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Reptilians 101 - Part 1
Reptilians 101 - Part 1
by Peter Farley (with help from others)

Jim Jones, the charismatic leader responsible for the Jonestown,
Guyana, massacre, was closely connected to the CIA throughout his
life and was a 'test strip' for some of the implant and mind-control
techniques created or imported into the central R & D facility under
Colorado's San Luis valley. (See A&E's Investigative Reports on Jim
Jones for his CIA connections). Jones himself was a high-level
Ciakar (winged reptilian) from the Orion home of these creatures. He
was courted by both state and federal government leaders for his
abilities, and actually served in a number of different positions
for various civic leaders. He was described by some who knew him as
having totally black eyes behind the dark sunglasses he wore both
indoors and out.

Guidance has never let me say publicly until now that the wrap-
around dark sunglasses are a favorite of the reptilians here on
earth since their eyesight is sensitive to the UV rays of our
sunlight. Yes, when you look at so many famous people there are the
almost ubiquitous dark wrap-around sunglasses, worn both day AND
night, indoors or out. It is understandable that others do wear
these type sunglasses as well but it is amazing how many `people'
wearing these type of sunglasses have the morphogenetic energy
fields of a reptilian.

Barbara Clow says in one of her books that with politicians of the
dark side it is blue suits and red ties, and look at how red ties
have become almost ubiquitous around Washington, DC, as well.

Much of the Sirian Star System Empire is of the reptilian form, just
as many people suspect the Anunnaki who set up base in ancient
Sumeria were also of a reptilian form. Hence the preponderance of
legends in almost every culture relating to reptilians or `dragons'.
Others in the Sirian Star System are actually of human origin, a
history of who, hopefully someone will write one day very soon. The
Ciakar, the winged reptilians of the Orion Empire were the original
ancient ones who made up the Brotherhood of the Serpent—coming to
this planet sometime around 100,000 years ago, forming the basis for
these legends, particularly the ones surrounding the winged dragon.

The fetus of a human being has a reptilian-like tail at about age 4
½ months. In fact some of us are actually still born with tails.
Scientists also like to call the primitive core of our brains -- the
reptilian brain. Does it make sense then that we are supposedly
descended from apes, and does this not show you the lengths to which
our prison wardens have gone to in order to cover up every trace of
their involvement with our history?

Every aspect of the dragon's life is represented in stories, songs
and dances from around the world. The stages of its seasonal growth
are celebrated all over the world in rites and festivals which reach
their climax at the beginning of winter in the processions that mark
the ceremonial dragon's death.

Barbara Clow also explains some of this Anunnaki Nibiruan connection
with fertility rites, as well as the birthing process which connects
mankind and reptilian:

"On Nibiru for thousands of years, gestation was accomplished with
fertile eggs that we put in receptacles—Holy Grails—after gathering
them during sacred sexual ceremonies in our temples on Earth. To us
each goddess is an individual receptacle for birthing, and each
fertilized egg that we gather is precious to us. Your women are
fertile and sex is wonderful with them. We have used you in such a
powerful way without your total agreement that deep inside you
believe you do not control your own fertility, your most basic
right. You do not take responsibility for your birthing" (hence the
abortion debate here on Earth).

While male Anunnaki were able to produce `offspring' with female
human beings, the female Anunnaki, however, still produced eggs with
their male human lovers. Thus again the importance placed on the
female side of the bloodline, it being still the `true' way of
birthing on the reptilians' home planet.

Indeed the archetype of the sexual abuse by the gods is one of the
strongest archetypes we still carry from the ancient days of first
contact. The violence against women today shows this. It stems not
only from the archetype of our Cosmic Parents, but also from those
who have used us down throughout the centuries, man and woman alike,
for sexual experimentation and simply as instruments of their own
pleasure. As Barbara Clow relates here: ". . . There is much energy
that needs to be cleared about sexual abuse on Earth, and no one
will really be free until this is done . . . but abuse is all the
same. It occurs when we cease to control ourselves and become
blinded to everyone else. If we are "nice" people in this life, then
that uncontrolled aspect of our past lives is the part we keep the
most deeply hidden. However, this repository of guilt also keeps us
separate from others. By not being able to love all that we have
ever been, we can't be who we are now, in the present."

Control has been the nature of this planet since its very inception.
The dark forces from Kochab, Orion and Sirius were not the only ones
who knew of its advantageous energies and the stargates such as the
Egyptian pyramids now utilize, stargates through which they could
travel from here to so many other areas of Creation.

"And as they returned it got to the point where all the male
[reptilian] gods wanted to mate with Earth priestesses because they
had found out about the power of sexual desire . . . Hundreds of
gods came to Earth in small spaceships and mated with priestesses in
the temples . . . But then the gods started mating with animals. The
Nibiruans did not see much of a difference between animals and women
in terms of the physical effects experienced during intercourse."

It you ever truly wonder why our governments are letting the
environment slip to last on their list of priorities, it may help to
know that reptiles are more efficient in processing the oxygen they
breathe compared to mammals... that would also include the
morphogenic humans. This would explain how they are able to survive
in an oxygen depleted (damaged home-world) environment; processing
what they get with great efficiency, much like a professional versus
an amateur (other son this planet) - their evolution or necessity
for survival has resulted in them being better breathers.

On top of that, their ability to harness the local energies, being
endothermic, allows them to withstand extreme heat conditions - if
it gets too cold they go underground (lay in the sand or snow -
always warmer than the naked outside environment)... and just wait
there (conserving energy) until things improve. IS this why global
warming has also been put on a backburner? Does it also make sense
now why the beaches of Florida and the snow resorts of Aspen and
Vail are literally reptilian infestations? It may also explain why
they don't mind the heat and polluted environment. After all, they
have thick skins in both the literal, physical and metaphoric sense
(devoid of most true human emotions)... - no, they are cunningly
intelligent, not thick as bricks, their specialty being the control
of mind powers such as evidenced by the mind-centered religions and
mind-centered fields of endeavor on the planet—universities and
education not the least of them.

Anything approaching the 14% (or thereabouts) oxygen ratio to which
the planet is headed would most definitely make humans docile and
controllable to say the least, while those with `better oxygen
utilization abilities' (the reptilians)would obviously have the
upper hand. Couple this with the water and sustenance contamination
alone, notwithstanding all the electromagnetic bombardment and
negative reinforcement, you have now on Earth the ultimate prison
for those who are NOT reptilians: the environment, created to
sustain life becomes transformed into the jailer and gatekeeper.
Once again, we have the allegory of the energetic vampire draining
the life from inhabitants and the planet itself: grotesque rape--
plain and simple.

This same principle also applies to the environmental needs of those
reptilian 'elite' who have yet to come to the planet. They need a
certain type of environment to exist here to make it their home.
Hence they are depleting the 'oxygen level' on the planet and need
it to be about the 14-15% oxygen ratio in order to survive
comfortably since they process the oxygen far better than do humans.
This explains also the New World Order's focus on controlling oil
and other fossil fuel reserves, a focus they had long before cars
were the norm. These creatures can also exist in an environment far
more polluted radioactively than can any of the 'friendly' aliens or
for that matter, most of humankind. It has all been planned long,
long ago.

This fact also makes sense of the depletion of the oxygen-producing
rainforests, the Arctic wildlife refuge, the old growth forests and
more; as well as the government's seeming indifference to the vast
destruction of the planet's natural resources. Think of the
reptilians' home planets where palm trees that don't create this
type of oxygen-rich environment are the norm. It seems like the
ratio of oxygen used to be about 20% when I was in high school and
lately it is down to about 17%. Some scientists say that at 14%
humans will simply drop dead. Some say that it was exactly this type
of depletion-of-oxygen scenario that killed off the dinosaurs—not
being able to support their large forms on an ever-thinning
atmosphere. What it will mean for humanity is that as things get
worse, we will all suffer from oxygen-starvation and a 'dullness' of
our thinking processes—a great way to keep people ineffective in
fighting off the approaching chains of slavery.

To understand just how far back this all goes (besides reading the
earlier volumes of my work) we have to take a quick look at the so-
called planet of the Annunaki called Nibiru. In an article titled
NIBIRU: Getting Rid of the Smoke and Mirrors, it mentions that
Nibiru was not a 'planet' that comes through this corner of the
solar system every 3,600 years as Zecharia Sitchin had spoken of,
but rather it was the mysterious white dwarf star known as Sirius B,
located in the constellation of Canis Major. This is the companion
star to Sirius A spoke of in my books, the one that has a 50-year
elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius. What was written is, to
all extent, true, except for the fact that Sirius B is not fully a
planet but rather as hinted at in some of the earlier volumes,
Nibiru is in fact an artificially created 'deathstar'.

RAJ calls Nibiru the '13th' planet to this solar system. Nibiru has
in fact the proportions of a Planet, being an entire life-supporting
system on its own. The only difference is that it is
a "technological planet" –artificially constructed—a circular
starship or very, very large mothership to be exact, so it has the
proportions of any small planet. Its creation was a very large
project, much like you might think of the Death Star from the Star
Wars movie (which is based on just such a construction)being a
massive undertaking. The size of a small planet, it is still able to
teleport itself through wormholes in space, and it has an inner life-
sustaining system that allows for millions of Beings to live inside
it. It was also built to be able to colonize other planets. In case
the natural home planet was devastated, the inhabitants would have a
planet to live on or in, until they found one they could colonize.
It has stargate technology inside its main core reactor and
dependent systems. Other motherships that accompany it like
satellites to a planet also possess such technology, but these are
to a great level dependent on Niburu to arrange the certain types of
traveling needed to distant places awhile still remaining
coordinated in the same space-time continuum. It is one of the
mysteries of Creation that many races are not fully able to control
the space-time frame in which they work, for it is a precious
technology needed by those who wish to manipulate time and space in
a multi-galactic space frame—space as in a sector of Creation
Nibiru is not actually carbon-based technology, rather it is silicon-
based, as well as being multidimensional. Silicon and carbon are in
the same elemental family both consequently sharing many physical
and 'behavioral' characteristics, such as having four unpaired
electrons in their outer 'shell' and preferably assuming similar
tetrahedral (think pyramid) configurations when forming stable
compounds –the same shape as a light-space Merkaba vehicle.
Since its construction Nibiru has actually traveled to the vicinity
of planet Earth three times (however it is very different to travel
on a 4th D level than on a 3rd D level. It came while this planet
was still 4th and 5th dimensional).

At what times in our history has it actually travelled to this
corner of the solar system? The first was in a pre-Atlantean time.
The second was in the Sumerian time written about by Zecharia
Sitchin, and the third time was once in-between. This would truly
also be consistent with the alignment of the wormholes through which
it could travel to this area of the solar system –approximately
every 3,600 of our years.

Prior to the time of Atlantis Nibiru would come to this area of the
universe, but not to deal with Earth specifically for it was during
the Maldek-Mars war that it came the first time.