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shasta s gates opened‏
6-11-07 through Sue Ann

Dear One,
WE want to add more information about what was accomplished at Mt.
Shasta. The eighth and ninth gates were opened which is the
equivalent to the launching of the planet into ascension. A new
reality is now able to be made for the planet; something that has
never been done before on this planet -- a reality based solely on

The gates were the closed doors to ascension, more like the
floodgates that have held this planet back for eons. The energies
that will now pour into the planet will power her into the new
paradigm. These gates, all nine of them, were the controlling
factors that the darkside used to keep the planet from Her natural
ascension process. The opening of theses gates and the stored power
behind them will catapult the planet onto a fast-track ascension
route. That is why it was so important for the darkside to keep
them closed down so planet Earth would not ascend.

WE are most grateful for all of those who helped with the process of
getting them open.

With Much LOVE and Gratitude,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

And one member of the group\'s experience prior to the closing down
of the gates:

\"I just though I tell you this thing that I experienced last time
just after I spoke with you. When we spoke about me doing the grid
points here and you joked about swapping jobs with Mt Shasta. Well
that evening or perhaps it was early morning when I went to bed just
before nodding off I had a lucid dream and I momentarily projected
my consciousness to Mt Shasta. Guidance pushed me there, it wasn\'t a
conscious move. I don\'t want to scare anyone but to tell it as I saw
it: I saw a snake-like creature swimming through the air coming my
way as if noticing my presence and a moment later another one except
this one was a dragon type - they were big and at that moment I
consciously pulled my self out. They were definitely aware of my
presence - although it occurred for just a few seconds perhaps 10
seconds at tops, they were alerted like those guard dogs who can
sniff you a mile away. It was not at ground level, somewhere where I
was approaching the Mountains in the air. Soon as those creatures
approached me my consciousness was pulled back to my body and I