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Short Cuts
Everything that you think and do takes you closer or farther away from
the center of light and love. When you do what you call cheating or
taking shortcuts, you do not feel strong within your self, yet you
continually do this. You think that you are not strong enough and so
you compensate by cheating; however if you would forego the cheating,
you would be strong enough. Each difficult action accomplished would
fortify your knowledge of your strength. Each chink in your armor
increases your likelihood of fearing for your safety.

You neither trust yourself or us to keep the bargain so to speak. In
your mind you say, if I surrender, I want a guarantee that I will then
be safe, protected and happy. We say we love you and will help when
you ask, but we do not guarantee that you will not have to make some
difficult choices or do some things that your egoic self may find
distasteful. We may direct you to a job where you are uncomfortable
yet the goal there would be learn something that is good for you. Once
you have learned that you may go to a different kind of work that is
more compatible. But you do not trust us to direct you where it is
best for you. You want to stipulate what you will and are not willing
to do. If so, you are tying our hands, so to speak and we cannot help
you. It is only when you are willing to be guided, without conditions
that we can help.

We have your best interest at heart, but you seem not to know what is
in your highest interest right now. It is in your best and highest
interest to grow spiritually as fast as you can. This may mean doing
something distasteful like uprooting yourself from where you are and
moving to an entirely new location. You have done this before, why do
you balk now? You let the idea of not having enough money surface but
behind that is a wish to control your surroundings. You equate money
with the power to control circumstances. In your world, this is so to
some extent, but it is not of the essence. You simply do not have the
perspective to control all that is going on around you and then do
what is best for you. We do have that perspective so why do you not
want to utilize it?

If you had a better perspective you would be grateful for where you
are now and for our guidance and protection. It is impossible for you
to realize how much worse things could be for you right now were it
not for our help in your life. We do not demand that you be grateful,
but in gratitude is a power for more grace and a better flow to your life.

So we say to you, Surrender unconditionally to serve the highest,
Trust completely in our guidance and your ability to follow it, and be
Grateful for all that comes into your life thereafter. There are
people to love that you have not even met yet and there are more who
will not even know about you who will benefit by your decision. Do you
want to help these people?

With great love,

Aristenna and the Council of Light