's recent channelings have opened up
for me the final pieces of their connection to Kochab, the planet of
Darkness, and the origins of Lucifer in this corner of Creation
Itself. Again, I know how, through constant programming and self-
denial, the mention of Lucifer immediately shuts us down to any
understanding of his presence, of Self-Will's presence, both in
Creation and within each and every one of us.

Self-will is not 'evil' in and of itself. It is the use of self-will
not in service to Higher Will that allows darkness to grow and to
prevail within the individual and within society at large.

These Serpents have their own special place in most spiritual
traditions (as shown throughout the volumes of the book) where they
symbolize either good or evil. In the Vedic tradition, as in so many
other religious and historical followings, they are inherently
related to some of its most important personages. They breed fear
where ever they have gone and now once again those reptilian generals
and royalty who currently rule over us through the personages of
political entities seek to have us live in this kind of paralytic
fear that will stop us from ever realizing our own greatness and the
power we have to change it all (as it eventually did with Erica). The
Choice is yours and ours.

All the help in the Universe is available to you and to us to change
what stops us from moving forward. All we have to do is ask, and then
listen, and then follow the Guidance that is there to help us. I can
teach anyone to channel their own Guidance. I can teach anyone to do
the kind of healing work I do. I can teach anyone to follow the
Guidance that is there to lead them into spiritual greatness because
I have learned it all myself from scratch. I do not have a gift, as
many people like to say. I have powers and abilities learned through
simply following my Guidance and then allowing that Guidance to
direct me and work through me, as anyone who is willing to can. There
were not years of study and spirituallly excercising as most paths
teach, there was simply one moment of surrender,a nd then doing so
each and every day.

I have been many things in my lifetime, as I tell every audience I
speak to, many of these things were not nice. Everyuthing I have ever
been and done, however, is now not an excuse to not move forward, but
rather a gift of understanding, a real-time experience of what others
are also going through much like Erica too has experienced. Each one
of these things, just like every past lifetime, good and bad, makes
me better at what I do to help others for every place they are I have
been, every thing they fear I have feared, every challenge they face
I have faced, and once again as I like to say to all my audiences, if
I can do what I am now doing to serve, then anyone can.

Fear Chakra Release Assignment
From my experience with removing fear chakras from people I have
found that something occurs early on in our lives related to a fear
that then creates an energy blockage in that space or place in our
etheric field. This original place of fear then attracts and holds
all the other fears we encounter in our lives, whther they be our own
or others placed upon us from all the many sources out there meant to
spread fear. This chakra can be removed in session, but also can be
removed from realizing its origin and relasing it using the following

As a small child, you may have been told you were a naughty child
well, the things you did may have been negative, but you weren't a
naughty or bad person. Yet, the message you were naughty/bad became
part of who you are. We believed and became the messages. Your
assignment is to make a list of the messages you were given. Trust
me, they will flow once you begin this list. Make a note of who gave
you the message; if you don't know where the message originated just
write down the message. Some examples of message-givers are:
Ministers, priests, nuns, teachers, parents, grandparents, other
relatives, siblings, caregivers, coaches, friends, practitioners,
newspapers, radio, TV, etc.
Realize and own each of these messages whether they be yours or
someone else's, then release them using any technique of your on
creation as not being worthy of your spiritual-warrior Being. Fell
them leaving you, and when all is said and done, realse any
attachment to the list and destroy it in any way your Guidance leads
you to do.

This is not something to skip around with. It is certainly something
where you want to avoid deceiving yourself in any way -like taking it
at a "half- hearted" (pun intended) level and pretending you are
really serious.

Time is running 'short' and your decision has to be made, for if it
is not, then it will be made through a failure to act and to decide
and this bears the heaviest karma of all.

IN service, with Love and best wishes to all. Peter