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Savagery from civilization
Watching Katrina should remind us of one very profound aspect of
life, and the lie that civilization continues to develop:

From Vol 1, available in the Files section of this group

"After cataclysms such as pole shifts, floods, and the breakup of
continents have destroyed earth's past civilizations, the survivors
have had great difficulty in preserving any of their higher
civilization, but rather they have had to revert back to a survival
level in which the basics of life had to be met first, basics such as
food, clothing, and shelter.

Colonel James Churchward, on the other hand, is adamant that,
contrary to scientific beliefs about the origins of
mankind, "savagery came out of civilization, not civilization out of
savagery." He asserts that he is not alone in this stand, "for it is
only those who know nothing of savages who maintain that civilization
emerged from savagery."

"The assertion that the more crude and primitive a stone arrow or
spear head is, the more highly civilized were the people who made
them, may seem illogical on its face; but think?carry your mind back
to ancient times, and see how man was repeatedly robbed of everything
except his bare hands, and thrown entirely on nature's resources.
Tools and everything else were gone; absolutely nothing was left
except the brains and the fingers of the survivors. Without the
slightest knowledge of mechanics, these remnants had to commence
making tools out of nothing but the stones at their feet. Could
anything but the crudest forms be fashioned by them without
experience and without knowledge? I think not. To me, these crude
arrow and spear heads do not show savagery or a low civilization.
They show a high civilization passing down into savagery. Thus the
scientist's Paleolithic men were of a higher civilization than the
Neolithic men who followed them, and as the manufacture improved
these human beings went down."