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Seeing the Matrix
So many e-mails coming in these days address Universal problems that
so many are going through. Here is a key one as one more person exits
the Matrix and sees what it's really all about:

From: K
To: peter farley
Subject: Training question
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 00:29:36 -0700

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response to my last email... little problem
here....your insight/Guidance needed welcomed...

Things seem not what they appear. Those closest to me, are not who
they are "suppose" to be....

This is pure "gut instinct". My husband is not my husband.

What is going on? What do I do?
K . .

If you had been following the writings over the past few years you
would understand that what you are just beginning to see is the way
the world has always been, and you have been given the sight to see
that. First, calm down. You are just seeing what has always been so.
Every 'important' Lightworker has always been known and 'control
factors' put into their lives. Most women of this stature have
husbands, boyfriends, even family members who are in their lives
specifically to control them. IT is the nature of the War we are
fighting and have always been fighting. It is the purpose and nature
of what you and I and others have to let people know about, that they
are controlled, have always been controlled, and that the final
prison status of this planet is now being lowered into place so that
we will all be even more prisoners. It is the Matrix that you are
seeing for the first time, like Neo being pulled from its clutches to
finally see what life is truly like.
What can you do about it? That's your choice. So many of those I
have worked with on a similar situation are too scared, too . . . I
don't know the correct word . . to leave or to make a change or even
too help overcome this situation--EVEN THOUGH THEY SEE AND UNDERSTAND
All of this is going to change one way or another. The Spiritual
Hierarchy cannot allow the darkness which is controlling us and most
of the rest of this corner of universe to spread to the rest of
Creation, so either we all deal with it here --or elseTheyw ill take
care of it from There. We all came here to help--we are the cavalry
we are waiting for. Your only decision is whether you wnat to do the
work you came here to do or not. If you watch Invaders from Mars a
whole little town gets 'implanted', taken over by aliens and only the
little boy can see what is happening to those around and closest to
him, but we know the difference between who theyw ere and who they
now are.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers is very much the same way and it's
being remade into a newer version simply to get people to realize
what this world is really all about. It's a way of getting to the
general audience, but too many say well it's just a movie. It's not.
It IS the world around us and what is taking place.
Take a look at Bill Clinton since his heart operation. He is not the
same Being, but to clear him out of the way for Hillary's purpose
his 'old self' had to be "changed". John Roberts, the new Supreme
Court "Chief" Justice is an artificial intelligence. He is so good at
everything he does because he is just like Data on Star Trek.
Understand why he is being elevated to that postion here in
the 'final days'? The Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, is
also an artificial intelligence. He is the most boring man in
politics --anywhere --and that is exactly why, yet he was put into
place just because so many of the New World Order's operations have
been situated now on the Australiasian continent. and the Australian
people, just like here and everywhere else, bought into it because
they had no other choices.

What do you do? What are you choices? Leave and go where? Help
me . . that's wht so many have been asked or come here to do . but
they don't.

What you are doing with the training is a beginning. What you want
to do depends on you and what you are willijgb to do to help this
gloabl/Universal situation. All the help in Creation is waiting for
you to make up your mind and just ask for it and commit to one level
or another. The levl of Guidance and support you get depends on the
level of commitment you make. I and Theya re always here for you . .
whatever you need.

Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202


This excerpt helps us understand the difference in people's ability
to "see" and K's experience of 'seeing the MAtrix' surrounding her
when she steps up to a higher level of serving. It also gives us a
glimpse of what we are fighting this Spiritual Battle to achieve:

From The New Kingdom
. . . Presently small glimpses of the approaching new reality may be
had, as if through clear, bright windows or portals that occasionally
appear. Those who are sensitive and intuitive are beginning to
perceive with greater clarity and awe through the thinnest parts of
the veil that surrounds the Earth plane, directly into the sphere of
eternal Life itself. They are able to feel its holy breath, hear its
call, respond to it and so prepare themselves for the greater
Revelation and Grace to come. Such glimpses are generally brief and
fleeting; most last only a few seconds or minutes of sudden epiphany;
some may continue for hours, and in certain very special cases even
days or weeks. Yet one single moment of that Grace from above is able
to bestow such a profound blessing that all the concerns and tensions
of this life are instantaneously dissolved, and so a glimpse is all
that is required for the elated recipient to know and taste something
of the coming glory and divine accomplishment. At such times one's
faith and consecration may be strengthened a hundred-fold as one's
life is positively transformed. . .

. . . This is also the time that planet Earth herself has long
awaited: her birth into a higher expression of life, facilitated by
the cosmic energies and forces released by way of the precise
mathematical motion of the cosmic clockwork, the rotational
procession of the sun, the planetary spheres and the zodiac. The
Earth is soon to release all of the cumulative pressure that mankind
has placed upon her over millennia of abuse and misuse of her
resources for selfish ends. Soon all of her kingdoms will be restored
to their former virginal state, the Edenic state of pristine
wholeness and vibrant, health-promoting life. Once balance is
restored to the Earth and so is brought back into harmony with cosmic
law, it will again provide a stable and supportive matrix from which
the new humanity can reach upwards towards greater light, access the
higher spheres of life and so more readily attain the Goal of life.
On the old Earth the door leading to the Divine has for ages been
very obscured and closed to all but the most advanced souls due to
mankind's widespread pollution of body, mind and soul, and the highly
contagious atmosphere of selfishness, greed and fear that this has
engendered worldwide. The new Earth, free of all grossness and
impurity, will once more, like before, come into alignment with the
divine Plan, functioning again as a graceful sphere for divine
realisation; a world in which all inhabiting beings may pursue with
greater ease the sole purpose of life via the process of
Transfiguration. . ."