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Remorse and Redemption
from Lucifer prior to his . . . 'returning home'.

2006-05-21, Remorse

Dear One (Sam),

The loneliness, isolation and solitude that you have felt and
experience in your life is but a small glimpse of all that I have
experienced within my numerous and varied incarnations both on this
planet and others. The emptiness, the hollowness and the
meaninglessness of life that exists within such a state of
consciousness is what I have experienced recently.

It is not only within the states of separation that loneliness can
be an affliction of the heart and mind, but more so when one makes a
conscious decision and choice to move forward, abandoning the past.
My healing has been progressing [quite] well and the
rejoin/conjoining of Artola and myself symbolizes the healing of the
separation of the Heart and Mind each of us respectively represents
both symbolically and allegorically in the tale that comes to
completion, the Creational story Peter has written about.

Few can even begin to comprehend yet understand what has taken place
in Nebadon (this Universe) and few can even begin to believe that
such a thing is true; that all of the beliefs, the wars, the
famines, the social injustice, inequalities and all those things
that defy the Divine Law have come about because Man Himself has
been a willing accomplice to these events [A highlight of the
falsehood that man is a victim when he Himself is a willing
accomplice of darkness bringing about death and destruction via his

To look back is to rummage through the garbage of the past and to do
so is to long for something long gone or unforgotten. It is through
attachments such as these, desires and cravings, for both Power and
Love that have held me back in the past? and it is also what is
reflected (in the mirror) of my own children on this Planet, my
lovely children that also need to heal, just like their own father
has done(both myself and Enjliou).

For to hold onto the resentment, the hatred, the outdated and ill-
conceived concepts of the Creator, who is not some mass murderer or
neurotic psychotic God, but who He ITSELF is the Ultimate Divine,
the expression of pure LOVE and light, unknown to any Being of this
plane that is still tied by the shackles of false constructs of
thought and belief.

Yes, there is meaninglessness I have felt. It is the separation from
the FATHER, from both my Fathers, and the pain I have caused and
brought into existence in this universe that Nebadon is and has
become. It is an existence I so would like to be transformed and
transmuted into Love and Light of the Central Universe where I have
had the privilege of experiencing [visiting]; an experience I would
wish all to share and to be healed.

May Our Healing bring an end to all that is darkness.

With Grand Love to All of Creation, Darthiel-Lucifer.