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Reptilians and Abduction and how to make it stop
Greetings, Peter and Artola. You mention reptiles.
When I was being farmed by a rowdy group of a
seemingly humaniod characters back in 1997 in an awake
other worldly transport experience, a huge crocodilian
with little wings on his shoulders and big webbed feet
came onto the scene and frightened the others back. He
transformed into some kind of neon crazy Asian monster
cartoon form and fought with another with a similar
form who was part of the crowd.

The question I have for you involves my friendship
with these monsters. I felt greater trust for the
crocodile than the humanoids who obsess on me, who
farmed my womb, and hurt me. In fact, I developed a
close relationship with the crocodile. We communicated
in metaphor. Have you any insights? Lately, with all
the information that I have been reading about the
reptiles, I wonder why I communicated so clearly with
the crocodile and can't tolerate the nasty, little,
petty groupies.

P.S. I could really use some help to get rid of the
groupies that bother me all the time. It takes so much
energy to manage them. Where do they come from?
Blessings to you. Thank you.

Hi Marlena, I have found many women who have been birth goddesses for
the different types of reptilians in the past and still have
lingering connections and even affections for particular members of
the various races. One lady in Maine and one in Tennessee both still
had their former 'lovers/users' attached to them energetically, even
providing the Beings with orgasms and sexual highs-- sometimes to
extremes--while really getting little or no satisfaction from the
sexual acts themselves.This seems to be your case as well, something
you as well as many others in the group and in general are or have

David Icke talks about the 'fear' these Beings have of humans and
our multidimensionality, so they keep us feeling like slaves whereas
the truth is when we stand in our own power and call on all our
intent, we generally have the inherent ability to remove these Beings
from our energy fields and keep them off as well. Sometimes, I've
found, however, their is a certain level of attachment on the
woman/abused 's part. Some of this is the Stockhom Syndrome where the
abuser and abused form an energetic connection just as abductees form
an attachment or abductee chakra with their abductors (see attached
explanation of these type of chakras).

These can all be removed/dissolved with energetic work that can be
done long distance by myself or some other long distance energy

With abduction, the first step is to remove the crystal imprints
from the energy field since some of these crystalimprints
are 'locator' crystals which keep track of you and tell your
abductors where to find you:

"Crystal implants were at one time physically implanted in
your body to impose limitations upon you. They now appear in the
etheric body as imprints and may be keeping you from going forward in
this lifetime. We can remove these imprints (limitations), allowing
you to do, see, and feel things you have previously been unable to do
in this lifetime. People describe an unshakable inner calm after
they have had them removed. When you have level one done, you will
receive a form stating where all the crystals (blockages) were
located in your body (this form will differentiate between the
earlier implants (Starseed, Mu, Lemuria) and the later implants

Each individual case is very different when it comes to the grander
picture of the why's and wherefores, but all of this can be resolved
with some guidance and some healing work done by myself or others of
a similar level of ability.

Interesting that you communicated inmetaphor because if you read
chapter one of my book, available in the files section of the group,
you'll find that metaphors are the language of Soul and spiritual
communication --kind of a Universal language which everyone can

A price list for my healing work is at the website The work can be done anytime and at
any distance. A new website is being prepared as we speak and it
should have a more detailed listing of the healing work and other
services offered. For those with limited income (as many Lightworkers
seem to be) sliding scale options are available. And thanks for
sharing this with the group. It covers many, many people's situations
and makes it oh so much more real for everyone. We are living in a
Star Wars Bar where all the other particpants are not that friendly
and humans do not have to be on the lowest rung of the feeding ladder.


The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit meaning "wheel of light". A
chakra is a wheel of light revolving in various locations in and
outside the physical body. There are 10 major chakras (Seven are
written about, but there are two more above the head and one more
beneath the feet). Most people know they have a personal chakra
system. Nearly all of the written material explains an individual's
personal chakra system. What we are going to talk about are the
chakra systems outside the person's body and located in the auric
field. When an individual's personal chakra system intersects with
someone else's personal chakra system for a specific reason, at that
intersection a new chakra system develops. A new chakra system can
also develop outside of the body when an idea is tossed out and acted
upon as in developing a business, even when you are the sole person
in the business. Aside from the personal chakra system (that is
inside of you), there can be five major types developing outside of
you. You don't have to have all five kinds and you can have more
than one of each kind. If something happened during the formation of
the new system, the chakra system will be unbalanced. If one of the
partners is more domineering than the other, the system will be
unbalanced. Sometimes the reason the chakra system developed is no
longer there. (For example: a divorce, a relationship or friendship
that is over, a business that has dissolved, etc.) Our work can
balance, eliminate, and rebuild the chakra system for you. A good
example of this is a sexual partnership that isn't good anymore. We
can eliminate that chakra system and "build" a friendship chakra
system. If a business is dissolving, we can eliminate that chakra
system all together. The reason you may want to take a look at this
work is because these systems just do not go away by themselves? the
business or relationship may go away, but the chakra system remains
and may affect you in all sorts of different ways.

Kinds of chakra systems outside of the body:
Friendship Chakra System- this is developed when you form a
bonding, close with someone.

Sexual Partnership Chakra System- this is developed when
you have a sexual relationship. This can include marriage, but is
certainly not just marriage.

Parental Chakra System? this develops between a parent and

Family of Origin Chakra System- This is the entire family
system that a person's chakra system plugs into

Career Chakra System (not to be confused with the Business
system).. this system develops as you are growing up and thought
about what you wanted to be when you were an adult. This system
plugs into every job you have ever had ? excluding businesses you
owned or were in partnership with someone else. Many times this
system is quite confused as you changed your mind and focus.

Business Chakra System- this system develops as you get an
idea and act upon it to start a business. You can be in partnership
with another person but you don't have to be.

Addictive Chakra System- this system develops with
consistent use of mind-altering substances (drugs, alcohol, food,
gambling, sexual, etc.)

Religious Chakra System- this system develops if you
strongly identify with a religion.

Environmental Chakra System- this system develops when
you "take" on environmental (not genetic) characteristics of those
around you. Mother has anxiety so you take it on? father has a heart
attack so you "develop" heart problems: can also be allergies or
illnesses that a person develops to get attention, etc.