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somewhere down the road . . . ascension?
If you\'ve never been a teacher it\'s hard to know what it\'s like to tell a student they failed at a course and that they\'re not graduating, not going on with their friends into the next grade, having to \'repeat\' the class they just took over and over again until they apply themselves in order to learn its lessons - Groundhog Day.

So it is with ascension.

Of course in its unlimited capacity to cover up real spirituality, the darkside masquerading as Light in the New Age has somehow managed to convince its unaware and unquestioning followers that somehow the end of the Mayan Calendar is also the date of planetary ascension. It\'s as if somewhere down the road about December, 2012, all of a sudden the stage lights are going to dim for a moment and then come back up on a new brighter world where everything is peace love and dopes (whoops, couldn\'t help that one, just let it slip). Of course these are the very same people who believe that God in his infinite mercy graduates everyone no matter how lazy and directionless they have been. If you\'ve been in the American school system lately it\'s exactly this attitude of \'no child left behind\' that has been one of the causitive factors in the whole system no longer working (under the directiona nd guidance of the New World Order in its infinite wisdom of making slaves even more slave-like). Children who may be as intelligent as anyone but unwilling or undisciplined or just plain too lazy to do their work get passed on with those who have applied themselves to their lessons and EARNED the right to go on to bigger and better things. There is no self-responsibility taught, no reason for children to cultivate an attitude of the good things in life must be earned.

Hence we have the financial failure we see all around us today where greed and the quick easy road to success on the backs of others has just about brought the whole system down. It\'s easy to see this attitude in much of the teen culture these days to \'get rich or die trying\', again promoted by the New World Order

These very same New Agers admire their gurus so ardently but never stop to equate some serious effort put into learning with the spiritual process of graduating a planet known as ascension. Normally a planet such as this would have and was going to be destroyed during the ascension process because it did not have the necessary level of consciousness of its people to enter into the finer vibrations of the higher worlds. Many planets before have been destroyed in this way, while many others have successfully made the shift.

If anyone wise enough to reason with their minds instead of think with their minds looks around at the state of what\'s going on with this planet right now, how could they logically reason that this planet was ready for ascension, movement into a finer vibration where everything is based on self-responsibility of thought and deed let alone already have passed through the initial stages of it? These slave-minded people want ascension to be a matter of \'god\'s grace\'\' because that relieves them of the self-responibility and honus to get up and make some changes in the world, and more particularly in their own vapid consciousnesses and lives.

How do you tell so many people that most likely they will be dead before 2012 ever rolls around because of the coming changes and that the act of dying will still not help them ascend since Creation is a finely tuned instrument now and becoming even more so with the massive changes that have taken place this time around?

Have you ever read anything in the channelings from people\'s Guidance in this group that suggests anything but the self-responsibility of your thoughts and actions, and the consequences should you not care to step up and be responsible for them? It may seem harsh to you to say that while Guidance has been having me do a parasite cleanse of my physical body They have also had me do an etheric parasite cleansing, to-wit 50 people were removed from the group last night, 50 people, some who had been with the group since its inception, but people who had never given anything back to the group on any level for what it has attempted to give them -- some true spiritual wisdom. Isn\'t that the definition of a parasite?

\". . . having the nature or habits of a parasite or leech; living off another; \"a wealthy class parasitic upon the labor of the masses\"; \"parasitic vines that strangle the trees\"; \"bloodsucking blackmailer\"; \"his indolent leechlike existence\"

Guidance knows where each and everyone of us is at far better than we do, and it does not have the ego or arrogance of humankind to get in the way. And, even though It loves us more than we can ever comprehend, it also knows what\'s best for us is making us responsible for our own lives at every level and in every way so that we can someday too be the master and not the parasitic leech living on the backs of others.

Tough words, but if you\'ve lived a few years \'in the real world\' you know that life doesn\'t owe you a living. Having dealt a lot with the homeless and having been so myself I know that that is the most common attitude of so many of those who are perpetually homeless . . \'the world owes me a living\'. Well many more are going to be homeless in the coming days and the one thing that MUST grow out of the situations occuring all around us right now is the getting back to community, community where every member plays a part and takes on their fair share of the load. Want to know what that\'s like go and try living on a kibbutz in Israel and then you will appreciate the easy lives we\'ve been living. Westerners don\'t know how to relax and enjoy themselves because they don\'t know what hard work is. Those people, as I experienced for myself back in the 70s not only work harder than anyone else I\"ve ever known, but because of the hard work they also know how to relax and enjoy every free moment of time to the fullest measure available.

Ascension IS here, has happened, is happening, and like a fine screen fitted over the pathway of the planet, it is filtering out the parasistes and leeches and those who like to think of spirituality as a free ride to heaven.

In service, with Love, Peter