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Reptilians 101 –Part 2 The War at Hand
Reptilians 101 –Part 2
Reptilians and the War at Hand
By Peter Farley

There is no better example of how life must be lived and wars must be fought than what we got from American Idol last night (Wednesday). The one girl who did so well said she watched all the past shows and literally ‘did her homework’ on what it took and how best it could be done.

The problem with most people is they are too lazy or complacent to see the world, this old paradigm, for what it is—literally ‘to do their homework.’ Guidance has had me teach every level of school up though University during my training sessions and one of the lessons learned there was that those who were prepared to put in the time and do the work were the ones who got somewhere.

It is, as John Edwards would agree, a matter of working with your abilities in order to be able to ‘see’ the morphogenetic energy shapes of the reptilians amongst us, or any other type of being for that matter. BUT, always remember, there are ‘good’ reptilians as well as those who follow the negative agenda here on Earth just as there are ‘good’ and bad’ of any race, even the angelic realms and ascended masters. This was made very clear in the original mini-series of ‘V’ where there was an underground movement even among the reptilians taking over the planet.

And just how many reptilians are there here on Earth at the current time? Take a look at the statistics just for the United States and then extrapolate that: (see for full listing)

“I asked the Spiritual Hierarchy to break down a sample population for me into its most predominant members. Considering the population of the USA to be approximately 300 million, the following figures give an approximate makeup of that population by the main 'alien' groups on the planet, as supplied by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

“As stated before in other articles and on radio interviews, the percentage of humans to other types of Beings is approximately 28 percent human to 72 percent other. In the USA it is slightly higher

Human .................................. 89.30 million
Sirians ......reptilian form............ 52.60 million
Sirians......human form................ 6.00 million
Annunaki....human/reptilian form........ 6.00 million

So with at least 1 in 6 Beings walking the streets being reptilian, does it make sense why the reptilian agenda is the ruling paradigm? And this does not even take into account the Orion Ciakars or winged reptilian elite. When you understand that so many of these reptilians are the power elite, the wealthy, the famous, it all begins to make sense why we are not living our dreams but rather looking to a reptilian ideal instead.

Prior to the last general election, Guidance shared with me the make-up of the U.S. House of Representatives and Congress (see the article Vote for Your Favorite Alien on my website). Before this primer is done I will also do all the major candidates for the 2008 presidential election as well as their alien affiliations, if possible.

The best that can be said for most of us is that we are ‘reptilian-wannabes’. It is this reptilian ‘elite’ that David Icke talks about in his article on The Reptilian Connection:

"If you are new to my work, the most bizarre information you will find on this site is that concerning the reptilian connection.

"...When I reached the point some years ago where I had put together the structure through which a few people control the direction of the world (see And The Truth Shall Set You Free), it was clear that this network of secret societies and covert groups manipulating global politics, business, banking, military, media, and so on, could not have been put together in a few years or decades. It had to go back a very long time. So I began to trace it back into what we call history. I did this in the knowledge that, for some reason, bloodline and genetics were vitally important to these manipulators, the Illuminati or Illuminated ones -illuminated into knowledge that the public never see.”

And it is these same reptilian bloodlines that David researches, that Sir Laurence Gardner writes about, and that take up a good deal of my own so-far 7 volume history of the New World Order.

Their influence on the shaping of not only our history but pretty much every aspect of our current lives, especially our religions, is the necessary homework all of us should be doing if we really give a damn about what’s taking place and the true nature of the war going on between Mankind and the New World Order. “Seeing’ is believing, but it may take a little work to begin seeing the way you need to in order to know who is who and what is what. Unfortunately, no one has yet invented those type of sunglasses used in the movie “They Live” which clearly identify the aliens from the humans.

How does all this work? From Volume 6:

"Since so many aliens from so many higher dimensional levels need to come here for whatever purpose, they must either choose to be born through the womb, or they must simply 'walk-in' or attach to another human form. What happens, however, is that they still bring their 'alien' dimensional energy forms with them in doing so. As Dr. Michael Newton’s book The Destiny of Souls describes it "they project a human body here on planet Earth." If they come through the womb then they create their own earth-world persona. If they walk in or attach, then the sense of who that person is seems to change like they are no longer who they once were. In my experience, the basic ego-driven core shell of the person remains the same when this happens yet it does not understand why it suddenly no longer likes the same things. Often dietary needs will change overnight as well.”

One woman I worked with a number of years ago had three reptilians attached to her all seeking to get their sexual ‘jollies’ through her and she was constantly seeking orgasms in almost any way, shape or form. As she described it to me, although she was a very attractive female, she felt as if she had a 6 foot penis between her legs which constantly sought satisfaction. And she was not the first with this kind of story, nor the first I’ve had to detach these types of Beings from.