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The essential problem with spirituality is that it's too simple for people to understand. Having been raised to believe the mind is ALL, we've lost touch with the simplicity of following through the Heart, and as Raj just reminded John, to simply BE.

Of course no one can make any money of you or drain you of your other energies if they tell you you already are everything you need to be, you already know everything you need to know, all you need to do is get your own self out of the way and just live. It's to big a secret for people to comprehend that it was created . . .'perfect'. Like the Creator FATHER ITSELF . . we are everything we need to be, we're just not aware of that fact.

Now the simplest way to get yourself out of the way and start living through and from the Heart is to connect with your Guidance (channeling being one direct easy way to get started with that), for in following Guidance we are beginning to get ourselves and out ego defense mechanisms out of the way. Instead we are living through and with the Higher Will, serving Creation in every moment and in everything we do. Thus there is no karma, there is no right and wrong, good and evil, no secrets to be learned, for everything we need to know to survive and walk through every moment of the day is there with us just waiting for us to be made aware of it by our constant contact with our own personal Guidance.

One of the members of the group asked me about getting her crystal implants removed and what I needed to get going with the process. It's simple, after her intent to have it done expressed by paying the very small fee, I don't need to know anything about her , not her name, not her birth date, not anything --as most other healers need -- for Guidance knows who she is. THEY're the ones who bring the right energy form to me to assist THEM in doing the work on her. THEY're the ones who point out where the crystals are, how many, what type, and how they need to be removed. But I am the vehicle following the Higher Will to assist this person with dumping some of her baggage, so no I don't feel small or redundant or anything else. I am the best vehicle I can be, and as Elizabeth and a few others can tell you I can do healing work that no one else can do simply because I am just the vehicle for THEM to do ANYTHING needed through me.

As I've said in articles before, my experiences with the healing field in this country is nothing less than off-putting since it's all about the healers ego and not the patients health. They are rightful heirs to the dark legacy Thoth left behind Him before His own healing took place. Better to call myself a journalist than a healer because although people don't like journalists, most healers are an embarrassment to themselves and to their occupation. And of course I can't call myself a guru because I care too much about what I'm doing and I don't like wearing bedsheets. So all I can call myself , the highest compliment anyone can ever attain to, is that I am the best darn vehicle for Spirit and the FATHER that I can be. Simple isn't it?