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Royal bloodlines, aliens and abduction
From Aristenna and the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light:
through Peter

Dear Ones, All is not well in the Higher Worlds just as all is not
well in the lower worlds and upon earth as well. Peter has tried
desperately to share with you the grander picture of what is taking
place both on this planet and within Creation Itself. Now is not the
time to backtrack and say well we tried to tell you so, but your
attention is required now to focus on the grander scheme of things
taking place around you and of which you and your families are a
part, like it or not. A war of immense proportions has been taking
place in this corner of the Universe. This is as has been described
in your popular science ?fiction' stories such as Star Wars and the
ever-popular Star Trek series of movies and television shows and, to
a lesser extent, your Stargate series which at least shows the alien
intervention idea and the many and various ways by which these wars
may take place -- wormholes, stargates, portals and vortexes. The
work Peter and others have been doing to open and close these means
by which both positive and negative forces may travel through to
reach the required destinations in this ongoing battle is essential
to stopping the all-out takeover of the planet, this entire corner
of the Universe, and even to the entirety of Creation as well.

Know you that you have been a part and parcel of this struggle every
day you have lived upon this planet. That every day you have been in
existence or manifested in this corner of Creation since its
inception, you have been either on one side or the other?sometimes
both, as many of you still are today, seeing which way the wind
blows before making your final decision on which side of the fence
to step off. This will not be tolerated. A decision not to make a
decision is a decision to participate in the war as a non-combatant
lending your energies to whomsoever has the most strength to sway
you to their side on that day or within each moment of what is
taking place. This is called collusion and shows the depths of your
own spiritual weaknesses, not your ?unwillingness' to be the
spiritual warrior most of you are or can be.

We are here today to answer a question forwarded to Peter by the
editor of UFO Digest, one which involves royal bloodlines, aliens
and abduction.

Earlier we channeled a whole series of articles about the
dimensional wars taking place that were given the name "dream wars"
by those writing and facilitating the articles. These are the very
real and very direct means of influencing each and every one of you
within your daily lives and influencing each and every thought and
direct decision-making circumstance you find yourself in. If you
have not read them, you need to. Each and every one of you is a
combatant and has been from the very first breath of life you took
here on this planet. The bloodlines are real, carried forward by the
dark side's ability to manipulate the rules of Creation Itself even
down to the very reincarnational cycle which allows them to be born
back into families from one generation to another much as those
whose karma never ceases to involve the very same people with whom
they continually come back over and over again refusing to let go or
to learn the lessons each has to offer one another. These bloodlines
result not just from the blood of the two major ?prophets ? of their
era, the Jesus and Magdalene bloodlines talked about in the Da Vinci
Code but more expertly dealt with throughout the, so far, 7 volumes
of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?

Farther back they go, and, as Peter himself is still discovering,
begin in the beginning long before even the Creational story he had
come to believe was the beginning of all things. Here lies a prequel
of unparalleled influence upon your world and the current times it
is going through, for each one of these bloodlines formed long
before existence took shape in this Super Universe known as Nebadon.
In this decisive time of existence within the newly forming Super
Universe, a creational Mother energy took it upon herself to explore
beyond the set boundaries of what was at that time known. Now to
some this may seem an act of bravery or of what might be thought of
as empowerment. In truth it was the first act of darkness reaching
out into a more fertile ground than had ever been known before. The
story is archetypal of a female energy bound by love and
circumstances in a patriarchal union to a male energy with whom she
was not seemingly at the time compatible. Instead of exploring the
possibilities of this formative relationship, she chose instead to
seek comfort in the ?arms' of another sent into be a mentor to the
pair, a Creator Son from another Super Universe. This ?other man'
archetype had Himself had such previous difficulties but had not
succumbed to the temptation to research the avenues of self-will
made available though the circumstances made available. He instead
chose to ?stick with it' and to offer His own love and support to
his fellow Creator Beings by offering to assist them through the
rough early stages of their newly formed partnership. It was a flaw
of nobody's choosing, yet it was a flaw which later would lead to
unprecedented upheavals in the ways the Universe and Creation Itself
would look upon self-will and the inherent dangers it could present
when allowed to go unchecked in too rich and fertile a circumstance
of absolute free will.

The bloodlines which now exist on your planet not only go back
to ?physical' or supernatural personalities, but back to these
original Creator Beings Themselves leaving in its wake an archetypal
struggle which still remains with you today, even though many of its
original participants have entered into and successfully survived
the healing process.
(to be continued)