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simple mastery
Simple Mastery
From an excerpt from Volume 8 of my history of Creation posted in my own group:

\"Everything we do here on planet Earth in our overriding spiritual
lessons is to find that inner strength and balance of uniting the two
aspects of ourselves into one finely tuned instrument with the help of the
neutral force that is Spirit. When one finds one\'s self in this rare and
precarious state one finds that one does not have quite the same urge for
partnership or relationships as the normal being still searching for its other

To which a member responded with the following question:
So how do I get there, from here?
I feel like I have gone backwards rather then forward.
Do I not want it bad enough?

Joe posted this to the group and so Guidance will answer it in and for the
group because it gives Guidance an opportunity, as with every individual\'s
seemingly personal dilemna, to address the simplicity of surrender rather than

Something in people always wants them to seek the most difficult road toward any
given goal. I think this is because as slaves we have been told and programmed
and made to believe that life must be struggle to always get what we want or
where we are going. I remember that way of life and how bad I was at doing or
accomplishing anything in it. It\'s like someone who e-mailed me from Australia
talking about the \'glass ceiling\' he encountered in everything he did in life
and the struggle he had just doing the simplest things.

That glass ceiling, besides being the crystal imprints froma ll our past lives
written about in this article
.php )is th glass ceiling of the two-strand DNA our alien overlords gave us to
make us and keep us slaves. When I look at all the various ways in whcih we are
controlled, manipulated and programmed I wonder how anyone ever makes it out of
here \'alive\', spiritually speaking. And of course the answer is very few ever
do. Look around , how many spiritual masters do you see? That\'s because the
answer lies more in surrender than in \'studying\' or \'doing\'. One memeber of the
group was talking with me the other day about their use of the pendulum to get
answers,and admitted that that was only 50 percent effective in any given
situation given the thinsg that can effect it. The ony sure way to have 100 %
correct answers and Guidance 100 % of the times is to work on the channeling and
moment-by-moment Guidance with some intent to make it so.

You can\'t study your way out of the glass-ceilinged Matrix prison. You can\'t
\'fight\' your way out of it either. Your own personal efforts to do anything
against the massive forces aligned against you and every individual are futile.
No one has any idea how big and how old and how grand this plan of control of
Creation is. Reading the volumes only gives a person a glimpse of even what I
have ahd to endure in fighting this stuff off day to day, and even just staying
alive. But I have. As Guidance ha dme leave in the exxcept from VOlume 8 the
other day where They thanked me for all that I\'ve done and all I cna and have
ever said even to Them is \'Heck, I just did what you asked me to do.\' It\'s been
the following of Guidanc emoment by moment over the course of the apst dozen
years (and I do mean EVERY moment of the day) that has allowed me toa ccomplish
anything. Sue Ann, Tom and many others can tell you how often it\'s been a life
or death situation for me, but EVERY TIME I\'ve managed to pull through it
(sometimes with regret *S) just because I had Guidance there telling me what I
needed to do to get through any given situation.

No true spiritual Master ever became a Master because of \'studying or passing
some exam\'. Each and every one of Them somewhere along the line had to go
through the process of surrendering their self will to Higher Will. That is the
only struggle each and every one of us faces every moment of our lives. For me,
I did it completely, and everything I\'ve done since is with the direction of
Higher Will and have never regretted a moment of it. People talk about surrender
but there is no 99% surrender and keeping 1% of your self will for when you wnat
it. There\'s only surrender or not surrender, and the effort to surrender self
will to serve Higher Will until then. The practise to connect with Guidance and
listen to it throughout the day and follow it\'s suggestions is the only and
therefore the quickest process to achieve what Joe is asking about, and any true
spiritual Mastery.

The biggest secret is in the not doing, but just simply relaxing and Being and
dowing what it is you are asked to do EVERY moment of the day 24/7, then you
will be the Master/the superhero you\'ve always dreamed and known you could be.\\