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some points on channeling and healing in this new dimensional existence
Alicia\'s e-mail to me yesterday brought up some subjects that it may help to
address here even though some of them have been covered in many past other
postings, but now we are LIVING the newer reality so everything has changed.

\"Hello, Today, I have had a hard time channeling. Odd, but I feel a kind of \"interference\" if you will. I have been practicing as you recommended with daily things such as what should I wear, should I cook this or that, when driving etc..and that has gone very well...Guidance told me last night, when I was getting ready for bed, \"get ready for a long day\" and long it has been. I woke up in pain with a stiff neck that ran down my spine, blurry vision on and off, and it seems like the energy is just off...for lack of better terms. I don\'t feel well at all. . .\"

Firstly, we ARE living the reality of the newer 5th dimensional energies and so
all the rules have changed. If you don\'t begin to learn and follow the far more
subtle new rules then the body and mind and spirit will all suffer for it. For
some it\'s just a matter of getting sued to it, like getting your \'sea legs\' for
the first time.

One of my favorite songs is a John Tesh piece called \'Everything you do comes
back to you\' and this is never more relevant than now. Tromping through the
finer vibrations now becoming evident like a bull in china shop will get you
nowehere except a long fall from grace back into 3-4th dimensional status. If
you read Aristenna\'s words leading up to the ascension then you will hear that
these old ways no longer work and that one must learn to constantly keep their
level of vibration sympathetic with the dimensional existence they are now
living at or else suffer the consequences. This is like learnign to walka nd
finding your balance again, and it\'s not as easy as you may think if you\'re a
\'denser\' type of being trying to make it in this new world. Some people are the
stars of the classroom easily making the shift into a new grade at the beginning of the school year. Some have to work harder at making that same shift and elevating their level of performance to the increasing \'difficulty\' or challenges of the newer grade.

Alicia: \"When I did channel, this is what I got: Dear One, Know that We are
here for you, trust us. Surrender to the greater good that is all knowing, all
loving, all light. Not just for others, but also for yourself. Your diet
should only include things that are natural, and light, not man-made. Angelic
forces need purity, especially to heal. You have been captive a while, recover
now avenging angel. We, the Council of 9 need you strong with Us. Health is
important. Take care of you so that you may take care of others.\"

Fueling your new vehicle is like the old days when you could no longer use
leaded fuel in your \'new car\' and had to change to unleaded. The quality of food that is needed to fuel the new vibrational vehicle has to change. No longer will the junk food and heavily processed foods fuel this finer vehicle. If you have ever owned a BMW or some other finely tuned instrument of a vehicle it is usually recommended you use a finer grade of fuel to power it otherwise it will run rough. So to your finer 5th dimensional vehicle.

As we said in a posting a few weeks ago, even going down to favorite old
restaurants will not work for the food has become bland and virtually tasteless
since it has not elevated itself to meet the new criterion. Home-cooked food
made with Guidance-chosen ingredients is for not the best thing. One food-place
Guidance led us to thatw as family-owned impressed us when we first moved back
to New Mexico and I remember asking if this family was \'going on ascension\' and
got the answer, yes. Guess what, it\'s one of the few places \'downtown\' that
Guidance will now allow us to eat, not that we want to eat anywhere else because the food at home is so much more satisfying.

The first thing that happened after that Thursday\'s ascension shift was that we
no longer felt a desire to eat much meat. It would be exciting to be vegetarian
again if we could have access through all the seasons toa wide variety of
energized foods. However, we have more than 100lbs of meat stored away for the
coming tough times so that\'s obviously not going to happen. However, the
vibration of anything can be changed depending on your own intention and the
adding of certain elements when it is cooked. Also eating it in greater
moderation is what we feel to do. Since sugar is the balance for meat in the
body there is still some need for sugar too to healthily maintain the body\'s
homeostasis or balance. However so much of where we get our sugars from are
fruit-juice sweetened jams etc.

In the healing room if I do not have what I need for a particular problem I have the ability to take any other bottle or substance and with perfect intent change the vibration of the bottle in my hand to that of what I need. So too is it with food, life, spirituality . . you name it. Perfect intent makes it so.

Alicia\'s channeling: \"If you wear crystals, cleanse them thoroughly before
putting them on. Energy is often trapped in crystals. We, the Council of Nine,
thank you for your service. Know that you are loved. Delia\"

Crystals are programmed vibrational instruments. They are created with one
vibration that can effect all the other vibrations surrounding it. One of the
first things I look at ina new client is their weddign ring or the stones they
wear becasue such things can vibrationally tell me what\'s going on in the
relationship or who or what was going on with the person who gave the client the stone.

Great-grandmother\'s ring handed down to some new unsuspecting bride still has
great-grandmother\'s old sh*t hanging on to it. Giving a gift of a stone is often a way of geting into someone\'s space or even controlling them to some degree depending on the stone and its programming. of course these can be cleansed or reprogrammed depending on the person doing the work.

Also, since crystals, particularly diamonds are vibration enhancers they can
magnify any and all vibrations, even negative ones. Wearing a diamond etc when
yuo have cancer only serves to elevate the negative vibrations concurrent with
that particular dis-ease. Clean all stones regularly and be careful of what you
wear and when! Always ask Guidance EVERYTHING!

Alicia\'s e-mail: \" Peter, for some reason, this seemed strange to me. Why would
the Council of 9 thank me for my service when I am of service to Father, Earth,
Earth\'s inhabitants, Light and Love? I should be thanking I a bit
off here or reading to much into this?\"

Being here and now is the beginning of service for Spirit, and our Guidance work THROUGH us to bring help and healing to others. If you\'ve never thanked your work tools before you should, for that is what you yourself are in being here and now to do the difficult work ahead. It\'s an honor to work with Guidance and should be respected as so. So too is it an honor to work with fellow LightWORKERS for no one really had to come here to do this except those who really really screwed up before - so honor yourself for making the choice to come here to serve (particularly if you are actually serving) and honor your
co-Lightworkers and their families for bringing them here to serve wth you as

If you\'ve never watched the movie, Zulu, with Michael Caine, you should. It
describes evry well the situation many of the Lightworkers have been in getting
the planet to this wonderful new vibration. Zulu tells the story of the battle
at Rorke\'s Drift, a mission station in Natal, South Africa. During the
Anglo-Zulu War, the defence of Rorke\'s Drift (22 January-23 January 1879)
immediately followed the British Army\'s defeat at the Battle of Isandlwana
earlier in the day. One hundred and thirty-nine British soldiers successfully
defended their garrison against an intense assault by four to five thousand Zulu warriors. The overwhelming Zulu attack on Rorke\'s Drift came a hair\'s breadth away from defeating the tiny British garrison. The successful defence of the outpost is held as one of history\'s finest defences.

I cannot help but cry as I watch the Zulu\'s chanting as they leave the
battlefield to this small garrison of heroes, praising them for the bravery of
their battle. So too will it one day be when those who did the work to make this all happen leave the battlefield of earth for the higher heavenly regions they have all earned the right to,

Planet earth, here and now, is where you win your spiritual medals and as Ramtha says \"There is an hour coming when higher and lower selves, one million
forty-one guides, all the dietary elements for enlightenment, the quotations,
the philosophy, the passages, the abstinence, they will not amount to a hill of
inedible beans. Look around at your world-everything you see here will be
unfamiliar in the new age, outdated. And those of you who are so big and bold,
won\'t even be cleared to FL:Super C because you\'re locked up in metaphysical
journeys that go nowhere. Isn\'t that the truth?\"

That hour has come and gone and if you missed it you better scramble to make
some amends because there\'s still lots of work to do that takes a lot more than
sitting down and meditating on your silly navel. Get up, connect with your
Guidance, and get a move-along or else your time on Earth will just be another
wasted opportunity to seek and to claim true spiritual greatness.

With love, in service, Peter