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Rewriting Creation
Rewriting Creation
nby Peter Farley

For all the new members to the group please take a look at the files
section of the group for all the articles, the free first volumes of
the book, and much much more. The website is just being rebuilt and
does not have much of this work on it yet.

One thing someone pointed out to me a little while ago is
the 'confusion' arising from the articles not being sequential in
terms of time. Whereas once upon a time in the work and in the first
volumes of the book Lucifer was the original creator of much of this
Darkness, over the past few years he and many of the other dark
forces have been a part of the healing process taking place within
Creation Itself and so have actually 'switched allegiances' if you
will. Also since the beginning of this year we have found out that
there was a prequel to the Creation story written about in Volume 1
which is to be shared and elaborated upon in Volumes 7 and 8.

Guidance is having me write a series of 'lessons' to get over to you
the basics of spirituality rather than the smoke and mirrors of
confusion with which others steal your power away. The motto is 'If
it ain't cheap and it ain't simple, it ain't spiritual'. of course
this depends on your view of the word cheap, rmemebering that
everything received must be paid for in an exacting exhange of
spiritual coin one way or another. Spirit determines your ability to
pay when it comes to the healing work etc. Nothing spent of true
spiritual pursuits does not come back to you in one form or another.

Once you have done your homework of reading many of the articles or
the first volumes of the book (all of which will be rewritten along
with the final two volumes), please feel free to pass along any
comments or questions to me or to the group for answers.

Before you begin, however, suspend your old Matrix thinking and look
at things with the eyes of a child learnign anew or at least
reacquainting yourself with old wisdom you have touched upon in the
past. Your ability to do this will open new doorways for you and
things will resonate back to you with their own level of truth or
L and BW, Peter