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Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 1/4
Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 1/4
Peter Farley

With so many levels of guidance going on out there, who should we
believe? From one of my mailing list:

"Peter, My life is devoted to reducing universal suffering and I
endeavor to work as an impersonal instrument of the Holy Spirit, yet
without tooting my horn and inflating my ego. Most my guidance is
from the small silent voice within although it is not infrequent that
I find signs or synchronicities in the external world. I've been
aware of guides since my teenage years and have had a number of
paranormal experiences. My guide or guides don't reveal themselves to
me however so naturally anything I find out about them is of
interest. I chose to not reveal the nature of my higher work over
the Internet, however . . ."

Guidance comes in many forms, intuition is that still small voice
within us which very soon can become a deafening roar if we learn to
listen to it and, like a radio tuner, amplify and clarify the words
and ideas being expressed to us by our Higher Self or a specific
level of guidance related to our level of commitment. Everyone I
teach to channel channels my guidanc ein the first 15 minutes and
their own within the first hour. It is always that simple to
listen . . if we really want to.

So much of what is channeled out there comes from what we like to
call 'Bob, from the Planet Neon'. Debates have raged about how much
of St. Germaine's channelings actually come from him . . and as was
told to me, only about 25 percent of what is attributed to him
actually comes from him. This points out the problem that so many
people have, humanity in general in fact, that we think anything out
there in the ethers is 'higher' than us and thus merits our
attention. In fact it points out people's lack of understanding of
the spirutal worlds all together, particularly the astral plane full
of mischievious little entities willing to call themselves any name
to play a joke on people. Think of Ghostbusters with more attitude.

Sadly, those who were some of the best channelers and who they were
channeling have all been corrupted, particularly Ramtha through J.Z.
Knight, and Barbara Marciniak. Everything on this planet gets co-
opted, that is its very true nature.

The Spiritual Hierarchy that work with and through me have personas
so to speak. Their individual names are listed in the Creation story
in Volume 1 of my six-volume history book. They always use the
words "WE' because They are the 'One and the Many' though I have
worked with each and every one of Them at varying stages of this
work. My day is comprised of listening and talking with Them every
minute of the day, waking and sleeping. This has been the training
They have put me through to completely surrender my will to the
Higher Will and Guidance.

As anyone who has spent time with me can verify, that means what to
eat, where to eat, when to eat, and everything in between, even to
what goes on in my dreamstate and beyond. THat is why I cna also see
the ehalth and everything I need to know about someone in a healing
session as well. That was and is my mission and as They have had me
write in the article on Surrender on my website, the quickest way to
ascension and even then to Mastership, for that is all a Master does--
surrender and then serve. That is not everyone's mission, though it
can be anyone's choice should they wish to go beyond where they are
at in their learning, their spiritual growth and their particular
mission here in this lifetime. Earth is the quickest pplace to become
a Master for truly it is an honors class for those of us who have the
willpower and Heart to learn here.

If it were easy, then everyone would be a Master. Surrender is only
100 percent. There is no 99 percent surrender, though that is still
a good step towards accomplishing total surrender. We all have to
start somewhere. For me, it was in total self-will, a subject the
Hierarchy will be having me write about a lot in the next few months
and years since in researching (through daily life) the existence and
character of Lucifer, that is what he is 'unbridled, uncontrolled
self-will.' That is the element of Lucifer in all of us, the part we
all like to blame on the 'devil'. While Lucifer and Enjliou and
Callia may have created the flaw in Creation by using self-will
instead of Higher Will to create, we as individual sparks of the one
Soul, have all taken this flaw and built it into the darkness which
now threatens to engulf our world and everything around it.