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sexuality and the star wars bar - extended version
Sexuality and the Star Wars Bar

It has been said that ‘Man is never closer to God than when in the arms of a
woman’. As explained by the Nine, we have taken this to mean that we can reunite
with this oneness through sexual intercourse, and the more sex we have the

“For in the moment of sexual exchange it is the one moment in your physical life
when you attain the oneness of your Creator. It is that time and moment which is
sought . . . (and) has debased the purpose of sex . . . And because the founders
of religion knew the truth of this returning, and did not wish the masses to
attain it also, they forbade it, and thereby made it dominant.”

In truth, this statement simply means that the uniting of the two energies of
male and female with the neutral force of the FATHER makes us whole again. This,
however, primarily needs to be done within our own beings, each and every one of
us, for we cannot find IT outside ourselves, nor through any other person as so
many of us try to do. Our SOULMATES are our HIgher Selves, the other half of
what we find ourselves in the physical, indeed even existing as the opposite

Thus the first step to achieving this goal of \'completion\' is self
responsibility. The second step is to go within, for we are never really
separated from the FATHER, we just choose to turn our backs and ignore HIM.

Guilt and fear are the two factors most used against the human race by those who
would seek to enslave it. The Catholic Church gets its powers from the doctrine
of original sin, when the word ‘sin’ simply means ‘without’. There is no sin;
there is only the Universal Law of Balance or ‘the reaping of what you sow’.
This idea of maintaining balance in one’s life is expressed in The Philokalia:

“For these reasons every man should make it his whole concern to guard his
senses and his thoughts, so as not to devise or do anything that does not seem
to be in accordance with God’s will. Let him prepare himself patiently the
things that befall him at the hands of men and demons, whether these things are
pleasant or unpleasant. Neither the one nor the other should excite him or make
him give way either to senseless joy and presumption, or to dejection and

Because Sex is such a big hangup and control factor still for \'spiritual
people\', Guidance has asked me to repost this article and add some to the end of

Sexuality and the Star Wars Bar
By Peter Farley -

There´s a big difference in how we live depending on the way we see
the world around us. If we see only the Matrix created for us by the
New World Order then we live and act in the ways proscribed for us by
the ´laws´ set down by these dark energies. These laws, however, were
created to shut down our spirituality, make us feel alone and cut off
from other people and from our Creator, and to make us exist in a
constant state of fear of doing anything out of the norm. We do not
so much fear the law as we fear the judgement of others, our ´peers´.

To keep us all in line we have been told that it is a ´Leave it to
Beaver´ world in which a husband and wife and 2 ½ kids live happily
behind a white picket fence in suburbia and the husband goes off to
work every day and comes home and eats dinner and cares for his kids
and makes love with his wife and goes to sleep. And everyone has to
fit into this artifice or anything else is ´abnormal´, ´perverted´ or
´aberrant behavior´.

If, however, one sees the Star Wars Bar that planet Earth truly is
then normalcy and judgment goes out the window because all these
myriad types of creature surrounding us come from totally different
backgrounds, totally different ideas of what is normal (from their
home planet or alien energy form), and totally different ways of
perceiving reality. Turtle people do not have the same ideas about
things as the Lion people or the Orion shape-shifters or the Fish
people, and none of them certainly have ideas about life
approximating those of the Grays or the Galactic criminals running
rampant on the planet.

That´s why the biggest lie of all is the one perpetrated on us at
birth, that is that we are all human.

When we have bought into the lie that we are all human then we judge
ourselves by those standards. If we grow up in a so-called Christian
country then, no matter what religion we perceive ourselves to be, we
are influenced by a Christian concept of morality, of sin, of evil,
of missionary position sex only for reproduction, and everything else
is aberrant behavior. However, as any good look at the Christian
bible will tell us and as the 9 volume history Guidance has had me
write shows, these Beings and their actions portrayed in the Bible
come from their very definitely alien backgrounds – particularly the
Annunaki/Elohim habit of marrying their half sisters, partaking of
incest, and a thousand other forms of sexual activity not considered
normal for Christian human behavior.

Sex-Free Bible Spurs Controversy
\"Freehold, Iowa - After working with several church pastors for the
better part of two years, James Montrose, principal of Landover
Elementary School, announced last week that an abridged KJV Bible,
omitting all references to illicit and deviant sex acts, has been
finalized for use at the school next year. Montrose formally proposed
to the Board of Deacons that the new Bible, roughly the size of a
theater program, be required reading in all classes in place of the
salacious unabridged version.

\"It is beyond question that the Holy Bible, in unedited form, is
simply not appropriate for children,\" observed Montrose in testimony
to the Board. The unabridged Bible is loaded with passages describing
in detail such disgusting topics as premature ejaculation (Leviticus
15:2-15; 22:3-5), wet dreams (Leviticus 15:16-18, 32), voyeurism
(Leviticus 18:6-20); damaged testicles (Leviticus 21:20; Deuteronomy
23:1); people taking a dump in the middle of camp (Deuteronomy 23:12-
14); hemorrhoids (1 Samuel 5:9; 6:4-5), people urinating on a wall (1
Samuel 25:22; 26:34; 1 Kings 14:10; 16:11; 21:22; 2 Kings 9:8),
people eating their own feces and drinking their urine (2 Kings
18:27; Isaiah 36:12; Ezekiel 4:12, 15), menstruation (just about all
of Leviticus), etc., etc., etc. And those are just from a few books I
reviewed this morning. Some of these topics are too prurient even for
an S&M club. In fact, many parts of the Good Book are so tawdry that
the Bible would be the first book hurled into the flames at our
weekly book burnings - were it not inspired by God, of course.\"

As Mark Twain once wrote of the Bible: \"It is full of interest. It
has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-
drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity;
and upwards of a thousand lies. -- Mark Twain, Letters From the
Earth\" :

The Spiritual Hierarchy´s position on sexuality was very well and
very simply put in this channeling of the Council of Light from Marco:

\"Sexuality is also a part of the physical life that it is okay to
express. As with anything else here it´s also important to hold in
balance. The sexual energy is increasing so it´s important to also
let this strong energy flow. Some want and will transform this energy
to a higher energy, others express it physically, there is no right
or wrong, just keep it all in balance and don´t disappear in it.

\"The melting together of two souls mostly holds a strong healing
strength, and frees the spirit and body. In other words, sex is good
for you when in balance and the right combination of energies; so
enjoy it not only out of desire and lust, but also with respect,
love, and within a celebration of one of the wonders of creation.\"

My own experience of Their position on this subject is that it is
indeed much more understanding of the planet Earth situation and what needs to
take place to keep a person in balance here than anyone would expect. Worse than
anything, They say, is living in the fear and guilt of feeling ´abnormal or
aberrant´. This is self-judgement, not self-evaluation for the purposes of
self-improvement. It is just one more aspect of the New World Order´s lies that
destroy our self-
esteem so we will not offer any resistance to their nefarious plans,
thereby maintaining their dark control over all our futures.

Sexuality and its relationship to the New World Order, its roots
stemming from the difficulties between our Creator Parents, and its
manipulation by the Annunaki in their creation of a slave race, will
all be dealt with in the final volume of my book Where Were You
Before the Tree of Life? to be finished soon, hopefully.

In service, still,


Sex as we know it, and the desire we have created for it, does not exist on
other planets except for the interaction of some alien species with our own. Sex
has become a major means of controlling the people so has been used by everyone
from the government on down in order to get people to follow. This is especially
true of business, where marketing and advertising have built an unnatural
mystique around sex that has spawned an enormous economy around just this one
single aspect of life — sex.

With people so attached to the material world and to the enjoyment they think
they can derive from it this has created a situation where no one wants to
leave. This causes what the Council of Nine calls ‘soul-recycling’. For many
souls, each of these soul-recyclings then causes them to have greater and
greater desire and more and more enjoyment for even more of the pleasures of
life, especially for those addicted to sex and to power. This locks those souls
into the spirit-realms surrounding the planet, waiting to reincarnate, or
sometimes simply as astral entities sucking enjoyment through others
vicariously. These are the type of entities that cling on to so-called
pornographic websites and chatrooms etc that then attach themselves to viewers
in physical form and suck their pleasure from the humans involved with such
fare. This is no different from the entities that hang around bars waiting to
attach themselves to someone drinking, or entities that attach themselves in
varuious ways to drugs and anything else that can be a source of a \'high\' to
various \'Ghostbuster\' type entities.

This all leads to the fact that not only do we then have an individual balance
of payment problems, we also have a planetary balance of payments problem as

The experiment here on planet Earth of mixing so many alien races has gone
haywire, and the laboratory has been taken over by those lab rats who were
originally supposed to be part of the experiment. The closest example of this is
the recent movie version of H.G. Well’s classic novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau.
In it, the genetically altered and electronically manipulated, half-man
half-animal creations decide they no longer want to play by their creator’s
rules. The results are disastrous. So it is with planet Earth, and the
consequences it has on the rest of the Universe that are also disastrous as

This over-use or abuse of the procreative function has led proportionally to a
greater growth of bad feelings about ourselves. According to The Nine, it has
also created great guilt within us all. In due course, this guilt has only made
people more vulnerable to manipulation by those in power and those who seek to
control us. If people overindulge they become lazy and apathetic. They then
labor with the burden of being made to make their own decisions, maintain their
own standards, or even form their own conclusions about matters affecting
everyone. Over the course of time, this leads to a tendency to simply leave
things to the authorities, those who we think ‘know best’.

In any given news story on television in the newspaper or on radio, we are
always deluged with the opinions of experts, often people who don’t have a
practical lick of sense, and don’t really know a hill of beans about practical
applications of problems to real life situations. Yet, we have now come to rely
heavily on the opinions of these other so-called experts, but never look to our
own intuition and spiritually-guided reasoning faculties.

The corruption of the innocent joy of sexuality by guilt has also made it
increasingly difficult for people to gain access to the true happiness and
fulfillment possible in being incarnated here on Earth. This, the Nine say, has
created a carcinogenic battle going on within us between our libido and our

This situation strikes at the very heart of the Creation story since we are, for
the most part, already living the archetype of our Creator Parents, and are now
living the parental roles handed down from father to son and from mother to
daughter. The staggering increase in cancer rates over the past few decades is
not just from the pollution we live in and put in and on our bodies, but it is
even more so from the attitudes and emotions we hold within us, never feeling
comfortable enough to release, a vicious cycle that can be seen very clearly in
the health records of families and the predisposition of all of us to carry on
the suppression of emotions we in turn learned from our parents.

It is also a fact that the increasingly large population here on the planet tugs
at our self-image and makes us feel small in an ever-increasing world. This not
only brings us feelings of hopelessness, but also makes us feel that we are
incapable of ever doing anything on our own. Isn’t this an archetypal memory
from vague remembrances of existing in that Cosmic Sea of Soul — one among the
multitude? The realization that we need here to release this memory is that
everything we do and everything we think, goes on to make up the consciousness
of the whole. We are not just one small atom of life in a very large Borg-like
mentality — we are also the whole, in and of Itself, for it is possible to
connect with everyone else\'s experiences and learning which are also available
to us all.

We all have the creative power of the Universe behind us, and yet feel powerless
to even change our own little worlds. If we do not change and accept ourselves,
where then will the change in consciousness begin?

The Nine say it is the extremes of pleasure and pain that most affect the Soul,
and the inability of one to get out of our own way in this heavy gravitational

“When you remove self from self, it creates an unblocking so the emotional
gravitational density can be relieved, and the true reality may be viewed . . .
If we do not want to take the responsibility for freeing ourselves in thought or
in emotions, then it is just too easy for us to say it is not possible.”

Planet Earth is the ONLY planet in Creation where beings \'mate\' the
way we do and have sexual organs such as we do, yet still the one underlying
influence on all of us with regards to sex is the alien-human interaction from
our Creation and subsequent \'raping\' by the gods ever since.

Zecharia Sitchin has exhaustively analyzed the Sumerian creation stories and
concludes that the tale of a god’s body being mixed with clay probably referred
to some form of biological engineering. He supports his surprising conclusion by
pointing to the Sumerian tablets which state that the first humans were bred in
the wombs of female “gods,” for according to the tablets, the gods had both male
and female bodies, and bred by sexual intercourse. This was not true to every
extent, however, since the Annunaki had to be made \"compatible\" with humans
later on, and were in fact egg producers much like reptiles here on Earth.
Sitchin believes that the “clay” was a special substance that could be inserted
into a womb, perhaps something we might say was an artificial egg. That
substance held the genetically-engineered cells of the new slave creature, Homo
sapiens. Interestingly, modern scientists have now bred related animals in a
similar fashion, such as the zebra in the womb of a horse.

Alien traditions have even been handed down to us in such wedding traditions as
those of the Mormon religion where, according to the Mormon version for the
bride, the only way to get through to the higher worlds is by Celestial Marriage
to the husband who “knows” you and will pull you through \'the veil\' to the other
side, grasped at the five points of fellowship exactly as described in
FreeMasonic rituals.

This is a hand-me-down, not just from the ancient mysteries, but is a direct
link with the Hierogamous, the symbolic ‘marriage to the alien Gods’. In these
Celestial Marriages, the temple virgins or “brides of the Gods” were rubbed with
oil and blessed with frankincense and myrrh in order to raise their vibrations,
and then were “pulled through” to the fourth-dimensional Twilight Zone area at
the top of the temple by the god, to lay waiting on the bed provided. A great
alien space-god would then come to her, have sex with her, and depart.

I cannot tell you how many people, particularly women, that I ahve dealt with
who are still dealing with abuse and sexual use by some form of reptilian
presences in their lives.

In the old days, the temple or House of God was nothing more than a bordello, a
brothel for the gods as I have discussed in my books with relation to the
Annunaki of ancient Sumeria. In the Temple Endowment Ceremony of the Mormons,
the Mormon “god” named Elohim comes into the drama — Elohim being the name given
to the angels who fell, the sons who came to earth to mate with the daughters of
men. As already suggested in my books, the FreeMasons, and those subsequently in
touch with it, have always had some idea of our alien history.

Somehow, through his introduction to the ancient Mysteries in FreeMasonry,
Joseph Smith, and therefore the Mormon Church, managed to preserve this mating
in the temple with “the gods” as a part of their own wedding ceremony.

In a photo of the original Celestial Room located at the top of the Mormon
Temple in Salt Lake City, there are chandeliers and couches, and even one chair
facing another in the style of a loveseat. There is also to be seen behind a big
cordoned off veil, what looks almost like a bedroom with a kind of cover behind
a big four-poster bed. The general impression created is that of a whorehouse
built to entertain the gods rather than a place of worship. And this is the
climatic destination of a Mormon woman who is married in the temple!

References to the space-god wedding ceremony and these kinds of furnishings in
the Holy of Holies in the original temple can be found in the Gnostic Scriptures
in the Gospel According to Philip:

An allegory of the temple: entry into the bridal chamber

“At present we have access to the visible aspects of creation. We say that they
are what is mighty and glorious, while hidden things are powerless and
contemptible. Are the hidden aspects of truth like this? Are they powerless? And
are they contemptible? No, rather these hidden aspects are mighty, glorious.

“Now, the mysteries of truth are manifestly representations and images. Thus the
bedroom is hidden away: this stands for the holy within the holy. For,
originally the veil concealed how god controls creation; but when the veil is
torn and what is inside appears, then this building will be left desolate or,
rather, be destroyed. And all deity will flee from here; but it will not flee
into the holy [of] holies, for it cannot mix with unalloyed [light] and the
fullness that has no [defect]. . . Thus perfect things were opened to us, along
with the hidden aspects of truth. And the holies of holies was uncovered. And
the bedroom invites us in.”

Again, this sounds very much like the curtain behind which the true Wizard of Oz
hid while pulling the strings on the demonic faces. The unalloyed light refers
to sunlight outside that filtered by the kind of glass made for the Gothic
Cathedrals – that which is made with white-powdered gold.

Reception of the garment of light (through the use of the shem-an-na, the
white-powder gold that was the chosen hallucinogenic of the gods):
“EVERY PERSON who [enters] the bedroom will kindle the [light] For [. . .] like
the marriages that are [. . .] be night. The fire [. . .] night, is
extinguished. However, the mysteries of that marriage are performed in day and
light; and that day, or rather its light, does not set. If someone becomes a
bridegroom’s attendant, that person will receive the light. If one does not
receive it while here, one cannot receive it elsewhere.

“Whoever receives that light will be invisible and cannot be restrained. And
nothing can harass such a person even while living in the world. And,
furthermore, when that person leaves this world, he or she has already received
the truth in the form of images, and the world has already become the eternal
realm. For, to this person the eternal realm is fullness and as such, is
manifest to him or her alone—hidden not in darkness and night but hidden in
perfect day and holy light.”

The revelation concerning Mormon Celestial Marriage, Section 132 of the Doctrine
and Covenants, given at Nauvoo, IL on July 1, 1843, wasn’t included in Doctrine
and Covenants for 33 years until 1876, one of the many changes evident in early
Mormon Church works necessitated by circumstances.

Also reminiscent of the Annunaki space-gods and their stay in Sumeria are the
Palm Trees (the Sumerian ‘Tree of Life’) carved into the stones on the side of
the Latter-day Saints world headquarters building located opposite the temple in
Salt Lake City.

A ‘vision’ had by Joseph Smith and Sydney Rigdon on Feb 16, 1862, concerning the
church of the “firstborn” and “the economy of God” sounds very much like a
reference to the blue-blooded offspring of these alien gods and their human
partners, and also reminds one of the Nazi claims of their original Aryan race.

Durham mentions a letter that Heber C. Kimball wrote to Parley P. Pratt in which
Kimball states:

“Brother Joseph says Masonry was taken from the Priesthood, but has become
degenerated . . . We have the true Masonry.”

Of a letter written by Joseph Smith to a Mr. John Hull, a Congregational
minister who had been active in Masonry “for over 40 years [and] . . . had held
office in Masonry up to and including Worshipful Master of the Lodge,” Durham

“The entire two-page letter clearly demonstrates that Mormonism and Masonry were
related and that Joseph used Masonry and apparently had no qualms in doing so.
It is also clear in the letter that the Kingdom of God was thought to be the
true Masonry, which, when ultimately established with a king and a president,
would abolish all earthly confusion and evil and usher in the Millennium.\"

The inclusion of repressive sexual codes and thought forms have been placed into
every religion pretty much in order to keep the slave race of humans from
experiencing without guilt the one emotion our alien overlords most fear, Love.

In Barbara Clow\'s Signet of Atlantis she outlines the Atlantean technology of
control called television with which we are still being programmed, particularly
with regards to our sexual attitudes and the way we look at women:

\"All of us have been conditioned like laboratory animals. As for me, I was first
conditioned by television. I watched it for hours as a child. The sex and
violence caused strong destructive feelings. Later, the educational system
taught me that spiritual feelings are imaginary. Then when I studied to be a
scientist, I was conditioned to fear anything nonscientific—anything on the
Earth that is not controlled.\"

Living and writing in Roswell at the time of some atrocious crimes perpetrated
against women in the small New Mexico town of Truth or Cosnequences, one of my
contacts working for the New Mexico State Police had some of the evidence files
and was able to actually copy sketches made by the perpetrator, David Ray, at
that time he was awaiting trial. An oft-heard tale unfolded as the sketches he
had done revealed the most common image he liked to draw was that of of a
‘reptilian’ raping or abusing women.