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Some Very Appropriate Words From Ramtha
Some Very Appropriate Words

>From old Ramtha, before those channeling him were sidetracked:

"There is an hour coming when higher and lower selves, one million
forty-one guides, all the dietary elements for enlightenment, the
quotations, the philosophy, the passages, the abstinence, they will
not amount to a hill of inedible beans. Look around at your world-
everything you see here will be unfamiliar in the new age, outdated.
And those of you who are so big and bold, won't even be cleared to
FL:Super C because you're locked up in metaphysical journeys that go
nowhere. Isn't that the truth?

" . . . The opposition, if they can keep those that have desire to
serve in a tight circle, and looking within at all times, then in
truth they have succeeded, have they not?"

"What has all your chanting done for you lately? What has all the
burned incense accomplished, besides making your house smell good
and create a lot of ash that you have to clean up? And all the
candles that you've burned? What have all your prayers accomplished?
And all your alms? Can't you see it isn't happening? Wake up! It's
only entertainment, just another fantasy. What's superknowingness,
pure and simple? If you know how to know you will be sustained-if
the whole of the universe threw up, you'd know how to go with the
flow. Basic truth-we shoot basic truths at you!

"It's really quite simple. Instead of praying for peace, be the
peace that you are praying for. Instead of praying for love, be the
love you're praying for. Instead of praying for health, be the
health you're praying for. In other words, be a light to the world;
be the example so that they can see that it works for you. Then
they'll try it. See how it works?"