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Remembrance of past lives and the activation of DNA
Remembrance of past lives and the activation of DNA as the
reawakening of previous Soul power

As a Being further integrates their connection to their higher
selves, they are taking in the energy, reconnecting to the
frequency. The opening of these connections and their stimulation
is what stimulates the reconstruction of their complete
multidimensional DNA.

The knowledge already stored on DNA is what we took from our
ancestors, and then we bring about the formation of what our own
Soul has to offer the body.

However this offer will not manifest unless there is the proper
ground for it to take place. The level of spirituality and how it
forms the connections and re-framing of the genetic code is a
direct expression of how able a person is to be the gateway for the
energy of their higher functions...

The awakening, the reintegration of the channel of communications
will enable the one who does it, to develop the functioning of what
is considered to be "supernatural" prowess.[This will come with
what 'we' will soon be able to do --sound encode the Light Bodies
of all Beings staying on the planet or moving on into the ascension

These powers are the same as what one is able to do on a dream and
include teleportation, flight, telekinesis, materialization of
thought, and others.

But these are the abilities acquired after the awakening - the
reintegration process also brings the consciousness of the Higher
Self, the Highest Soul level. One who reaches that has the maturity
for having such abilities and using them well.

The power to travel through the astral plane is also one of the
first things received, along with the open communication between
the physical level of awareness and the higher dimensional levels.
The hearing and the sight of higher frequencies is very similar to
the traveling aspect of sensing.

Becoming linked to the infinite flow of information available on
Creation is not limited, it is however only able to flow
accordingly to the level at which the individual allows for it to
come through. The feeling that something is about to burn when
there is too much energy is a sign of how the connections are being
stimulated, of how there is more energy than normal making its way
through the person... Usually through the Crown Chakra - the Antenna

Activation of DNA means that there is more activation of the
channels of energy, of the information and of the ability to
interact and change the nature of things. It is the translation of
the Physical limited being into the Infinite Multidimensional and
All Powerful Being that is linked to FATHER at the highest level of

Stimulating the powers instead of the process of evolution to
evolve as a whole is silly at times, when it is not linked to a
necessity, but to the greed for certain abilities. One may become
able to move things, but not have the sight of how grand and able
to do so much more, he or she really is...

The sight comes with connection to the Soul, to the Light that is
able to create and also to expand consciousness, broadening sight
as well as the ability to be and change through faster learning and

The power to change and to evolve towards the Highest Levels comes
with the intent to do it - True pure Intent.

Ergotarh from the Council of The Light