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shaping creation
Note: This section shows how the particles or atoms of our existence are shaped and formed or transmuted under the direction of Soul\'s guidance of our thought and feeling components.

From Katz—Chapter 22

The physical body is made of atoms and their fundamental particles. These particles are manifestations of the positive, negative, and neutral qualities of Light and Sound. Light simply responds to what the Sound formulates. Therefore, atoms are not particles of matter at all, but formulations of energy. When they are amassed in particular combinations, these energy packets are perceived as solid, material forms.

Another energetic component of the body is its blueprints. Blueprints organize the formulations of energy and direct their function. (Note: This is called morphogenetic field theory in modern day science). Blueprints blocked and clouded by negative, entangled, or misaligned energies serve a purpose. They teach Soul the lessons It needs to be free of Its lower bodies and return to the Golden Kingdom. They help It correct spiritual imbalances and immaturities, which caused the disharmony to manifest. Blueprints also link Soul to its lower bodies, including the physical. Without this connection, people might choose to leave their physical bodies when life became difficult, in the hope that the after-life would bring joy.

Actually, the more difficult Soul\'s experience in life, the more rigidly It is attached to the physical body. Conversely, an individual in harmony with his or her lower bodies will experience life as a fluid reality-agreement. The connection between Soul and the physical body is supple and free.

The ability to explore heaven and move among the lower bodies lies in direct proportion to one\'s neutrality (DETACHMENT). True spiritual masters have mastered this neutral state to move at will from one arena of consciousness to another. (Note: Surrender brings about this state of neutrality because one is not attached to outcomes.)

Therefore, if you are in the face of great difficulties, whether they are illnesses or disharmonies with loved ones, business associates, or friends; if your mind is wrought with confusion or your emotions are knots of grief, jealousy or anger, take heart. Your salvation from these states lies in your ability to become neutral.

Relax and recognize you are not your physical body, your tumultuous emotions, nor the machine, which is your mind. You are Soul.

Soul has physical and subtle bodies because It has made an agreement with Its Creator. Soul was not forced to take on lower bodies. This narrow view of life is sometimes adopted to shirk responsibility for difficulties. `Ah,\' some say, `it wasn\'t me who wanted these problems. No, it was God. God demanded that I take on these lower bodies and because I am God\'s servant, I obeyed. So, here I am. Woe is me\' (the victim state of consciousness — or irresponsibility).

Soul, thou art not a servant of God nor are ye God Itself. Thy destiny is to be a co-worker with It.

To attain such a position, you go to school. Liken this to a son or daughter who aspires to be a full partner in his or her father\'s law firm. Let\'s assume the ambition is not just born of family tradition. It is born out of Soul\'s desire to pursue that goal.

Such a child cannot become a partner in a law firm without the proper schooling. He or she must pass all the necessary years of classes and then graduate. The school knowledge is first put into practice during an apprenticeship. As experience gradually builds in the `real world\' of law, the son or daughter rises through the ranks of the law firm as a full attorney.

Eventually the lawyer is seasoned by experience, toughened by failure, and encouraged by successes and accomplishments. He or she gains stamina after learning the value of persistence and unfaltering attention to a goal. Only then, perhaps, will the son or daughter become eligible for partnership. This period of eligibility, however, may stretch on for some years without apparent fruition.

During these years, the candidate\'s focus on the goal must be at the forefront of both heart and mind. Others with seemingly less experience and achievements may attain partnership first. Patience and a true love for the law are tested and developed during this period.

Finally the candidate passes all the inner and outer tests leading to the goal. The partnership committee and his or her father, who is the president of the firm, grant a full partnership in the law office.

Soul is the child who wishes to work in partnership with Its Creator, (which actually has no gender). The position of partnership represents a state of consciousness called God. Realization. Soul may periodically visit this state for many years. But when It finally dwells there, It is recognized as a co-worker with God.

To fulfill this goal, Soul willingly takes on lower bodies and attends the earthly academy of life. While there, each spiritual achievement signifies the completion of a cycle of intensive schooling. Each represents more advanced levels of education. At the Fifth Spiritual Achievement, it is finally time for Soul to `practice\' what It has learned.

To further the partnership analogy, Soul\'s classrooms are all Its many lifetimes and experiences in the lower worlds. There It unfolds Its relationship with Its lower bodies. Eventually It becomes aware of Its true nature and relationship with Spirit and Its Creator. This is Self-Realization.

But this understanding, or awakening, is not all that is required. It is only one graduation. Now Soul must enter into life, in the same way the law student must apprentice with the partners in the firm. Soul must apply what it has learned to everyday life.

Can It survive the attention-detractors? Can It keep Its goal—the God-Conscious state—clearly in mind? It requires unwavering attention and loyalty.

Self-Realization, which Soul can enter fully at the Fifth Spiritual Achievement, is only a step. One must master more and more of the tools Spirit has provided for unfoldment. These include the lower bodies themselves. Gradually Soul works more and more directly with the Sound and Light Current, while mastering balance, control, and beingness in Its physical, emotional, causal, mental, and subconscious bodies.

At times, mastership may seem an eternity away, as you continue to practice co-workership. With so many lessons to sort out from Soul\'s past incarnations, it seems there can\'t possible be more to learn. Yet life repeats situations you thought you\'d mastered before.

If you feel this way, you probably have learned certain parts of a lesson. But a cycle will return until you have mastered it fully. Each time it touches your life, you have another opportunity to expand your viewpoint and advance on the spiritual path.

In your despair while going through these experiences, you learn patience, yes.

But the true lesson behind the grief, the feelings of abandonment and the questioning, is that of neutrality. Soul must become a loving force for this great quality and characteristic of Spirit Itself: loving detachment.

There is a prayer one can say, to invoke this spirit or state. It is to simply whisper, `Thy will be done\', as each event or situation arises in life. This allows Spirit to enter the liquid moment and uplift it.

Eventually, Soul learns how to partake of all experiences without getting caught up in them; to be in the lower worlds but not of them. The individual does this by keeping his heart open to the divine love of the Creator.

After wanting God-Consciousness and co-workership with God more than life itself, even these goals must be released. This is a crucial test, to be detached not only from what one lives and dies for, but from the purpose of life itself. When this final attachment is released, a flood of Divine Spirit consumes Soul, in glorious admittance into true co-workership.

At this point, it might seem Soul\'s long story, which has spanned thousands and thousands of ages, has come to a close. But the entrance into an order of spiritual masters is only another chapter in Its story. There is always a plus element to Soul\'s unfoldment. Soul constantly extends Its awareness into greater and greater realms of consciousness. There are many spiritual goals beyond that of mastership.

Now Soul\'s goals are no longer personal. It works for the good of the entire law firm, to continue our analogy. The new partner now confers with the head of the firm to carefully formulate the overall design of his job. All the details of crating an effective and successful practice are worked out with each of the other partners, both individually and collectively.

In this uncharted territory, Soul\'s journey becomes entirely unique. During schooling, apprenticeship, and early lessons, just as at a school. Fellow Souls share similar experiences, although from an individually tailored viewpoint. But once Soul becomes a full-fledged member of the partnership, It walks on new creative ground.

It is impossible to speak of the journey of Soul beyond the Golden Kingdom. Indeed, the heart of God lies far beyond this heavenly point. Although the path may be charted in the beginning, the further It reaches into God Consciousness, the less traveled it becomes. There is only Divine Spirit to rely upon, calling Soul ever home to God.

The Light and Sound Current provide Soul with all It needs. The Light illuminates Its path, and keeps It moving forward. The Sound is the path itself. It helps Soul stay in balance on the razor\'s edge of life. Soul learns the value of not leaning too far to the right nor to the left, but staying in the middle ground of strong and loving neutrality.

When this neutrality is allowed to flow freely through It, Soul takes on the qualities of a powerful gyroscope. It can not be easily swayed or knocked over. The more Soul seats Itself in this force, the stronger and broader its service as a vehicle for God. Its spinning vortex becomes so refined nothing can move It from Its course and mission.

As the Golden Kingdom comes into conscious focus, the individual begins to recognize the Light and Sound of God as the only reliable direction in his lower worlds. However, as long as he lives in the lower worlds and lower bodies, Soul must deal with many distractions. It must consciously and constantly work at communication with the Divine.

The coarse vibrations of the lower bodies prevent direct communication with the undivided Spirit Current. Instead, Soul\'s sheaths must communicate and work directly with the Light and Sound, as it manifests dually in the lower worlds. After all, the lower bodies are comprised of these same dual energies.

Those who wish to communicate directly with Spirit can start by learning to work with Light and Sound. Eventually, Soul learns to open Itself to pure, undivided Spirit and communicate with It directly.

Regardless of where Soul is on Its path to Self- and God-Realization. It works best with the Light and Sound Current by surrendering to It. Detachment and loving neutrality are required for this surrender. The greater one\'s expression of neutrality, the greater one\'s ability to surrender. Then Spirit, in the form of light and Sound, can easily flow through the individual, facilitating clear communication between Itself and Soul.

This clear communication often manifests subconsciously through creative expression. A person might be oblivious to his spiritual unfoldment. Yet his uplifting ability to create reveals a true connection with God. Creativity is merely spiritual energy in expression.

Spiritual mastery is mastery of Spirit. It occurs when Soul enters into a conscious, intimate agreement with the forces that created It. These forces are the Light and Sound of God. It then works consciously with these divine currents.

As one nears spiritual mastership, he becomes more creative about how he lives each moment. This creativity is as valid a measure as any of his abilities to work with Spirit. It may manifest in artwork or writing, or less tangible gifts like happiness, a facility for business, or a loving relationship. The ultimate creativity is to make each moment on of inspiration—to polish it until it shines like a diamond. No matter the manifestation, a concentrated focus of creative love is the mark of a master or a mater-to-be.

The first goal of a spiritual apprentice is to find his true spiritual identity. Then he must operate the lower bodies as best he can from this viewpoint. How can he find this identity? Where does Soul exist? In the heart? No and yes. Soul exists in the Golden Kingdom.

But, Soul also exists in the heart as love. We are not speaking here of physical or emotional love, but rather a God love, a divine love laced with gratitude and surrender. With this love, one can move beyond physical laws and limitations and view the lower worlds as a useful illusion.

The material realms are mocked up to help Soul become a co-worker with the Divine. Space, time, energy, and matter are gifts to Soul, for Its benefit. These elements of the lower worlds only exist for Soul\'s use.