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self-punishment and forgiveness
Dealing with problems such as Lacey´s, the herpes that wracks her body continually, it is always good to look up the waking dream or energetic cause of such diseases in Louise Hay´s masterwork, You Can Heal Your Life.

For Lacey, the major causes of her herpes ´virus´ are :

Herpes (Simplex) - Burning to bitch. Bitter words left unspoken. Affirmation - I think and speak only words of love. I am at peace with life.

Herpes (other) - Mass belief in . . . the need for punishment. Public shame, belief in a punishing God. . . . Affirmation - My concept of God suports me. I am normal and natural. . . I am wonderful.

These were obvious to her in workign with her but to help overcome her own denial (as so many of us do that we could ever have worked for the darkside) we channeled Aristenna to give her some additional support in understanding her situation . . one that relates heavily still to many of yuo left here in the group.

Channeling for Lacey

9-23-08 through Sue Ann

Dear One,

The punishment that you think is being done to you from an outside source is no longer coming to you from the outside; believe it or not it is your own self-punishment for your cooperation with the darkside in so many of you past incarnations. Like so many other Higher Level Beings, you were persuaded to join forces with the darkside and to use your unique talents and abilities to further their agenda.

This lifetime you said \"NO!\" and have sought to use these abilities to help others, but you still have much guilt and grief over your past actions. You still deeply believe in the reward and punishment system and much like Sue Ann herself you are hoping if you are punished enough you will be free of this terrible guilt. You are therefore punishing yourself and allowing anyone else to do it for you as well. The FATHER does not use the reward and punishment system, in fact even the idea cannot exists within HIS LIGHT. LOVE and Forgiveness, surrender and service to Higher Will and making amends are the way of the FATHER.

In the parable of the prodigal son, did the father punish his son when he returned home after squandering his ´talents?´ No, he welcomed him home with LOVE and forgiveness. This is how the FATHER welcomes us all back Home, with infinite LOVE and forgiveness; and if HE can LOVE and forgive us then we must also be able to LOVE and forgive ourselves.

This self-forgiveness must be done before you will be able to truly LOVE and help anyone else. Your self-hatred will be passed along with any healing work you do for others, so if you are going to reach your full potential to help people you MUST forgive and heal yourself first.

The part you played in the past that has been causing you so much guilt was you involvement in creating the DNA for the slave race on planet Earth. You helped separate the DNA so that the people would become ´happy´ slaves and never evolve beyond that level. You were persuaded to do this even though in your heart you knew it was wrong. You have regretted it ever since, and since you did not know how to fix it or make it right you have simply been punishing yourself ever since in one way or another hoping this would eventually erase your feelings of guilt.

The good news is you are in control of this punishment, not some outside force, and you can stop it at anytime you wish. Understand and accept that at the time you were not strong enough to resist the darkside and that you made a mistake. You must accept these now as mistakes that you have learned from, and forgive those who influenced you, but mostly you must forgive yourself of having made mistakes that you would never make again.

On Peter´s website is a forgiveness exercise that We strongly suggest you do over the next few days. This is a very good beginning for dealing with the past of this lifetime but can be applied even to your soul life. Use you HIGHEST Guidance to help you get to as much of what is causing you this guilt and self-recrimination. Spend the time that is needed to work through as much as possible during this time.

We are also always available to help you in anything you need.

With Great LOVE and Understanding,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

From RAJ: Lacey's past life issues with punishment and control manifesting in herpes and other problems in this lifetime she blames 'exterior' things for.

Dear One,

Lacey's past life issues with punishment and control which are now manifesting as herpes and other problems are related to her position in past lives of being the one who had to exercise control over certain groups of beings and used punishment to achieve that control.

Her body has taken control of a punishment mechanism that manifests when she exerts control over things she has no business trying to control. She carries a victim attitude due to not knowing and not now accepting her role in her own maladies. She cannot control. She can only change herself.

Look at the nature of the dis-ease. It can be dormant for many years and suddenly an outbreak will come on. It is a viral parasite creating sores and discomfort but most of all engendering the feelings of being a pariah in the host. The emotional and psychological effects can be more devastating than the disease much the way a torture victim is also emotionally and psychologically devastated. Death becomes a longed for release. Control and punishment, though somewhat subtler than torture, have the same effect on the mind and heart especially when practiced for years with periods of quiet, yet raging with undertones of punishment and anger. This creates a perpetual fear and unease. Eventually everything reaches a crescendo and the punishment commences.

You might say " why don't they leave or run away"- A prisoner can't and neither can a slave. They must be released from the bonds of their captor first, for even if they leave they still live in fear and victim mode. They may have escaped but they aren't free. This works in reverse as well. As long as the captor feels some kind of right to treat them badly they will continue to be connected to them throughout various life times reversing the roles occasionally but the connection remains until the soul learns to let go and forgive. The soul may even develop a shame attitude expressed in the manifestation of various diseases designed to imitate the mind and heart problem it had inflicted upon others.

So then enter karma and retribution. What goes around comes around. The abuser becomes the abused and the victim becomes the victor. Is it really that easy? No. It is not enough that one suffer for what they did or to be able to switch the tables as it were. No. One must learn the lesson and stop the cycle., being neither abused nor abusing. Pay back is not justice being served; it is a terrible cycle of pain and misery being perpetuated.

This can only end when the soul finally heals itself and grows through the lessons instead of being caught in a loop of retribution. The soul must find within itself the ability to truly forgive - to forgive yourself the atrocities you have perpetrated and to also forgive the atrocities perpetrated upon by others, to be able to see the divinity in the core of all and to know that you also contain that divinity within your own core; that regardless of where the soul is on its path the end goal remains the same; to find the Love, Light and Sound of the FATHER and to once again know the joy of being connected and realizing that in truth it was never separated if only the self could see beyond its immediate surroundings. To know that in the great spiral dance of the multi-helix Being, one is to raise their own vibration. The higher the vibration the easier it is to hear and be aware of the connection to the FATHER. When you can hear the will of the FATHER and act accordingly the cycle stops because the soul knows the truth that to harm another is to harm one's self.

So how does one deal with current issues and problems - by recognizing one's role in it and releasing it. Making amends and righting wrongs when possible, forgiving and asking forgiveness. Know the FATHER has already forgiven you and has only Love for you and always had only Love for you. Find your past and forgive yourself. There is no blame to be placed. Learn the lesson and grow. Stop festering.

through Betsy