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Reptilians for Breakfast
Reptilians for Breakfast
By Peter Farley

Recently I've been getting a lot of correspondence from abductees
and others dealing with our reptilian overlords on a growingly more
intimate level than most people would comprehend:

Dear Peter,

I just woke up from `a dream' in which I had been channelling
information for a book I was writing but hadn't as yet shared the
information with anyone. In the dream, I was reviewing and updating
the information and had the thought, "You need to share this with
Peter". Not sure why, it's pretty simple information and you
probably already know it.

The information I was channelling is a little muddy now, something
about how two different races of beings can essentially share the
same physical space if they are in a different energetic space. I
had an image of humanity sharing a bed with another species that is
on a different frequency and there being some kind of energetic
portal between us. When I was updating the information in my dream
the other species was starting to push us off the bed and the portal
was being activated somehow.

This dream came just after I'd woken up in the middle of the night
feeling a cold magnetic sensation and psychically sensing a bronze
light. I'd felt this was an abduction attempt and had given these
beings a command to stop the abductions. Interestingly, I'd been
doing kinesiology on myself the day before trying to find a way to
stop the abductions (because I was tired of dealing with the
radiation poisoning and heavy metal poisoning that ensued) and the
kinesiology had indicated two ways to stop the abductions, either by
stopping the expansion of my DNA or by agreeing not to share
information, neither of which I am willing to do.

Which race of beings might this involve? I've had information on
two races of beings lately that are involved with me. One of them I
saw in a very short vision, in which I was sitting in a chair in a
mud cellar across from a being with evil dark eyes and dense energy
and leathery-brown skin, humanoid, with the feeling "this is so
boring, here I am stuck here again, like being in the principal's
office". The other was a being I encountered in a dream, but all I
saw was the eyes, which looked like the eye with vertical pupils
portrayed as the Eye of Sauron in Lord of the Rings and had a
metallic energy.

So Peter, this probably is old hat for you but I'm following the
message I had in my dream and sharing it with you.

This kind of goes hand in hand with what I and others have been
writing for years about the dimensional connection between those who
are reptilians on the planet, and the rest of the morphogenetic
races ?oh yes, and the few of you who are human *S

Unfortunately, it also brings up the growing importance of the
dimensional shift taking place and their desperation to keep hold of
those who they can link them to the current reality.

After doing some major gridwork around Mt. Shasta last summer with
Barbara and Gail, Guidance led us to pass through Reno on the way
back to San Diego?through Reno, not stopping IN Reno. Driving
through we could feel the ?how best to describe it? ?
the `lifelessness' of the city and its people. The significance of
it was brought forth when we were told to stay the night in Bishop,
Calif., not too far down the road. Every person I saw along the
streets there that night had some form of reptilian energy form
attached to them. Every time Gail or Barbara went out to the car
something came back in with them until the lesson was learned to
protect themselves EVERYWHERE they went.

Bishop, Shasta, Las Vegas, Palm Springs-many of these places
connected with serious Earth fault zones are in fact upwellings in
the Earth's crust for those energies that live below the crust, in
particular the reptilians written about so much by Val Valerian,
Phil Schneider and others. Few perhaps realize the fragile layer of
protection which exists between this inner earth layer and where we
live `on the surface', and how these fault lines can open up cracks
in the subtle dimensions that protect us from full on invasion of
these species.

The reality of this world is becoming less and less harder to avoid
for anyone except the totally blind or totally controlled. Perhaps
that is why Guidance has been pushing me to finish the 9 volume
history of the reptilian race, the New World Order, and the ongoing
Creation story I have written. Oz is getting them up on the website
as fast as possible, but much of this is written about in the
articles available on the website and in the yahoo group files ?as
well as the means by which to help you and your families deal with

The responsibility and the homework is yours. Help is all around you
for the asking. Use it or lose it.

In service, Peter