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self will vs higher will
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 04:34:43 -0700

Good morning. I am at the point in my life, where everything I believed or lived
was stripped away and I am left with a clean slate and I want to live my life
fully. I learned that old cliche\' life\'s too short is true and I don\'t want to
waste anymore time not being who I truly can be. My youngest son was born with
birth defects. The first week he was alive, he was in a coma and everyday the
doctors would tell me it didn\'t look good. I hardly spoke. I just sat by his
side and held his hand. Friday morning, I woke up and my thoughts was clear. It
said talk to him tell him to stay. I walked to the hospital and he had gotten
worse. They needed to do a blood transfusion and the talk was for me to just let
him go. I leaned over and told him that I needed him here with me. I loved him.
He had to come home with me. I would never ask anything else of him, but he had
to wake up. A few hours later, he woke up. Was that my higher self, or just my
common sense? I made alot of bad decisions when it came to his care. Now I
broken and lack self confidence. I want to be the person I can be and live the
life that I deserve. Psychics are alright, but do you need a psychic if you are
control of your destiny? Thanks for listening.

Peter: You did something selfish and now you\'re \'paying\' for that choice. It\'s
what most people wnat out of spirituality, all they can get for themselves, now
what is for the highest good of all. It\'s all about self will vs higher will.
You come from self will then you\'re out there on your own with everyone else in
the Matrix learning your lessons and wasting your time going around on the
merry-go-round. You cna believe \"the Secret\' of being in control of your own
life but can u ever really do that without that higher spiritual perspective you
get from Guidance or through yoiur Higher Self -- which, no, is not in your body
and very rarely even well connected with most people. When one surrenders
self-will to service to higher will, then things are as they should be and it is
Spirit in charge of things not your mind, your ego, your desires. your . . .
loneliness. And that is how it will ALWAYS be until one learns to \'let go and
let God\' knowing that Guidance and Spirit only want better for you than you want
for yourself -- and want it for everyone else not just for you. You come from a
self-willed place and that\'s only the same old groundhiog Day lessons you will
get over and over again never even learning them until you like the character in
that movie, realize that life is forever and the only real purpose of existence
is to serve Others through Higher Will. You get when you give. When you take you
have things taken from you. The one lesson people in the female form have the
most difficulty learning is \'detachment\' -- the true secret of Mastery -- doign
the best you can under the circumstances in the name of the Highest -- and then
allowing Spirit to create and bring forward the results best for everyone. May
souls come to the planet and decide to leave because situations aren\'t right for
their continued growth here. Many souls have justa few lessons to learn and
then want to leave. Planet Earth has become a bottleneck in the entire
reincarnational cycle of Creation because, like you, too many souls get tied up
in karmic circumstances that won\'t allow them to progress on to othe rlearning
situations. It\'s a mess, and it\'s all about to change. If you cannot change with
the process then you will remain with the old process and the old learning
patterns that you seem to be refusing to learn. It\'s now or never to take that
quantum leap that will lift you and the others surrounding you into the new
progressio of the planet - or not, but that time is very short as the wheat is
being separated from the chaff right now with all that\'s going on, and those who
do not wish to serve as they agreed to coem here to do, will lose what they have
and be stuck back learning old lessons they\'ve been through so many times. If
this is seeming old and boring or mena to you now, wait until you\'ve been
through it a million more times -- then it will get even older. Your choice.
Step up and step forward and release some of those attachments to your old ways
of thinking and perceiving things, or not. NO judegment from Spirit of anyone
else, just your choice of how long you wnat to remain here buried in the muck
and mire of old learning ways. With love, Peter