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sound as a weapon
Sound as a Weapon
by Peter Farley www.4truthseekers. org

Sound has and is always being used as a weapon against mankind. At
its most simple and yet most effective level the GREATEST influence
on Mankind is the music which surrounds us each and every day.

Nothing stirs the heart to patriotism faster and influences the
emotions quicker than music. Nothing makes the eyes weep more
copiously than a full set of Tchaichovsky strings building to a
crescendo or fading to a soft whisper of tragedy. Nothing stirs the
soul more effectively than a Mozart symphony. No movie would have an
effect on its audience without the background music to tell us when
to laugh and when to cry and to build the tension that lets us know
when to be afraid.

Nothing gets the feet moving, the fingers snapping, the heart racing
faster than a simple beat of some drums and other percussion
instruments. And nothing kills an athlete quicker than a loud pulsing
beat of some elctronica or rap or some form of music with an
irregular rhythm which gets the heart to trying to beat in an
abnormal fashion. Throw in a few drugs and death is certain whenever
some extra exertion is required.

Without music advertising wouldn't work, jingles would'nt get stuck
in our brains, old 60s songs we knew and loved wouldn't revive old
memories of happier times gone by.

And the list goes on and on.

So much of this form of sound/music weaponry used against humans
is 'knowingly' subliminal. We know it affects us but we don't seem to
care or think about the consequences.

Even more insidious is how sound-encoding of sacred texts has been
used against us:

"In his book, Figuring the Sacred: Religion, Narrative and
Imagination, Paul Ricoeur addresses the issue of how the followers of
a religion see their religious text. Perhaps unknowingly, he also
delves into the workings of how sacred texts can be used to `hook'
the new convert simply through their 'sound' in the reading of them,
and bind the follower just as a magic spell would do. As any good
marketing or advertising executive already knows, once one knows how
the human mind works, the rest is easy:

"And so the nature of the text, at least in Christianity, is not
completely hostile to the critical approach, and the fact that we
have four Gospels; we could have imagined a church that would have
said," There is only one Gospel." But in Christianity all the
discrepancies were preserved (even though so meticulously crafted),
and a certain equivocity of the texts was assumed at the beginning
(contradiction keeps the reader guessing and allows for breaks in
thought patterning which allows for deeper programming) . No one said
how many days the passion lasted; no one said how many days
intervened between the crucifixion and the resurrection, and so on
(thus allowing for individual interpretation by the preacher
depending upon his audience). . .

"Why did the Church allow for four versions of the same story? It is
another founding principle of all ancient mystery-based organizations
that there are various levels of meaning for each different level of
initiation. What may seem like a paradox to one group at a certain
level of understanding, can be fully understood by those at a higher
level with a broader base with which to understand the paradox. So it
is with their symbolism, allegory, and metaphor. By allowing
contradictory versions of the same story, one is redefining what is
sacred and taking its true meaning away from those who hold such
beliefs. No longer is God sacred, but something open to
interpretation. By doing this, one is also not opening oneself up to
a single set version that can be so easily demolished. Flexibility is
built in with four separate different versions." (from Volume 6 of my
book Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?)

In Islam the prayers are SUNG from muezzin towers. At a Seder table
the rabbi sings the prayers in Judaism. The old Latin Mass of
Christianity was a sing-song musical of supposed sacredness. The call
and response theme of so much of church services only follows the
basics of musical construction.

And so it goes on and on. Sound used as a weapon to ingrain certain
coding or patterns into the brains or psyche of the people.

Rudolph Steiner talks about the initiatory influence of sound
encoding in many of his works:

"The fundamental precondition for this path of schooling is a faith
in Jesus Christ that permeates the "entire life of the pupil, growing
in time into a powerful force within him. The unique being of this
divine human being must fill the whole soul. The pupil must allow
certain meditative contents, for instance, the opening sentences of
the Gospel of St. John, to live in his soul everyday throughout
weeks, months, perhaps years. He must be blind and deaf to everything
that goes on around him during this time. Not only the meaning of the
sentences, but also the sentence structure, the formation and
arrangement of the sounds, must be deeply experienced. "

The author of the original works on King Arthur and the Knights of
the Round Table stated that by reading the words of his writings you
were being initiated through the sequence of the sounds.

Many have commented on the ringing in the ears or the 'sound
encoding' in my own writing, particularly the many volumes of Where
Were You . . .?

Toning is the language of the Universe, as well portrayed at the end
of the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind. The fall in
consciousness came in Lemuria as the people shifted from this tonal language and 'telepathic communication' to one which was verbal:

"The Lemurians had only used their vocal cords to make musical tones.
The wide range of sound in their voices blended in beautiful melodic
melodies that harmonized throughout the land. The vibration carried
for miles and would be joined by other voices both human and animal,
until at times the entire population was one in vibration.

"As Lemurians moved more and more into verbal conversation, they
began to lose the ability of interaction consciousness to
consciousness. They no longer held a leaf in their hand and felt the
very essence of life. It took a long time, but the loss of their
spiritual awareness was taking place.

"The Lemurians began to learn the Atlantean language and how to
verbally communicate. This of course took time to develop but
eventually they moved from thought communication to verbal
communication. They chose to not share open conscious thought
communication any longer as their own thoughts were less pure. There
was a great influx of new ideas, new thoughts, and new ways to do

Sirian Guidance suggests to their followers that the healing
properties of an herb can be located in the name: "All healing
energies are transmitted via the sound of the name and are just as
effective said in the mind or aloud, as in physically taking them.
Try it and see."

Nothing is more powerful in the healing room for release and
forgiveness exercises than the power of the sound made in saying
things out loud --the act of transmitting the certain vibrational
sequences of the thoughts into the third dimension.

Sound encoding (the male aspect of Creation -- Light-encoding being
the female aspect of Creation) has been used against Mankind and most
other Beings in this corner of Creation since it was 'stolen' early
on from the Creational process. The sound-encoding process I do for
people returns them to their original intended state of being both
Light and Sound encoded, encompassing both the twin pillars of

Lasar weapons are the darkside's way of using Light against us. The
sound weapons and the music influences and the initiatory aspect of
using sound encoded texts is the way the darkside also uses sound
against us.

As said so often before, the forces of Creation are NEUTRAL as is
Spirit, these very same enegies which can be used to lift us up in
consciousness and awareness, can also be used to trap us into the
lower dimensions and keep us Earth-bound and enslaved.