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sexuality and the star wars bar
By Peter Farley -

There´s a big difference in how we live depending on the way we see the world around us. If we see only the Matrix created for us by the New World Order then we live and act in the ways proscribed for us by the ´laws´ set down by these dark energies. These laws, however, were created to shut down our spirituality, make us feel alone and cut off from other people and from our Creator, and to make us exist in a constant state of fear of doing anything out of the norm. We do not so much fear the law as we fear the judgement of others, our ´peers´.

To keep us all in line we have been told that it is a ´Leave it to Beaver´ world in which a husband and wife and 2 ½ kids live happily behind a white picket fence in suburbia and the husband goes off to work every day and comes home and eats dinner and cares for his kids and makes love with his wife and goes to sleep. And everyone has to fit into this artifice or anything else is ´abnormal´, ´perverted´ or ´aberrant behavior´.

If, however, one sees the Star Wars Bar that planet Earth truly is then normalcy and judgement goes out the window because all these myriad types of creature surrounding us come from totally different backgrounds, totally different ideas of what is normal (from their home planet or alien energy form), and totally different ways of perceiving reality. Turtle people do not have the same ideas about things as the Lion people or the Orion shape-shifters or the Fish people, and none of them certainly have ideas about life approximating those of the Grays or the Galactic criminals running rampant on the planet.

That´s why the biggest lie of all is the one perpetrated on us at birth, that is that we are all human.

When we have bought into the lie that we are all human then we judge ourselves by those standards. If we grow up in a so-called Christian country then, no matter what religion we perceive ourselves to be, we are influenced by a Christian concept of morality, of sin, of evil, of missionary position sex only for reproduction, and everything else is aberrant behavior. However, as any good look at the Christian bible will tell us and as the 9 volume history Guidance has had me write shows, these Beings and their actions portrayed in the Bible come from their very definitely alien backgrounds – particularly the Annunaki/Elohim habit of marrying their half sisters, partaking of incest, and a thousand other forms of sexual activity not considered normal for Christian human behavior.

Sex-Free Bible Spurs Controversy

Freehold, Iowa - After working with several church pastors for the better part of two years, James Montrose, principal of Landover Elementary School, announced last week that an abridged KJV Bible, omitting all references to illicit and deviant sex acts, has been finalized for use at the school next year. Montrose formally proposed to the Board of Deacons that the new Bible, roughly the size of a theater program, be required reading in all classes in place of the salacious unabridged version.

"It is beyond question that the Holy Bible, in unedited form, is simply not appropriate for children," observed Montrose in testimony to the Board. The unabridged Bible is loaded with passages describing in detail such disgusting topics as premature ejaculation (Leviticus 15:2-15; 22:3-5), wet dreams (Leviticus 15:16-18, 32), voyeurism (Leviticus 18:6-20); damaged testicles (Leviticus 21:20; Deuteronomy 23:1); people taking a dump in the middle of camp (Deuteronomy 23:12-14); hemorrhoids (1 Samuel 5:9; 6:4-5), people urinating on a wall (1 Samuel 25:22; 26:34; 1 Kings 14:10; 16:11; 21:22; 2 Kings 9:8), people eating their own feces and drinking their urine (2 Kings 18:27; Isaiah 36:12; Ezekiel 4:12, 15), menstruation (just about all of Leviticus), etc., etc., etc. And those are just from a few books I reviewed this morning. Some of these topics are too prurient even for an S&M club. In fact, many parts of the Good Book are so tawdry that the Bible would be the first book hurled into the flames at our weekly book burnings - were it not inspired by God, of course."

As Mark Twain once wrote of the Bible: "It is full of interest. It has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies. -- Mark Twain, Letters From the Earth" :

The Spiritual Hierarchy´s position on sexuality was very well and very simply put in Marco´s channeling of the Council of Light:

"Sexuality is also a part of the physical life that it is okay to express. As with any thing else here it´s also important to hold in balance. The sexual energy is increasing so it´s important to also let this strong energy flow. Some want and will transform this energy to a higher energy, others express it physically, there is no right or wrong, just keep it all in balance and don´t disappear
in it.

"The melting together of two souls mostly holds a strong healing strength, and frees the spirit and body. In other words, sex is good for you when in balance and the right combination of energies; so enjoy it not only out of desire and lust, but also with respect, love, and within a celebration of one of the wonders of creation."

My own experience of Their position on this subject is that it is much more understanding of the planet Earth situation and what needs to take place to keep a person in balance here than anyone would expect. Worse than anything, They say, is living in the fear and guilt of feeling ´abnormal or aberrant´. This is self-judgement, not self-evaluation for the purposes of self-improvement. It is just one more aspect of the New World Order´s lies that destroy our self-esteem so we will not offer any resistance to their nefarious plans, thereby maintaining their dark control over all our futures.

Sexuality and its relationship to the New World Order, its roots stemming from the difficulties between our Creator Parents, and its manipulation by the Annunaki in their creation of a slave race, will all be dealt with in the final volume of my book Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? to be finished hopefully by the end of November.

In service, still,