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Reptilians 101 –Part 3
Reptilians 101 –Part 3
The End of the World As We Knew It . . .
By Peter Farley

"It is by moving through situations rather than
resisting them or ignoring them that experience becomes wisdom.”
- Handbook for the New Paradigm

Chaos theory is actually not so much about chaos as it is about polarity. In a human ‘holographic’ form we come equipped with the Matrix of Polarity, the Matrix of Male and Female (the 2 matrices picked up at birth). What is missing, however, is the true individual Matrix of Self. This is in fact what makes life so chaotic on this planet as it would seem to someone coming from a place far beyond this particular corner of the SuperUniverse known as Nebadon.

In Volume 1 of my 9 volume series on the alien roots of Mankind, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? it describes how the particular Creator Son and Infinite Mother Spirit assigned to manifest the glory of Creation in this the newest of the seven SuperUniverses were fragmented during the problems inherent in the early stages of its creation. This indeed would seem like a ‘Big Bang’ to a scientist or someone not familiar with the metaphysical side or the quantum mechanics of creation and its associated sciences.

Talking to a BMW mechanic one time he explained to me that problems do not start occurring with these particular cars UNTIL someone starts messing with them and opening them up. That’s when things really begin to go wrong. Think of most any fruit and compare the difference between how long it lasts when in a whole form as opposed to someone cutting it in two or taking a gigantic bite from its side. It is then that it begins to spoil at an increasingly exponential rate of decay.

In the lowering of the dimensions after the sexual exploits of our reptilian forebears, as detailed in Zecharia Sitchin’s seminal works, Mankind’s energetic forms were split open in what might be thought of as ‘the splitting of the Adam’. Higher selves were then trapped in the etheric fields surrounding the planet, and man was forced to incarnate in either one form or the other, either female or male. Since that time all of us have been seeking the missing parts of our Beings, wrongly turning to the idea of Soulmates as a solution rather than to the re-acquiring of our Higher Selves and the gluing them back into our forms along with the help of a little “spirit-ual” glue.

In Chaos Theory, the Butterfly Effect is a phrase that encapsulates the more technical notion of a sensitive dependence on initial conditions within any system. The idea is that small variations in the initial conditions of a dynamic system produce large variations in the long term behavior of that particular system. Sensitive dependence is also found in non-dynamic systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position.

The practical consequence of the butterfly effect is that complex systems such as the weather are difficult to predict past a certain time range - approximately a week, in the case of weather. This is because any finite model that attempts to simulate a system must necessarily abbreviate some information about the initial conditions - for example, when simulating the weather, one would not be able to include the wind coming from every butterfly's wings. In all practical cases, defects in the knowledge of the initial conditions and deficiencies in the model are equally important sources of error. In a chaotic system, these errors are magnified as the simulation progresses. Thus the predictions of the simulation are useless after a certain amount of time.

The reptilian-supported New World Order is doing everything it can to keep each and every one of us separate from that original matrix of self and keep us in duality. The reptilian-supported New World Order is doing everything it can to stop every unaccounted for butterfly from flapping even a single wing; and if we look around us with open eyes we can see that they’re almost succeeding.

It was my unfortunate experience recently to take a tour of one of the new ‘Justice’ Centers built in an area I was visiting. I have seen these things going up all over the country (the U.S.) in just about every major city or alongside major highways (along with the other most popular type of new building, the medical center). I have sensed the imminent purpose of these ‘Justice’ centers before, but after my brief visit, I KNEW the reality of what I had seen and not just imagined it.

EVERY sheriff in the place was either a reptilian or a Ciakir, one of the winged leader reptilians. Looking at the prisoners waiting to be processed, estimating that about 50 percent of them were either human or some form of humanoid creature, I was reminded of the early scenes from The Planet of the Apes where the apes are herding the humans into cages for ‘processing.’
There are a hundred other metaphors I could use, such as the culling of the Jews at Nazi death camps, but I’m sure everyone reading this gets the image.

It was different for me to not just ‘see’ the reptilians here and there, police and military reptilians on TV etc. This was like a hive or nest of them, and they were treating the humans with about as much disdain as the Nazi’s treated the Jews.

Suddenly my spiritual vision opened up and I saw these ‘Justice centers’ as focal control points spread out across the country in order to patrol its own section of the grid—and all the other ‘people’ within it. Militia people are waiting for the coming day when the government declares marshal-law when instead the whole system of marshal-law is being constructed and is almost in place right beneath our very own ever-watchful eyes.

These ‘nests’ are above ground and visible to each and every one of us. And yes, part of their purpose is to help control the rebellious ‘lower-caste’ alien species and galactic criminals that use this planet as their playground. And we all think this is beneficial because it does save us having to deal with these low-level outcastes being used like props to set up the whole control scenario. Under the guise of being helpful to us, however, they are also putting into place the most insidious control system creation has ever known (appropriate example in the reporting of the FBI’s misuse of the Patriot Act this week. Why ‘misuse’ and not the word ‘criminal’? Only the poor and the impoverished are ‘criminals’. Those in power are just abusers of their power.)

Seems too dark to look at or imagine, doesn’t it? Realize, however, that you have been living with this exact same system in one form or another for pretty much all your recent lifetimes on this planet, and probably under worse circumstances in other lifetimes or on other ‘controlled’ planets as well.

So what is there can be done about it?

Perhaps chaos theory also has the answer.

Edward Lorenz first analyzed the butterfly effect in a 1963 paper for the New York Academy of Sciences. According to one meteorologist, “if the theory were correct, one flap of a seagull's wings could change the course of weather forever." Later speeches and papers by Lorenz used the more poetic butterfly, possibly inspired by the diagram generated by the Lorenz attractor which looks like a butterfly. Other theories propose that the phrase's basis is to be found in fiction (Ray Bradbury's 1952 story "A Sound of Thunder"), but there is no proof available that Lorenz was swayed by literary precedent. The idea is now often stated something to the effect of, a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo could cause tornadoes in California."

In so much of what I’ve written it talks about the power one person has if following their Guidance and doing what it is that’s been asked of them in doing their mission. This is one person with one set of butterfly wings. If there are two people doing what they were asked to do in coming here with a mission, that is a growing turbulence. If there are a dozen people flapping their wings all at once in different parts of the country or different parts of the world, then . . . then we have a cyclone, a hurricane of turbulence such as can impact everything—even bring down the greatest system of control ever known—much like Katrina almost washed away the city of New Orleans with its ferocity.
The concept of the butterfly effect is sometimes used in popular media dealing with the idea of time travel, though not always accurately. For example, in the movie A Sound of Thunder the characters are determined not to change anything in the past - but in reality their mere presence could be enough to change short-term events (such as the weather), and could also have an unpredictable impact on the distant future.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here, just as with the movie The 12 Monkeys, many of us are here from the future in order to make exactly this type of thing happen. And happen it will, even if it means the few butterflies out there actually doing what it is they came here to do have to flap their wings a little harder. It will happen, and it’s all beginning to happen very, very soon.

The result of the butterfly effect is unpredictability. Unpredictability is what the New World Order hates the most. Everything we see is becoming so, so controlled and so, so flavorless and joyless. Mind is so easy to control because it is so, so predictable. Heart, on the other hand, is spontaneous. Heart and its feelings make people act ‘irrationally’. That is why everything out there of a reptilian nature is mind-based and rationally predictable. And also why they do their best to suppress or eradicate everything with any real emotion.

All it takes is a small difference in initial input into a closed system to have dramatically different results after several cycles through that system. This is what we all talk about when addressing the need to break the mold or patterns in our lives, to break the cycles of violence and abuse in family relationships. Every time we make even a small change in the way we do things or in the way we deal with others, everything down the road is almost guaranteed to change. Creation is a non-deterministic system which could or should be studied by a field of physics called quantum chaos theory that follows the laws of quantum mechanics, for in doing so we would all find out that there is no chaos in the Grand Creator’s creation, only as Einstein found out and expressed so aptly when in his dying days he defined the concept of ‘space’ simply as Love.

In service, and wishing you all strength. Peter